Liquid metal for Terminator

Scientists at Cornell University created organic metamaterial that can flow like a liquid, and then "remember" their shape and become a solid three-dimensional structure. But most importantly, Experiments with metal particles have been conducted and the "liquid metal" behaved like the hydrogel.

Under the electron microscope, the new material is similar to a tiny bird's nest and is a hydrogel containing synthetic DNA strands. Certain sections of DNA size of 1 micron serve as building blocks of a kind of Lego and can be assembled into structures of various shapes. The interstices between the parts, "designer" create many tiny cavities that are filled with water. Thus, scientists have metamaterial — a substance with properties which are not found in nature.

Overview unusual property of the new materials as follows: under the influence of gravity metamaterial structure collapses and is converted into liquid. However, when placed in water, the structure regains its shape. Researchers have demonstrated this unusual effect by a simple experiment made from a hydrogel letters D, N and A, and then poured to the solid surface. As a result, letters were amorphous liquids. However, after the hydrogel was poured into water, he regained shape and turned to letters.

Gel form can be changed in other ways, as long as the force acting on it has more traction DNA segments. For example, the hydrogel may be mixed with metal particles and placed in distilled water: on / off electric field, they will be converted into a liquid, to take the original three-dimensional structure.

While scientists are using a set of random genes, but are going to pick up well-defined genes that allow the use of a new metamaterial in practice. Apparently, the practical purpose of use of the substance will come up with the USDA and the Pentagon, which had sponsored the research.


Yeah, it is in agriculture, this technology will help. I think that the Pentagon is interested in this technology. Implementation of the movie "Terminator" has become even closer …


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