Japanese cesium swims in the U.S.

Japanese nuclear expertsRadioactive cesium, which fell into the ocean as a result of the accident at the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" could include more than 3.5 thousand kilometers to the east, in the direction of the United States.

That was the conclusion of Japanese experts of the State Agency for the development of marine and earth sciences and technologies. However, they said today that "the level of radioactive cesium, which may be present in the ocean water at such a great distance from Japan, is quite small and is not harmful to human health."

Traces of radioactive particles have been detected in 3.5 thousand kilometers east of the coast of Japan on November 1. The maximum radiation level in some places on the site, which investigated the state agency experts, reached 5 becquerels per liter, well below the maximum permissible limits of 100 becquerels per liter.

However, increasing the level of radiation in the ocean water was a direct consequence of the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" since before the March disaster of radioactive particles in this region did not exceed the Pacific and 0,001 becquerels per liter.

Igor Belyaev

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