Klaskouski reviewed my case

Alexander Klaskouski Jr. along with his lawyer Iryna Burak completed familiarity with the materials of the criminal case. In the next two weeks a criminal case can proceed to trial. This was "Belarusian Partisan" said the father of the accused, the journalist Alexander Klaskouski.

"Apparently, my appeal the Attorney General has played a role, because counsel was allowed to meet freely with my son — as needed. But the son has no illusions. The accusation formulated son charged with three counts Criminal Code. Son mentally prepared for the worst case, up to the toughest sentence. I think this message and all security agencies, people in uniform, when a police lieutenant — though the former — overlooks the square, it does not seem enough. This is the message of all security agencies, "- says Alexander Klaskouski-father.

Within two weeks, the journalist said, criminal case can get into court. Given the fact that the introduction ends with criminal cases Statkevich, Dmitry Uss, the "son may be in the cage at the same time with the other persons involved."

"To hope for a miracle is not necessary," — said Alexander Klaskouski.

March 25 lawyer Irina Burak submitted a petition to change the measure abstinence Klaskouski Alexander, Jr., and disagreed with some points of the charges.

"I think that's son can apply the principle of" collective guilt. "When it was heard the phrase" byaschynstvuyushchy crowd, which acts as a unit, "- on each of the accused can be hung and an ice ax, and 5 juniper bushes (Cossack), and 8 meters of pipe . know-how of the Belarusian justice — the principle of collective guilt, if each of the accused can hang all these bushes and pipes, not bothering to proof of guilt — will be applied in respect of his son, "- said A. Klaskouski.

Klaskouski Jr. Alexander — a former police officer. Is in custody in the KGB detention center. Charged with vv.1 and 2 art.293, also of insulting a government official (st.369 CC) and in self-imposed assignment of rank or authority official (st.382 CC). Detained on the night of Dec. 21 at home.

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