Italian equipment for cancer patients came to Chelyabinsk

In the Chelyabinsk Regional Oncology Center received new equipment that will extend the life of patients with cancer of the fourth stage, the correspondent of news agency "Access" with reference to the press service of the regional Ministry of Health.

The Italian system for intraperitoneal hyperthermal himioperfuzii Performer HT admitted to the hospital within the framework of the provision of high-tech medical care. It is intended for the treatment of a small group of patients with cancer of the stomach or intestine in the fourth step.

"These tumors often develop a dropout rate of cancer cells throughout the abdominal cavity, it is called peritoneal carcinomatosis. Previously we did not have effective ways to treat this type of cancer pathology: surgical techniques, chemotherapy and radiation therapy were powerless …. Finally came the Italian unit, which provides tribute to the quality of treatment. manufacturer issued for his approbation for a few years, the program FMP bought only expensive consumables "- said the deputy chief medical officer of the Chelyabinsk Regional Clinical Oncology Center Alex Privalov.

The method of treatment is that the patient through the system drains the abdominal cavity was washed seven liters of a special solution. 60 — 90 minutes that lasts procedure, the drug enters and returns from the cavity ten — twelve times. The solution was heated to almost 45 degrees Celsius — the temperature at which the vital activity of living cells in the human body is terminated. Thus, healthy tissue and organs of a patient are not affected, and more sensitive cancerous cells die. 

On the new machine in CHOKOD six cancer patients have already been treated to the end of December their number will increase to 18. The manufacturer of this equipment is the company Rand SRL

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