Last of languid transport helicopter CH-46E Sea Knight 262 Squadron U.S. Marine Corps flew with aviastantsii ILC Futenma Camp Kinzer (both bases are in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan) pending a decision on the withdrawal from service, reports dvidshub.net August 30. These helicopters are in the ratio of one to one replaced by tiltrotor MV-22 Osprey, which can fly twice faster, carry more cargo twice and fly distances four times longer than the CH-46E.

Basing «Ospreev» on Okinawa significantly strengthens the ability of the U.S. defense of the country of the rising sun, the implementation of humanitarian aid missions in response to natural and manmade disasters. «You see here the last flight of the CH-46 on Okinawa and throughout the Pacific region. This historic flight re Squadron completes a tiltrotor helicopters. This is a bitter day for pilots who flew these helicopters, served faithfully in decades. But we are very happy and konvertoplanov MV-22V, which come to replace them in the Pacific, «said the commander of the 1st Carrier Air Wing 3rd Expeditionary Unit USMC Gen. Steven R. Rudder (Steven R. Rudder).
«This is an exciting day for those who flew the CH-46 in Vietnam, Iraq and other areas of the planet. These helicopters rescued countless lives, the memory of this outstanding machine remains for years to come, «the general added.

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