Japan will kibervoyska

Land of the Rising Sun Management wishes to make a special «cyber security forces» in the armed forces and significant increment services market, securing computer systems against hacking
These solutions now adopted Council on measures of information security, which is chaired by the Chief Cabinet Secretary Esihide Sugi.

Confirmed aaplet decided to carry June. This will be preceded by its public discussion.

«We have to do in the Land of the Rising Sun completely unthreatening zone cyber activity worthy of the country with high-information standards», — announced at a meeting of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

New AF units will include software developers and experts on computer networks, which must first be protected against burglars and urban defense systems. In 2015, it is also expected to form a government at the Centre of cyber security. He will coordinate all policies in this area, including the training of experts.

Decisions taken suggest that using government services market for the protection of computers and networks from hacking and penetration by 2020 will double. At this point in his regard 600-700 billion yen (6.7 billion dollars).

Japan is already the victim of massive attacks of unknown hackers. They were on time, placed under the control of information networks languid engineering «Mitsubishi Heavy Industries», engaged in production, namely the army and of cosmic art. Were recorded as hacking computers MPs.

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