Kazan returned to the aircraft engine

JSC "Kazan engine-production association" has signed a contract with the St. Petersburg JSC "Klimov" on the production of units VK-2500 engines. In the short term, they will be installed on most of the Russian helicopters. While the task KMPO — produce approximately 30% motor plans — reach 50% and then — for the final assembly of the VC-2500.

Engines of the family VC-2500 are designed for combat helicopters Mi-28N and Ka-52, as well as for the modernization of the Mi-17, Mi-24, Mi-28, Ka-32 and Ka-50 and Ka-50-2.

— low specific fuel consumption; 
— low specific weight; 
— high reliability; 
— a great resource; 
— ease of maintenance in operation; 
— high maintainability; 
— stable performance under heavy smoke and dust; 
— possibility of long-term operation in a marine environment; 
— maintaining a constant power at high ambient temperatures in the highlands.


The contract can be called without exaggeration fatal — KMPO again becomes aircraft factory: production scale program VC-2500 are comparable with the volume of production of the current main products of the plant — gas compressor units.
KMPO will supply about 30% (in terms of money — 25%) of the motor — starters, power turbine nozzle apparatus third stage. In the intent — the release of more and combustion chambers and nozzle units of the 1st and 2nd stages. This is the output by 50%, the proposal will be considered KMPO until the New Year, Deputy Director General for Technical Development KMPO Sergei Shelepov. "We do not rush things: now is the first step, and after its completion it will be possible to talk about the second" — said the deputy director general KMPO for Economy and Finance Vladislav Karpov. Final assembly of the VC-2500 will lead the "Klimov," but today is considered a variant of its transfer to the KMPO. "Technical capabilities for full production there, and you can dream" — added Shelepov.
The first prototypes KMPO to manufacture the beginning of the second quarter of 2013. Then — interdepartmental tests in the fourth quarter — production. In 2013 — 2014 years the company produced 150 sets. "Since 2015 the state order will be more than 2 thousand VK-2500 engines, an average of 300 engines (for KMPO — 300 sets) a year — details Karpov. — For the enterprise is 1.65 billion rubles a year, while increasing our participation to 50% — more than 3 billion, which is comparable with current levels of production and repair of gas turbine engines. So we get double the amount. "
Require the purchase of equipment, organization of production sites, training of personnel. "You need to purchase multiple units of imported production equipment because there are details that are currently difficult for us to make — told Shelepov. As explained Karpov, the modernization will be at the expense of KMPO:" Marginal income for the signed contract (and its price — 630 million rubles) will allow the company to fully fund the pre-production and purchase equipment. This will take about 125 million rubles. Advance payment has already begun. "
On the serious increase in the number of personnel under the program will be only at the conclusion of the contract in 2014, said Shelepov, as long as there is a small program to resupply personnel. Workers and engineers intend to raise wages, working conditions, social benefits, progressive equipment. Especially in the case of a 2015 government order for KMPO ready to organize nodes under the VC-2500 separate proceeding.

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