Kazan drones will explore the atmosphere and ice conditions

Kazan JSC "ENIKS" has carried out tests and put in the address of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI) Russian Hydromet complex with unmanned aerial vehicles.  

The complex will be used for research of the atmosphere, the ice and snow cover, transfers RUVSA.com. To perform the tasks of the AARI, which is part of the complex unmanned aerial vehicle "Aileron-10" was fitted with meteokomplektom Vaisala RS92-SGP and radiometer KippZohnen SNR-2. This instrument allows measurements of atmospheric parameters at altitudes from 50 to 4000 m, the intensity of solar radiation, the reflectivity of the earth, the water surface and clouds.  

AARI Hydromet already has experience in the application of unmanned aircraft systems for atmospheric research and evaluate ice conditions. Thus, over the last few years every year drones "Aileron-3" company "Enix" were used at polar stations "North Pole."

And last year, the UAV "Aileron-10" were involved in the research missions conducted in Svalbard.

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