Joint exercises between Russia and Sweden in 2013

Representatives of the Russian Navy signed an agreement with their Swedish colleagues for a joint training program. This agreement was reached during a meeting of the Baltic Fleet commander Admiral Viktor Kravchuk, with Chief Navy Sweden Vice Admiral Ian Ternkvistom. This meeting was held in October last year in Kaliningrad.

The curriculum provides for recovery of the crew with the "sunken" submarine. Experienced rescuers and experts will show beginners how to properly conduct a rescue operation, the actions and in what sequence to perform. Young rescuers heard detailed instructions and familiarized with the operations to eliminate problems and rescue victims, work out all the action in practice. The joint exercise will be conducted in the Baltic Sea, so that the submarines of Russia already offers their "brothers."

This teaching also includes the search for the accident site, soil testing, external blades conventionally wreck. These operations will be conducted with the use of modern technology, such as: remote-controlled submarines and submersibles, the last of which will be required during the ascent of the victims directly to the surface.

Sailors of the Baltic Fleet, as well as experts of the Office search and rescue predicting successful completion of joint exercises. This partnership program with Sweden is the first time, so being careful preparation techniques and experts in order to prevent possible difficulties and problems. Arrival Swedish colleagues expected from day to day.

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