Kremlin's plan of de-Stalinization

Society says the Russian program "On uvekavechanni memory of the victims of the totalitarian regime and national reconciliation," prepared by the working group on the historical memory of the Presidential Council on Human Rights.

About the beginning of the document, said its chairman, Mikhail Fedotov, after the February Board meeting with President Dmitry Medvedev in Yekaterinburg. Print program christened "plan de-Stalinization."

"To take an official decision that the public statements of government officials of any rank, containing denial or justification of the crimes of the totalitarian regime, incompatible with being in the public service," — said the proposals to the program published on the website of the presidential council.

"It is necessary, of course, has long peraspelae decision on the burial of Lenin's body. But what is needed and a large pre outreach to all of the proposed program would be reduced to no removal of the body from the mausoleum" — written by members of the President's Council on Human Rights.

Moreover, they offer an audit of the official commemorative dates and professional holidays "with the reorientation of the events throughout the long history of Russia, not only of the Soviet period", a law on place names, which prohibits perpetuate the names of towns, streets, squares, "the memory of those responsible for the mass repression and other serious crimes against the rights and freedoms of citizens, "create in Moscow and St. Petersburg museum and memorial complex to the victims of terror, fully declassified and put on the internet all the historical documents relating to this period.

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