Launched USS NEW GENERATION «Gerald Ford»

The shipyard town of Newport News, VA (the full title of Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding Newport News — approx. «VP») in the usual broken bottle of sparkling wine on the bow of November 9 was conducted baptism USS Gerald Ford — more technologically advanced ships of this class of the U.S. Navy, reports Navy Times.

«Gerald Ford» is a new generation of U.S. nuclear aircraft carriers. It was created to accommodate a larger number of fighters and more than frisky their start in the air, and must have armed drones in equity wing. This is the first new project for the last four decades and will be introduced to the fleet in 2016.

«This is really a technological magic. The ship will be armed fighters fifth generation F-35, and drones on it for the first time be deployed lasers «, says Head of Marine Operations Navy Admiral Jonathan Grinert (Jonathan Greenert). The ship is named after the 38th U.S. President Gerald Rudolph Ford, who served as a Lieutenant Commander aboard the aircraft carrier during the second World War and always responded warmly about those years. Godmother of the ship was the daughter of ex-president Susan Beyls Ford (Susan Bales Ford, pictured). She said she was proud of my dad, and hoped that the crew of a new aircraft carrier will be worthy to serve on a ship named after the U.S. president, who always faithfully served their own country. Other speakers were former Vice President Dick Cheney (Dick Cheney) and former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (Donald Rumsfeld).

Ship resettled newest nuclear power plant, electric catapults and enhanced flight deck area of ​​5 acres (20.2 thousand square meters). Aircraft carrier is ready for 70%, construction completion is scheduled for 2015, will be held later immense tests.

Now the construction of the aircraft carrier spent almost 2 billion dollars more than was planned. The ship will be operated with fewer crew, which is expected during the 50-year lifetime will save 4 billion dollars

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