IT market — the absolute leader in venture capital investments in Russia

Russian technology sector has become the absolute leader in attracting venture capital investment. The total investment in this innovative market segment amounted to $ 237 million, and in 2012 is expected to almost double increase that figure, according to news agency "Rosbusinessconsulting."

Venture investment market in Russia is rapidly gaining momentum, but especially the rapid growth experienced it in the IT sector. Powerful incentive inflows was a lot of features offered by the Russian IT market, as well as government efforts aimed at creating an enabling environment that encourages the development of innovation and technology sector. Among the areas that have attracted investors — e-commerce, social networking, projects related to the implementation of cloud technologies, and telecommunications.

According to the researchers, in the near future the Russian venture industry will continue their rapid growth, providing the conditions for the integration of Russia into the global technology market. Further development will contribute to the increase in the number of investors and improve the quality of start-up projects.

"The results of 2011 demonstrated the growing interest of investors in innovative projects that speaks to their high commercial potential. At this stage, the bulk of investments in profitable but risky IT projects provide a state-owned corporation, and large enterprise branch, ready to replenish its portfolio of technological innovation. However, in the near future, Russia could go the way of the Western countries, where a decisive role in the commercialization of innovations played by private equity funds and private investors — a "business angels" who specialize in finding promising startups "- says the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems .

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