Last alien warning

Immediately after returning to Earth Yuri Gagarin Soviet media were quick to distribute the statement of the first cosmonaut of the fact that he had "no God have not seen." But few people know that soon Gagarin became an ardent supporter of the Temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow, the religious feelings of the male and American astronauts walked on the moon. And in recent years on the ISS began to occur at all unexplained phenomena. astronauts talk about the presence of a certain object in orbit, which oversees them.

"Space Police"

In 1957, the USSR launched into space flying object — the first artificial satellite. He successfully completed his mission, but now we can say: if we give time for reflection and a chance to change their mind.

Launched in the same year, the Soviet "Sputnik 2? Was warned explicitly — during the flight with him flying a spacecraft. He made a turn, the approach to our satellite, went close again. From the Earth to the strange escort managed to take a picture of the Venezuelan L.Korralesu scientist. USSR In these photographs knew only leadership.

The newspapers reported the triumph of science, and the people have not learned that in 1957, all we seem to have come under observation. But who is watching us? On this question there is no answer yet. Now the earth's orbit is full of debris and thousands of satellites. But in 1957, there was no even the term "space junk" Soviet satellites were flying alone. But it is — if you count only the earthly objects.

America withdrew its moons later — in 1964. And now scientists Argentine Observatory, located near Buenos Aires, seen through a telescope at least enigmatic picture.

Satellite "Echo-2? Made turns around the Earth at an altitude of more than a thousand kilometers. Suddenly with great speed he was approached by a sparkling object circled and drove off into the unknown." Guest "far exceeds the size of a U.S. satellite — its diameter is 120 meters, and the speed more than three times the speed of the satellite and terrestrial technology of the time was not achieved. "Space Patrol" left alone "Echo-2? and after some time he was approached, and went head to head, as if to make a battering ram. Narrowly avoiding a frontal collision, the unknown object again disappeared into space.

In April 1964, history repeated itself in an even more frightening form. Now to intercept missiles "Titan", placing in orbit a spacecraft "Gemini", went four objects "ethereal space police" surrounded on all sides — two on the bottom, one in front and one behind. Cosmic cops escorted the ship humans throughout flight.

Unlike the Soviet Union, to hide these cases in the United States could not — the press got a scandal, involving even some congressmen.

However the management of the U.S. Air Force was quick to reassure the public, saying that in orbit after the ship was flying the second stage of the launch vehicle. However, no one did not believe: scientists have argued that during the flight the second stage do not separated.

Someone would not let humans to the moon

The successes of the Soviet program forced the United States to make a real breakthrough in space exploration. In December 1968, flew to the moon 'Apollo-8, but on the way the American ship was attacked by unknown forces. Portholes for deep space was night, but sleep astronauts Borman, Lovell and Anders did not. To the Moon with great speed -11 000 kilometers per hour — along their course was the ship "competitors." Of course, it could be a Soviet ship. Sight of his puzzled astronauts — a huge disc-shaped object. Neutrality is not going to save a stranger — he remotely disabled all navigation systems "Apollo."

The situation threatened to become an emergency, communication with the NASA control center in Houston was lost.

Then the "Flying Dutchman" has blinded American pilots harsh light, after which the "Apollo" strongly swayed. The sound is caused unbearable pain in the ears of astronauts, people squeezed his chest, started strongly, headache, having hallucinations, and the ship's systems continue to fail. But kill Americans unknown space travelers did not. After a series of frightening attacks they raced off into space at high speed.

Armstrong vs. "them"

In May 1969, was sent to the Moon "Apollo 10?. Astronauts Stafford and Cernan at a height of 110 kilometers above the surface of the moon moved from the ship to the landing module. However, the joy of that soon they set foot on the surface of Earth's natural satellite, suddenly gave way horror : full of life on the moon! With its surface towards them kicked unknown white object. claimed that his flight even managed to capture on film.

Next ship "Apollo 11? During the first two days of flight always follows an object of extraterrestrial origin.'s Most famous American astronaut, a member of the crew of" Apollo 11? Neil Armstrong years later visited the USSR and told Marina Popovich (first wife of cosmonaut Pavel Popovich), collects information about the strangeness in space: "Next to us some glowing balls were flying, but we were told that it was our garbage in bags."

Crew members' Apollo 11? Armstrong and Aldrin claimed to have seen the moon unknown objects are large. When asked what it was, Armstrong said that was far away and can not describe them in detail. A Soviet diplomat in response to the same question, said: "We also gave a subscription …"

But years later leaked, according to which during the lunar landing lander Armstrong saw three unidentified ship, standing on the edge of the crater. In fact, what happened in the next moment, it was hard to believe, but managed to videotape: They make humanoids in spacesuits. Recording immediately classified. Only in recent years, these shots were made available to non-governmental experts.

Was it ships "alien" or obsession (holograms, auditory hallucinations and other effects), sent by the higher powers to prevent mankind? No answer yet.

