Machine gun Skoda

Machine gun "Skoda"In 1888, Georg Ritter von Dormusom and Archduke Karl Salvator was patented system has a machine gun semifree shutter. Its creation took up the plant «Skoda» (Skoda). Gun "Skoda", put into service in 1893, was used as a fortress and the sea, model 1902 (M/02) is already equipped with a field tripod machine with a shield, but offered and cavalry wheeled carriages.

Automatic machine gun operated by the movement of blowback that swings in the longitudinal plane. Shutter propped up a spring-loaded rod shaped, with the position of the axes and the profile of the contacting surfaces of the connecting rod and the gate were selected Makar, so when you turn the friction significantly slowed the departure gate by the action returns. First model gun "Skoda" pendulum had opened fire rate regulator located (adjustment performed in the spectrum of 280 — 600 rounds per minute) — at the center of mass displacement rocking motion system they wondered cycle automation. The most unsuccessful in the machine gun was a system of supply — the cartridges were fed from a fixed vertical store their weight.

Increased the risk of clogging the open bottom box.

The main interest in the gun caused by his low weight. In 1906, the Colonel Shulga chairman of the selection committee of the Russian Federation in the munitions plant Weiss in Budapest (it was the time of the active industry of Austria-Hungary and Germany on the orders of the Russian Federation) reported to the GAC on machine guns and Odkoleka "Skoda". And in Austro-Hungary had this gun in the number of insignificance. A certain number of machine guns "Skoda" was delivered to Japan.

The company "Skoda" after has been adopted gun "Shvartsloze" decided to keep the position of the sample, creating a modified M/09 and M/13 with belt-fed, the device "osalki" cartridges for reliable extraction of spent cartridges without a speed regulator firing a low tripod machine. Austro-Hungarian Army during World War II machine guns "Skoda" M/09 and M/13 in a limited number of data and soon abandoned machine guns, though there was another attempt to use them as air.

Technical properties gun M/09 "Skoda":
Cartridge — 8h51R "Mannlicher";
Mass of the "body" machine gun — 15.5 kg (without cartridges and water), 23.3 kg (with water);
Weight of the machine gun — 34 kg;
Rifling — 4 right-handed;
The stroke length of rifling — 240 mm;
Rate of fire — 450-500 rounds per minute;
Capacity of the tape — 250 rounds of ammunition;
Weight equipped with a belt — 8.25 kg;
Subcategory — tripod;
Machine weight — 18.5 kg;
The vertical guidance — from -30 to +30 degrees;
The angle of the horizontal guidance — 30 degrees.

Based on: S. Fedoseyev — Guns in the First World War

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