Land will cover a very powerful magnetic storm

Land will cover a very powerful magnetic stormOn the visible part of the sun there was a group of dangerous spots. Their dozens. This cluster of spots, which were given room 1339, several times larger than the size of the Earth. The spots can be seen not only in amateur telescopes, but in digital cameras.

They were locked Solar Dynamics Observatory, the U.S. on Thursday November 3. Then there was a flash on the luminary X-class followed by a powerful coronal mass ejection. It — this weight — had a velocity of about 1 million km / h and weighed several billion tons.

But the giant "spitting" of light has not reached Earth. Vector explosion was directed towards Venus. However, the outbreak has caused a massive crash near radio communications on Earth. This was reported by NASA, TSN reports.

According to the calculations of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States, by the end of this week, Friday, zone 1339 will move slowly to the point of facing the Earth. And because we expected a series of magnetic storms. According to the forecasts of astronomers, they fade away within two weeks.

If you look at the map of the world where active spots are marked, you can see that the sun is ready to fire at the ground directly from the seven "guns" — that there are many dangerous areas, just about ready to bring down on us ton coronal mass.

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