Lithuanians do not want the neighborhood with the Belarusian nuclear power plant

Russia uses the Belarusian NPP construction project for political purposes. This statement was made by the Deputy Minister of Energy of Lithuania Romas Shvedas.

"They use it for political purposes, to dominate the region" — results his words British newspaper The Financial Times in an article about the problems of the energy sector in Lithuania.

"Belarus — a big country. Build a station somewhere else, "- said Shvedas.

Belarus — a big country. Build a station somewhere else.

Belarusian nuclear power plant is located near the border with Lithuania, near Vilnius, and this, according to the author, "will support the concern about the fact that Lithuanians can live in the shadow of station operating in accordance with questionable standards."

At the same time Lithuanians, Russians suspected of intending to hold back investment in nuclear power plant in Visaginas and save energy dependence on Russia Lithuania, the article says.

Meanwhile in the Lithuanian Parliament passed the secret hearings about possible threats from Kaliningrad and Belarusian nuclear power plant.


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