Kaliningrad. The Botanical Garden began abnormal flowering lilacs

The Botanical Garden of Kaliningrad flowered lilac, swollen buds on the quince, flowering began alder. The correspondent of the "New Kaliningrada.Ru" said the head of the Botanical Garden Tatiana Yakovleva Thursday. For 37 years, Tatiana Yakovleva working at the Botanical Gardens, this late flowering plant was a first.

"It is our common pain and catastrophe. Plants overstrained kidneys, in fact they are not ready for winter — if the frost hit, these trees and shrubs die," — said Tatiana Yakovleva.

According to the head of the Botanical Garden, the institution will have to dig up the plants and transplant them into enclosed spaces. "You can, of course, wrapping film, but it will save only if the temperature is above 5 degrees, and no one knows what we expect frost," — said Tatiana Yakovleva.

However, despite the anomaly of late flowering, warm weather, according to Tatyana Yakovleva has played into the hands of the appearance of the Botanical Garden. "With the weather we have now in the garden of an incredibly beautiful, right Pushkin autumn. Trees literally dazzle you with. While you can not hit the cold and rain has not come, I advise everyone to go and see for Kaliningrad. Until we visit are open until 5 pm" — said Yakovlev.

At present, as noted by Yakovlev, the staff of the Botanical Garden watching the anomalous behavior of plants and preparing for possible consequences, "the spring" behavior trees.

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