KGB is trying to recruit LGBT activists

KGB is putting pressure on activists of the international public association IDAHO Belarus Barbara Krasutski and Roman Navoeva.

"They offered me a job in the KGB, conditioned by the possibility of a full-time job. After my failure I was asked to co-operate informally. Expected me to report on the plans of gay unions, the date and venue of the shares, the lists of gay activists, their personal data and the possible pressure points on them "- says Barbara Krasutskaya.

"When I refused to help, I was shown pictures of my family. We used the direct and indirect threats. Threatened with expulsion from the Belarusian State University, where I am a sophomore. Held pressure on my girlfriend, friends and relatives, "- adds Krasutskaya.

Attempts to recruit Roman Navoeva began after his interview on BBC before the presidential election in 2010. At first, he was threatened with expulsion from the BSU and the disclosure of its orientation to the family. In mid-March, he was told that he could continue his studies under the condition re-delivery of the session.

"After I started re-examinations, the KGB presented a ready-made contract that could only sign. When I refused do it, I was told that I did not finish the BSU, and in the case of over-activity — not davuchusya even before the summer session. "

March 25 KGB officers told his parents about his Roman homosexual orientation.

"Security officers called my mother and told them about my sexual orientation of gay activism … This is the brother told me that at the time the call was close to his mother. Given that my family are not" gay frend, "then I do not rule out any of the options for further developments. At the moment I called up to her mother as mentally unprepared for such a conversation, "- says Roman.

Earlier, the KGB tried to recruit another activist, "IDAHO Belarus", said Alternative Youth Platform.

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