Look like aliens?

"For years, writers and Hollywood portrayed extraterrestrials in many different guises — from the charming stranger ET (ET Spielberg character picture) to the sinister monster from the movie Alien."

The hypothesis of Cohen and Stewart

Fictional aliens come in all shapes and sizes — but in reality may look a creature from another planet? U.S. researchers Jack Cohen and Ian Stewart tried to find an answer to this question.

First, thinking about life on other planets, it is necessary to understand that it almost certainly will not humanoids. Exactly the same as Jesus Christ in Western culture depicts a man with a European type of person, we create an image of aliens in our image.

"Formation of the spine and skeleton — also an evolutionary accident, which may be a unique feature of evolution on Earth. So Cohen and Stewart deny the plausibility of many mindaleglazyh aliens from Hollywood movies and TV series The X-Files."

"On the other hand, if the authors of the books and movie directors do not humanoid aliens, then turn them into monsters of form, such as a picture of the monster alien. This film really is scary, but from a scientific point of view it is beyond absurd. Ability exists to instant adaptation to the human immune system — is also an exaggeration. "

"It is certainly the idea of the existence of aliens on Mars. Probability of this is very small. However, the fact that the aliens are not like us, or that they do not live on Mars, does not mean they do not exist. These aliens are very different from us — according to U.S. researchers. Because life can occur in different conditions than on a planet with plenty of water and oxygen. Wherever there is a physical substance and enough energy, it may be enough of anything that could be considered life. "

"They probably will not look like the classic green men, unless, of course, will not want to seem so. They may look exactly like humans. Or cat — suggest Cohen and Stewart. — Or fly home. Or they can be invisible, or is located just outside of our space-time continuum. They can be enclosed within the atoms, or exist only in failures, where the human perceptual system exists in the refractory period and can not recognize their existence. "

Residents of Aurelia and Blue Moon
We fully agree with the idea of American researchers and British scientists, who recently decided to make a bit of science fiction, realism, presenting his version might look like creatures from other worlds, taking into account the likely impact of their habitat and the laws of physics, chemistry and biology .

"So, a paleontologist at the University of Cambridge, Simon Conway Morris suggested a spotlight on science exhibition Alien some hypothetical alien species that, in principle, can exist in the universe."

"Stephen Folger, Head Exhibition, on this occasion said:" Some scholars believe that complex life forms are rare or non-existent. But most still believe in their existence. Problem is that they are so far away that they are simply impossible to detect. This, however, should not deter us from reasoning on the subject, what might be the worlds in which they live, and how they might look.'s exactly what we did. "

Experts who prepared the exhibition, have chosen two very different types of habitats, where they put her fictional aliens: Aurelia and Blue Moon.

"Aurelia — Planet stars out of red dwarfs are much cooler than our sun. Her so closely in orbit, it does not rotate around its axis, so that one side of it always faces the sun, and the other — to the depths of space. There is not a time of year or day and night. "

"In such circumstances, the views of scientists, could live 15-foot svinoglot with powerful legs, long neck and small head. Among other inhabitants of Aurelia could be zhalonosnye stems, like plants, but it is a creature of flesh and blood, like flowers using tentacles to capture sunlight. "

"Imaginary Blue Moon — Jupiter-sized planet with an atmosphere so dense that animals are capable of huge flying. They could dwell air kit with a wingspan of 30 feet. Only predators that threaten them — it plaschenosnye stalkers — carnivorous birds like eagles that tore flesh air whales. huge trees up to 9000 feet are ecosystem for a whole galaxy of other fantastic inhabitants of the planet. "

Scientists emphasize that although these animals may seem strange, they are only subject to the laws of natural selection, which gave impetus to the development of life on our planet.

But we're all about aliens from some not known planets? Every year in the world is born more mutants. Would not they, after all, the dominant race in the world?

Will not — say evolutionary scientists who have tried to imagine what the flora and fauna will take place on Earth in a few million years. Their suspicions, they lined up on the basis of projected climate and geographic changes in the future overtake the planet.

The result was drew a fantastic picture: huge squid inhabit the land, in the sky will be the killer fish flit by building a nest in high cliffs, and in the eternal ice pobredut Tigers have turned to bears. Catch of squid, fish and fend off hunt tigers will be reasonable descendants baboons.

People at that time completely die out …

Gennady Fedotov

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