Ivan Logvinovich

As a youth society Logvinovich Ivan went to the Donbas, where he worked until retirement miner. In 1991, he returned to his home a few months living in the stake. In May 1992, he moved to Baranovichi. Ivan Logvinovich acted Baranavichy literary editor of the anthology "Front room", was a member of the Union of Belarusian Writers. His works have been published in the pages of national newspapers and magazines are included in the collections of poetry "bride", "Detinets" Baranavichy literary almanac "Front room." The poet was awarded the Vladimir Kolesnik. Edited edition of the creative association "Front room," says poet Ales Boccaccio:

Ivan Logvinovich

"He was a sincere and indispensable advisor for the publication of books, anthologies by local authors. Hard to be someone to continue to fulfill this role. On any topic he can find poems, worthy to be called a classic."

All of his books were published through NGOs. Before his death, the poet was preparing another of his collection, but did not publish it. Ales White, Member of the Union of Belarusian Writers, says that this collection is sure to be issued:

"We will do everything to make this book was published. He was worried about this collection. Even when it was in bed when seriously ill, preparing a book and hoped that it will have time to give. General Ivan Logvinovich wrote beautiful poetry. Not only did he lyricist, deep, serious, he's a comedian. "

The poet took an active part in the social life of the city. Was a devout Greek-Catholic Church. Says the chairman of Baranavichy branch of the Society Belarusian language F. Skaryna Victor Syritsa:

"Writing poetry in Belarusian, he began as an adult. Created five collections of poetry. Besides that, he has always been active in the public life of our city. Logvinovich Ivan was a believer of the Greek Catholic Church. Parish in its good to know, because during worship He always read the wisdom of the Bible. pity that he prematurely left us. "

Ales White mentions the humorous works of the poet's heart:

"In a suit coat and woos Manko,
And then flew home in shorts with no shirt.
Manchyn husband was away, wandered for echo
Stomach ulcers and found homes came.
I fought for love, had to fight,
Of the twenty-eight-nine teeth left. "

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