Kirov region flew over huge fireball

Witnesses saw an unusual phenomenon of Kirov and of Darovskoy.

And what did not come up with people to explain what he knows. Especially if it's something in the sky and moving. Most often, the explanation is given as a UFO. This time the Kirov people who see a beautiful and bright ball in the sky over the region, say that it was just a little-studied but very real phenomenon.

— Yesterday, at the beginning of the ninth night, I went home — says a witness, a resident of the village Darovskoy Alexei Kokorin. — And suddenly I saw a big ball in the sky, flying to the ground at an angle of almost 90 degrees. And for this ball lasted a beautiful colorful tail. Yellow, red, white. This phenomenon did not last very long, four seconds. Then the ball disappeared, and before it reached the ground. But five minutes later there was an explosion, like a clap of thunder, to the side where the ball dropped …

As suggested by Alex, it was not a meteor, not a UFO, a car, a rare but very beautiful. Is just such a glowing ball with a beautiful tail saw a resident of Kirov. And for the skeptics, there's the math spacing Darovskoy and Kirov, the answer that fireball in the sky are usually seen by a few hundred kilometers
. Unfortunately, to remove the video heavenly miracle happened. But witnesses vouch for the authenticity.

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— A couple of years ago in the area have been falling Shabalinskom car and a loud explosion characteristic of meteorite — the director of the Museum of Paleontology Vyatka Albert Khlyupin (for many years he has been studying astronomy). — But so far fallen celestial body is not found, despite the higher activity shown by enthusiasts.

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Bolide — a meteor brightness of at least 4 magnitudes and higher (brighter than the planet Venus). Large fireballs can be seen even during the day, their brightness in the rarest of cases exceeds the luminosity of the sun. The International Astronomical Union has no official definition of "car." Fireballs often leave a bright trace (tail) of dust and ionized gases. Meteorites, before falling on the Earth, can be seen as fireballs. Flying can be accompanied by sound or radio failure.

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