Looking for a war strategy

Libyan rebels say they took control of Muammar Gaddafi's hometown. The President of the United States decided to dot the "i" in his Libyan strategy.

Reuters news agency, citing an official representative of the Libyan rebels reported that the Libyan leader's hometown Muammar Gaddafi Sirte fell into the hands of insurgents. Confirm the capture of Sirte by opposition forces from other sources have been reported yet.

The forces of the international coalition on Sunday evening Sirtse caused by air strikes, strike back by dyslyakavanyh in the Libyan air defense was not. Earlier, Libyan state television confirmed the shelling of Tripoli and Sirte air forces of the international coalition.

Obama will urge fellow

Meanwhile in the U.S. are waiting for televised Barca Obama to the nation. U.S. President tonight is going to explain its strategy on Libya. It is expected that he will try to convince fellow, who believe that the country is more important than solving the economic problems that the U.S. involvement in the Libyan company needs.

Barack Obama

Lawmakers, including many members of the ruling Democratic Party, unhappy that the White House did not consult with them before sending troops to the borders of Libya and pose the question of the Libyan operation razmytastsi goals and strategies for its lack of clarity over.

No one knows how the war drags on

Setting the stage for the president's speech, the Minister of Defence Robert Gates Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were made on the eve of a political talk show leading television networks.

Robert Gates said that Palletfree zone over Libya is fully established, and to support it now will require a lot less effort. He reported that the Pentagon is planning to reduce its resources in the Libyan operation as strengthening the role of European and other allies in the coalition. But when a leading television channel ABC asked him if this means that the military obligations of the United States in the Libyan campaign, limited to the current year, Gates replied, "I do not think anyone has an answer to that question."

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, the TV channel NBC noted that the actions of the coalition against the forces of Muammar Gaddafi have strengthened the position of the rebels. She said that Gaddafi's forces almost over, "he resolutely advancing on the city Bengazi, intending, in his own words, be ruthless fight for every house. I think we prevented a great humanitarian disaster. And now we see through the actions of the coalition, Gaddafi's troops retreat to the west of the country. And the opposition begins to regain territory from which it was struck. "

Gaddafi did not represent an immediate threat to the U.S.

Pentagon chief Robert Gates openly admitted that Gaddafi did not represent a real and imminent threat to the United States, and that Libya is not a country crucial to the U.S.: "I do not think it is of vital interest to the United States. But the interests of there we certainly have. This part of the region, which is vital for the United States. "Gates explained that the instability in Libya could undermine stability in neighboring Egypt and Tunisia.

Robert Gates

Meanwhile, President Obama said in his Saturday radio address, said that the military action against Gaddafi's forces in the national interest of the United States. Here lies the prominent contradiction — so says senatskaga influential member of the Committee on Foreign Relations Republican Richard Lugar, who in an interview to NBC said,

"I was very surprised the statement of the Gates that Libya is not in our vital interests. Then where is the plan of our objectives in Libya, where the debate that preceded the use of our armed forces? I do not think we have to be dragged into a civil the war in Libya. believe that the Libyans themselves would have understood. "

Gaddafi will try to convince to give up power

Answering critics of the administration, Secretary of State Clinton urged them to ask how the situation would look like if the United States did not intervene to stop the actions of Muammar Gaddafi against his own people:

"Imagine, we would have sat here and Bengazi, the city with the 700 thousand population would be destroyed — made a secretary of state. — Tens of thousands of people have been killed and hundreds of thousands were trying to flee — but nowhere to run, except in neighboring Egipet , which is undergoing its own difficult transition period. And then heard a plea: why the United States is not doing anything they can to stay on the sidelines, while France, the United Kingdom, other European countries and the Arab League call to do something? "

U.S. Secretary of State does not exclude that during his visit to Tripoli and Bengazi Special Envoy of the UN Secretary General Abdul Elah Khatib be able to convince Muammar Gaddafi to relinquish power voluntarily. Hillary Clinton herself will join the meeting of foreign ministers of 35 countries in London on March 29 to discuss the Libyan conflict.

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