Its time to «deal» with UFOs

Secret Files of Washington and Moscow are full of information about unidentified flying objects. Along with the obvious stories about "green men" there are fixed and processes that are well within the concept of the presence of extraterrestrial intelligence with us.

Service in the Israeli Defense can not be called a paradise. Alarm the alarm: tireless guardians of "pure faith" with the help of simple operations with scraps of pipe and powder filling successfully terrorized the Jewish neighborhoods in many cities of the country. But this is not enough.

No sooner had the Sunset sultry June evening, as the phone numbers of all police departments, services "soon" and fire in northern Israel were heated calls from citizens: the sky is a bright feature of the sphere with a "tail."

First noticed a strange object in northern Israel, then reporting it began to come from other parts of the country and the Palestinian territories. Military disown flying object — not our own doing. The representative of the Israeli Air Force to comment on local television, and suggested that it could be a "rare natural phenomenon." In other words, the next visit UFO awarded the "promised land."

Is there a UFO with "green men"?

Ubiquitous CNN managed to shoot an amazing artifact, which swept across the sky over Washington on the day of Barack Obama's inauguration in January 2009, after which the former head of the White House during the Clinton administration, and now one of Obama's closest associates, John Podesta, has demanded to publicize the voluminous U.S. dossier , referring to the study of UFOs.

Meanwhile, other than statements CNN, which swept over the capital of American artifact seen by hundreds of people, but, as in dozens of previous similar cases around the world, to explain the origin, purpose and destination of the flight strange object nobody could. Or would not.
Penetration of unidentified flying objects in the earth's atmosphere seriously increased recently. According to official data, the UK Ministry of Defence, in 2008, the British have seen 285 cases of UFO sightings, which is two times more than in 2007, when there were 135 cases of observing such phenomena.

In early January, in England, in the county of Lincolnshire, hundreds of people saw a UFO as glowing balls of yellow-orange color with some spikes that looked like tentacles of an octopus. They inflicted damage to technical objects on the ground. In late January 2009 the German Air Force resulted in alertness due to the appearance in the sky UFOs, which crossed the entire country.

But the fact that a year or two, and twenty years ago, the frequent appearance of the amazing aircraft meticulously recorded military service, both the U.S. and the USSR. American ufologists note that in the forties and sixties U.S. authorities took seriously the problem of searching for UFOs. However, in 1969 the U.S. Air Force ended the so-called Project "Blue Book" and concluded that UFOs do not pose a threat to national security.

The paradox lies in the fact that the military have so far refused to provide information on issues related to UFOs, it is for reasons of national security.

The researchers suggest extraterrestrial contact requires the USAF to provide access to a number of documents, including the project "Moondust" and "Blue Fly", covert operations, which are reported to have been carried out decades ago to investigate the UFO problem.

According to UFO reports, over a territory of the United States at different times, there have been several accidents extraterrestrial spacecraft. In their version, the U.S. military failed to find the body aliens from distant worlds. The most sensational of the UFO crash occurred July 2, 1947 in the state of New Mexico. It is called "Roswell Incident."

In the region of the plateau west of San Augustine City Sokkoro found a round metal aircraft — his fall was observed from Earth. There were figures of aliens. But promulgated film, which lifted their opening, the U.S. government later declared a hoax.

As long as there are military units involved aliens, somewhere, must have a place of their deployment. Such a base in the U.S. is — is shrouded in mystery and legend "Area-51?, Located in Nevada, 130 miles from the Las Vegas strip. It is here and is a top-secret military installation with the "green room," where, according to rumors, keep body aliens and debris flying saucer crashed in 1947.

Satellite image shows: "Area-51? giant crosses the runway, and the whole area is covered with strange circles as if traces of landing huge flying saucers. UFO community has no doubt: no aliens there has not been.

It is noteworthy that not so long ago by the decision of George Bush territory "Area-51? was removed from the jurisdiction of the Nevada law, and now the base is subject only to the edicts of the Pentagon and Washington. And before that, a little over 10 years ago, have been banned flights of civil aircraft over the territory.

Archives belonging to the former Soviet Union, are also full of information about the contacts with UFOs. Altogether, there were more than 20,000 observations of extraterrestrial objects. The study of these phenomena simultaneously engaged in the Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Defence. Deployed proprietary software, code-named "Grid", "Galaxy" and "Horizon".

There is even a theory that the alien creatures of the competent authorities have made contact. Not only that, they were simply waiting for a visit! Today the stories circulating in the media that in the end of Soviet history, "national team" of the General Staff and the Russian Academy of Sciences was expecting the arrival of aliens in the sands of the Kyzyl Kum desert in June 1991

It is clear that humanity has to find their own kind in the universe. In this case, it is time to finally declassify all materials related to UFOs? Both the U.S. and Russia.


Andrei Kislyakov

Category: UFOs and aliens

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