Kazan Helicopter Plant (PHOTOS)

Report of Fame Stepanova

JSC "Kazan Helicopter Plant" — a producer Mi-8/17 family of helicopters, part of Russian Helicopters holding company "Helicopters of Russia". The plant carries out a full cycle of a helicopter from the development and serial production to after-sales support, training and repair. In the history of more than 12,000 enterprise Mi-4, Mi-8, Mi-14, Mi-17, "" ANSAT "and their modifications delivered in 100 countries.

Turning shop machining centers equipped with the Japanese firm firm Mazak.

Transporter ppallet on the automated line

Tool shop machining center

Paddle production
Kazan Helicopter Plant — the only one in Russia and in the world of enterprise producing blades for three fundamentally different technologies: the production of metal blades, composite blades winding method and calculations.

Production of metal blades.
At the core rigidity frame laid in the form of a honeycomb. Stretching the cell block.

Stretched cell block

This circuit element set transverse blade frame intended to give them the profile shape.

Garter cell block to the ribs

Primer on the spar

Trimming adhesive film with a heating pad assembly

Checking the quality of bond tail section with spar

Straight Roma Beast )

Aggregate-assembly shop

Work on drilling and riveting wings on the hood of the package stand (preparatory work prior to installation of hoods on the fuselage)

The platform of the stand mounting hoods power plant on the fuselage.

Assembling and riveting landing seats.

Riveted joints on the surface of the tail boom

Assembling and riveting parts (components) of the end beams

Assembly and riveting of the stabilizer

Assembly shop.
The photo product Mi-17V-5

Installation of the harness in the engine compartment

Installation of wiring to the cockpit

Installation of wiring under the floor gruzkabiny Mi-38

Installation of a single dashboard

Russian helicopters, manufactured in Kazan, flew a total of more than 50 million flight hours worldwide.
For example, this Mi-17V-5 will fly to Azerbaijan …

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