Shock in the air

For information about the strangeness that occurred during the flight to the Moon, continued systematically classify. However, when the "Apollo 12? In November 1969 went to the moon, again accompanied by two unidentified glowing object on American television at that time there was a report on the air, and millions of television viewers heard the excited voices of astronauts, the dispute centered on the nature of these objects . government explained the phenomenon of the sun's glare, "Apollo." But the version nobody calmed, and the event has caused shock in America.

Strange moving objects on the lunar mountains and saw astronauts "Apollo-16 Duke and Young, who have put them on camera. A record of their negotiations with Houston.

"Duke (excited voice):

Look, the unit of these objects is incredible! I have not seen anything like this!


Yes, indeed, a miracle. But look, they're moving up!

MCC in Houston:

Yes, we see these objects … well see two objects … "

Such objects are seen and the team next crew who flew to the moon. There are even pictures of the mysterious bases on the Moon. The most interesting picture shows an unknown object cylindrical clearly man-made origin. No less interesting is the huge photo of the letter "S" on the lunar surface, taken from the "Apollo 14?.

NASA refused to comment on the facts, but did not refute any of them. Prior to 1972, the period of the lunar project "Apollo", acting instruction, on which all the videotapes, as well as telemetry data were cleared of images of objects of unknown nature. Only the fall of 1973, the head of the information department of NASA Donald Tsistra official said in Washington that about 25 astronauts saw an unknown object.

It is as if humans were a warning from space, with the requirement to roll exploration of the Moon. NASA, of course, this is not confirmed, but the fact remains that the best program was terminated suddenly and without any apparent reason.

This is not a space debris

Moon on being left alone, but the whole of the USSR and the United States turned its space program. A mystery continued to multiply.

Hero of the Soviet Union, pilot-cosmonaut Vladimir Kovalenok recalls: "In 1981, along with Viktor Savinykh I was on board the ship" Sapyut-6?. May 5 at the time, when we were flying over the territory of South Africa, I suddenly saw the light through the window, the size of a finger, a luminous object flying simultaneously from the bottom. The ship is moving at a speed of five miles per second, and this thing is not far behind! I called Savinykh. He looked out the window and ran for the camera. While running, the object exploded, leaving around colorful spherical cloud. What it was, I do not know.

Years passed, and a new stage has come — time space stations. They lived for a long time, and it could not fail to notice those who are watching us.

In 1991, at the station "Mir" was Musa Manarov. Once, swim up to the window, he saw the outside of what looked like an antenna and move towards the station. But where is the antenna? Suddenly a strange object had disappeared.

Moses knew what it looks like debris, fragments of missiles and other equipment, and the knowledge that sees something different. Moreover, no other terrestrial objects in orbit near the station "Mir", was not. He filmed "antenna", and the frame was left on the film.

Observation of "The World" is clearly continued.

Who is knocking at the ISS?

It took another twenty years. Space debris is captivated nearly the entire planet's orbit, and officials became easier to write off all inexplicable to him. If not for the new signs of a different kind.

Astronauts working on the ISS have to report regularly to the center of the strange "metal" sounds inside and outside the station. Leaders of the Russian Institute of profile TsNIIMASH decided to investigate. Checked everything — the operation of the equipment and devices, and the influence of factors on the unauthorized operation of the station.

Finally there was an official statement: "The crew heard a sound like rumpled metal tin can for one second. Maybe the sound could be associated with any device inside the station. What is it — as long as we can not determine, but in any case, check which held a crew, shows that there is no change in the instrument compartment, or in the atmosphere of the station, which would have changed instantly if there was a breakdown of the skin. "


More daring was believed by the Central Astronomical Observatory at Pulkovo, Professor Cyril Butusov. "Russian cosmonauts heard warnings of God, — the radio astronomer — Sometimes there is an effect on the orbit of one's presence. At some point astronaut suddenly feels that someone invisible looks him in the back of a very hard look. And then unseen creature makes itself felt — There was a whisper. "Text" sounds somewhere in the depths of consciousness like this: "You're too early and wrong come here. Believe me, for I am your ancestor. Son, you should not be here, get back to Earth, do not break the laws of the Creator . "And often for" authenticity "still small voice says, known only astronaut family history connected with this ancestor."

Agrees with him cosmonaut Georgy Grechko, commented as follows: "Someone gave us a boost in development, helped artificially bypass chimpanzees in intelligence. And to us He is, of course, was God really created us in His own image, in the Universe There is another reason, and the more advanced than ours. "

Through hardship to the temple

What Americans encountered on the moon and Russian cosmonauts in orbit and on the ISS? Perhaps it was the representatives of the other intelligent civilizations of the universe. Maybe something else.

Timid voices of people trying to explain these phenomena come to a consensus: it looks like the cosmic mind gave us the signal does not interfere with the higher powers of the universe. The aggressiveness of human civilization is in doubt the wisdom of going beyond our habitat. No wonder many of the astronauts said their religious feelings during a flight does not disappear, but, on the contrary, increase.

Author: V.Konstantinov

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Mysteries of civilization"

Category: UFOs and aliens

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