Ka-32A11VS Emergency Tver region

Aviation Emergencies in the Tver region

Not only in theory but also in practice, all the M10 from Moscow to St. Petersburg controlled helicopters MOE is based far from the road or working from sites "jump." Rescue helicopter on duty and Tver airfield local lines kites, now actually become heliport. 


The Ka-32A11BC is designed specifically for the operation of the MOE. The helicopter belongs to medium-scale helicopters and has a wide range of applications: transportation of people and goods, construction and assembly work, loading — unloading of vessels lying at anchor and on the go, performing firefighting, search and rescue, emergency rescue and patrol operations. For all kinds of works helicopter is necessary additional equipment, which are set in accordance with an application of the helicopter.

Helicopter cabin:

As you can see, the cabin is equipped with modern avionics.

Alphabetic Index Sun is read as "BBC" and says that the machine has been certified in the Canadian British Columbia, and later in South Korea, Japan, China, Europe and Brazil. Until 2011, the helicopter was delivered for export only. Now the machine is in this series are purchasing Canadians, Greeks, Spaniards, Portuguese, Indonesian, Chinese. In China, the helicopter Kamov design bureau are serving as electronic warfare helicopters and how to extinguish the fire engines of high-rise buildings with a water cannon. South Korea buys them to equip the Navy amphibious ships (63 cars).

In addition to the above-mentioned countries, various modifications of the Ka-32 is also operated in Switzerland, Bulgaria, Hungary, South Africa, Turkey, Colombia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Cyprus.



Our sample of the helicopter — a universal, multi-purpose. Can lead search and rescue operations, to observe and detect forest fires, evacuate victims as quickly as possible to the regional hospital, move to different external sling loads. The helicopter, if necessary, take on board the two victims unconscious. One of them is placed in a special medical unit, the other — on a stretcher. Both of the victims on the way from the hospital emergency room can be given the necessary medical assistance.

New helicopter, made in the past year, some of the equipment on it domestic and some overseas: the American navigation system Garmin 530, German finders, according to the pilots — a very sensitive and easy to use, great weather radar, which allows accurately focus, even in challenging cumulus clouds. Three different radio bands, one of them made in USA. Established a powerful spotlight and the public address system through which to signals or voice commands to manage the activities of people at the bottom. The helicopter can be used in all conditions, day and night. For landing on soft ground or snow are attached to the wheels more skiing. In special cases, the helicopter has the right to sit directly on the canvas federal highways M10 "Russia" and M9 "Baltic". 

Range is limited only by helicopter fuel, now the car is only valid in the Tver region. With fuel tanks area of the helicopter can be substantially expanded. Upon receipt of an alarm helicopter should take off no later than 30 minutes. This time is necessary to prepare for the flight on a route, for loading crew, doctors, rescue workers and necessary equipment. Full-time helicopter crew consists of pilot, navigator and flight engineer. If necessary, the full control of the machine can perform only one pilot, without the rest of the crew. Wages pilot in an average of about 30,000 rubles.



Currently, there are five aircraft Emergency Ka-32A11VS (RF-32801, RF-32802, RF-32803, RF-32804, RF-32806). All helicopters release in 2011. Development plans provided for purchase for about 6 cars in the coming years.


In addition to the Ka-32A11VS Kumertau this year will make for Emergencies 10 Ka-226T, 3 in Kazan Mi-8 MTV-1 (in 2011 produced 2 cars).

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