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United Aircraft Corporation is preparing to resume production at Ulyanovsk heaviest cargo aircraft. 


The main domestic producer of commercial aircraft "Aviastar SP" (Ulyanovsk, part of the United Aircraft Corporation — KLA) announced that it had signed a contract with the Ministry of Defence for the modernization and life extension of AN-124, belonging to the Russian military-transport aircraft. For three years, according to the contract, the Ulyanovsk aircraft factory will upgrade six aircraft An-124 "Ruslan", two of which have already arrived in Ulyanovsk. According to the CEO "Aviastar-SP" Sergei Dementieva, this contract will provide additional plant capacity utilization, staff. "Besides," Aviastar "retain competence in the production of unique aircraft," Ruslan ". In the production program of the enterprise until 2020, provided for the resumption of the construction of "Ruslan", "- said the head of aircraft building plant.

The contract for the modernization of the Russian Ministry of Defense, "Ruslan" can become "first sign" the resumption of production of these aircraft in Ulyanovsk. "AN-124", developed in Antonov Design Bureau in the 70s of the last century, and commercially available until the middle of the 90s of the last century in Ulyanovsk and Kiev (officially its production in Russia was halted in 2004), is still the world record for the load of aircraft — up to 150 tons. In all there were 56 such machines, and the last 15 years, Russia and Ukraine are always talking about what we need to start building again, "Ruslana". According to experts — both military and commercial operators in the form of, for example, the airline "Volga-Dnepr", global demand for such heavy aircraft up to 2035 is estimated at 107 cars: 80 — for civil carriers and 27 vehicles for military use. However, with regard to "Ruslan" terms "military" and "civilian" rather conventional. In 1985, the "military", "Ruslan" from Vladivostok to Yakutsk for the first time moved "civilian" goods — 150-ton dump truck. A "civil" An-124-100 U.S. military chartered during the Gulf War for the transport of anti-aircraft missiles Patriot (our S-300, by the way, also thrive in these giant airplanes). Americans liked it so much that after 10 years, they have attracted the Russian civil airline "Volga-Dnepr" to the carriage of goods by "Ruslana" for the activities of the International Force in Afghanistan. Now, apparently, the same airline will take out a Ulyanovsk NATO troops back to Europe.

Not surprisingly, the "Volga-Dnepr" for several years, said that in the medium term is ready to buy 40 An-124-100 (a commercial version of the An-124). Another six or seven cars airline wants to "Flight". Ten new "Ruslan" declared the Russian military until 2020. New versions of these aircraft want to Ukraine United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. The Russian Emergencies Ministry has recently re-affirmed that it is ready to buy its fleet of AN-124 of the new series. "We have confirmed their interest in airplanes" Ruslan ". But the conditions of renewal of their production, as far as I know, is quite tough. Need a great starter order. On our side, was aimed at the application of these two aircraft, "- gave" News "opinion on this matter Director of Federal State Unitary Aviation Enterprise Rafael Zakirova Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Despite the clear and sustained demand for military and civilian world markets in the An-124, Russian government's decision to resume its publication in "Aviastar-SP" yet. Perhaps this is due to the price of the aircraft. According to the UAC in order to recoup the cost of the revival production of An-124 in Ulyanovsk, you need to make it 60 "Ruslan" at the price of 300 million dollars per car (in 2007 called half the price — $ 140 million for "Ruslan"). Maybe he is not ready "Aviastar-SP", which after years of inactivity suddenly hit a huge state defense order for the production of military transport aircraft. Perhaps until the end and could not resolve their differences with the developer of the aircraft — Antonov Design Bureau, located in the Ukraine. In fact, most experts agree that in Kiev restore production of "Ruslan" is inappropriate. But from there to Ulyanovsk will come a lot of components for the production of "Ruslan". Price and volume of these shipments — one more reason for much debate.

So while we can talk about at the beginning of the "Aviastar" a large-scale modernization program "Ruslan". Russian Ministry of Defense should be modernized two dozen of its existing AN-124, two of which have already been made and signed a firm contract for six. They are transferred to the version of An-124-100, increasing the service life of from 25 to 45 years, life — up to 50 thousand hours and the number of flights — from 6 thousand to 10 thousand on the military "Ruslana" also pose a host computer, a modern system communication engine noise attenuation and monitoring equipment to prevent collisions with the ground and other aircraft.

Parallel to this, "Aviastar" will be to modernize the civil and AN-124. In the past in the past year MAKS between Antonov and the Russian participants signed a statement of work for modernization "Ruslan" Airline "Volga-Dnepr" in the version of the An-124-111 with D-18T series 3M (produced by Ukrainian company "Motor Sich" ). This aircraft will be significantly upgraded avionics, upgraded power plant, reduced crew size. The second stage of cooperation — for immediate release "Aviastar" modernized AN-124-200 (300). According to the terms of reference, it should have a "glass" cockpit, digital avionics and systems, modernized airframe, boosters with the type of FADEC (for the An-124-300 Ukrainian ZMKB "Progress" will drive the D-18 Ser. 5 pull 28 tons) and should be expanded application range Plane temperature and the height of the runway. General Designer of Antonov State Enterprise Dmytro Kiva said at the MAKS-2011 that "Aviastar-SP" on the technological capabilities will be ready to begin issuing modernized An-124-200 (300) as early as 2014.

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