Kazan Helicopter Plant held a contest of professional skills among workers and professionals

JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" OJSC ("LSC"), part of the Russian Helicopters holding company "Helicopters of Russia", held an annual plant Competition among workers and specialists of the enterprise.

Competition brings out the best in the profession, to test the theoretical and practical skills of employees of JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant", and to enhance the prestige of working professions in the factory. Through participation in these competitions experts showing a high level of skill, get some privileges, expressed, including in improving the level of payment.



The competition involved workers in the two age categories: 18 to 29 years and 30 years. The competition is held in the specialties: the garbage-riveter, turner, miller, welder, mechanic, tinsmith, a toolmaker, fitter aircraft electrical fitter aircraft design engineer, process engineer for metal cutting. Contestants perform practical and theoretical tasks that are evaluated on the following parameters: the time of manufacturing, component quality, safety.


"These competitions are an indicator of the development of crafts in the enterprise, support continuing professional development as engineering and business disciplines, enhancing the prestige of the profession among young people, — says Vadim Ligay, General Director of JSC" Kazan Helicopter Plant ". — How are our best shots will show in the future city competition of skill, which, however, our factory usually gets most of the awards. "

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