Katun ice melt water to fill Lake Altai Valley

 Specialists melt ice frozen river Katun to complete filling of the water of the artificial lake under construction in the special economic zone "Altai Valley", told RIA Novosti press secretary-general contractor of "Sibmost" Olga Kochetova.

Artificial and yet unnamed pond area of 51 hectares in the special economic zone "Altai Valley" in the Altai Republic, which will be its "twist" and a bridge, began to fill with water from the river Katun in October this year. In the future around it should be elevated to tourist sites, islands, equipped for bathing beaches. Will surround the lake hotel and apartment complex located on three rounded peninsulas. Previously it was assumed that the filling of the reservoir will be completed in 45-50 days. However, this process is not yet complete.

"From the calculated level of the lake is filled with five feet to four, there was one meter. Weather complicated works: the water level has fallen heavily, and because of frost Katun in water intake was frozen almost to the bottom. Modern technology problem is solved. Established thermal tents, they heat gun to heat the ice. Made dams, levees, "- said Kochetova.

She added that the plans, at the beginning of next year to fill the lake will be completed. Tentatively it will happen in the first quarter of 2013.

Earlier, the head of the region Alexander Berdnikov and head of "special economic zones" Oleg Kostin noted that the lake is especially important for the country, because there's very little warm water where you can swim without risk to health. Here you can swim next summer.

SEZ "Altai Valley" is located in the district of the republic Mayminsky, in an area of 855 hectares on the right bank of the Katun River. It is assumed that each year in the "Altai Valley" will rest up to 94 thousand people, with an average length of stay of eight days and simultaneous loading of up to 3.5 thousand.

SEZ residents receive some benefits — temporary exemption from taxes on property, land, low rates on hotels, transportation, and income tax. Travel SEZs are also created on Lake Baikal — the Irkutsk region and Buryatia, Altai, Krasnodar, Stavropol and Kaliningrad region.

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