Kazan became the sports capital of Russia. Report on preparations for the XXVII World Student Games.

Visa-free entry for athletes who travel to Russia for major events can be introduced in the next five years. This was announced by Vladimir Putin in Kazan, where the Universiade will be held in July.

In less than a year, our country will take the Winter Olympics in Sochi, then — a lot of world-class competitions, among them the World Cup. Its members come to including in the capital of Tatarstan.

The five years since the victory of the Russian bid to host the XXVII World Summer Universiade, the camcorder continuously dispassionately recorded the stages of construction of sports facilities in Kazan. Years of experience have turned to a few minutes of accelerated video. Since the stadium was built, "Kazan Arena", designed for 45,000 spectators, there will be the opening ceremony.

 Unique design, advanced engineering solutions. Stadium pretend to five stars for the FIFA ranking. The work will be completed in the coming months. In 2018 there will be matches of the World Cup. In preparation for the championship football stadiums will be built in 11 Russian cities. Vladimir Putin proposed to use the experience of Kazan.

"It is advisable to see how it is in other parts supposed to be doing, maybe just take a project and do not spend the extra money for new projects. During one project will take a couple of billion" — suggested the president.

"We have such projects will not be, Vladimir Vladimirovich., And will be, for four stadium project we began to design, and as a basis for making design decisions, and several will be different architectural solutions, because after all, the grounds are different, but the basic design solutions will be the same" — said the minister.

"Now we have a definite decline in the steel industry in the world, well, here you are — the internal market", — said Vladimir Putin.

"This is our metal", — said Vitaly Mutko.

"I understand. Good. If we build these stadiums in many regions of the Russian Federation, in 11 regions, the loading of metallurgists what is good" — said the head of state.

Universiade in Kazan promises to be the largest in the history of the University Games. 13,500 athletes from 160 countries will compete for 351 sets of medals. For comparison, at the London Olympics played out 302 sets of medals. In the Palace of water sports in the next month, told Putin, will start test events, and in 2015 there will be the World Championships in Aquatics.

During a visit by the President of the Center gym there trained Russian student team, which will represent the country at the Universiade. The head of state has called in the Tennis Academy. Here is one of the largest in Europe, tennis courts, and has held prestigious international tournaments. Opening the meeting of the Council for the development of sports, Vladimir Putin shared his impressions of what he saw.

"Kazan is slowly becoming the sports capital of Russia, in my opinion. Grand building, and it is moving at a very fast pace. Anyway all goes according to plan, and impressive, I must say. But we can not relax, so you need to take a close look at what has been done and what remains to be done. Out of the 29 sports facilities that are built specifically for the competition, 27 are already in operation, some of which have unique characteristics and in the future will be able to take care of the highest international level, "- said the head of state.

Putin recalled that in 2011, at the Summer Universiade in China, our team took the second place team, and at the Winter Student Games in Turkey was the first. Fans hope that in Kazan our athletes not to lose face. And the winners of Student Games may eventually form the backbone of the National Olympic team.

"Today, candidate for the national Universiade 1397 in Kazan are athletes. Moreover, according to the quota of the team will be able to enter only 663 athletes. As you can see, there is a choice, and it is significant. But he must be very precise. We need those who are not just shows good results in training, but those who know how to win, the men need real, "- said Vladimir Putin.

To get on the Universiade in Kazan and the Olympic Games in Sochi, foreign athletes do not need a visa. The President suggested that the practice extended to other international events to be held in Russia in the next five years, and their safety should be ensured at a high level.

"In view of the decision to the visa-free arrival Universiade participants MFA task easier, of course, but we are ready and have been working together with the Organizing Committee, to organize temporary consular office," — said Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov.

"With regard to visa-free entry, anyway, he visa for athletes, but the work still needs to be done and special services, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs so that people do not feel any burden, on the contrary, have seen that our country is open to athletes, but related activities, especially on tests should be conducted to ensure that we were not here any criminal elements, terrorists here that did not get away, and so forth, "- he said. "Do you know what work needs to be done, so do not need to relax," — said the head of state.

All of the facilities built for the Universiade, Putin said, will continue to be transferred to Kazan universities. In fact, it is about creating the country's largest sports education cluster that will educate a new generation of Russian athletes.

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