Materials «Blue Folder» now declassified

Most recently, on display were provided materials that were stored for a long time in the KGB archives stamped secrecy.

Materials were in the famous "blue folder", which at the time was given the KGB known astronaut and currently honorary president of the Academy of Applied Ufology information science and Pavel Popovich. The folder contains a lot of descriptions of UFO evidence, as well as reports on failures military to catch objects of unknown origin.

Recognized the existence of aliens back in 1968.

In 1968, the chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR Alexei Kosygin sent a letter signed by thirteen leading engineers and aircraft designers, with a proposal to create a special Soviet and independent organization area of work, which is the study of UFOs.

Engineers responded to the request of Academician Shchukin, and after consulting with him were amazed.

"The question of the nature and origin of the so-called unidentified flying objects is not relevant due to the fact that has already been discussed in the Council of Ministers with the assistance of the competent authorities of the Presidium of the USSR Ministry of Defence, the General Directorate and other weather service. The study of and control over the appearance of cases of unidentified flying objects are organizations that are studying Earth atmosphere and space, the main purpose of the identification of the UFO organizations. Total control of this right carries the USSR, and to create a special organization for the study of UFOs and the need for no reason. "

But as it turned out, a few months before the written request, the Minister of Civil Aviation of the USSR Loginov, who just tortured pilots with stories about his meetings in the air with various unidentified flying objects, as well as to address the numerous complaints on noise controllers that have objects of unknown origin, he gave the official order to promptly report every manifestation of the ordinary. Also among the pilots and was extended instruction, which explained in detail how to record information.

"Blue Folder" with documents stored in it only appeared in 1991. Then, with a request for access to the sightings turned cosmonaut Pavel Popovich. He had the opportunity to examine documents related to UFOs, which were presented in 124 pages. These were the official reports of the competent authorities, the stories and evidence of civilians, the reports of commanders of military units. Make public the documents received for a long time no one dared.

Popovich told and the fact of personal UFO sightings. According to him, it happened on a flight from Washington to Moscow. In his vision suddenly appeared a large luminous triangle, which moved in a plane parallel to the course, but then abruptly went ahead and disappeared from view.

While in the accompanying letter to the documents and no official evidence that the KGB conducted a special monitoring and testing of every information about the nature of UFOs making paper shows the contrary. Out of the investigation it is clear that the security services were conducted the careful operation. An example is the investigation of anomalous phenomena, which was recorded October 1, 1989, near the village Burkhala in Magadan region. Residents of the village in a short period of time to observe the appearance of a UFO. The document, drawn up on this fact, in part, that in thirty minutes above the village almost silently circled in red glowing sphere. Once close to the power line wires sector rose sharply upward and disappeared, and the sky above the village you can see the effect of bright aurora.

According to witnesses, the explosion plates seem to dissolve in the air.

About what was happening in the sky above Stavropol, in December 1987, the KGB worked actively, they surveyed almost the entire region. According to one of the managers airport Mineral Waters, 23 hours and 15 minutes from the board of 65,798 reported that they move towards an unidentified object, which looks like a plane with a long series of switching. Three minutes later, as the UFO sightings reported to the board of 65,798, it was gone.

UFO movement in the Stavropol Territory and the pilots saw the other side. From the words of the crew they visually observed the object that flew in the vicinity, and the distinctive feature was that behind it was a long trail of fire and sparks. According to both crews UFO disappeared after outbreaks resembling explosion

Interesting event occurred in August 1987. Then, on the territory of the Leningrad Military District was an emergency. Five officers were sent on a mission to the north of Karelia. The aim was to organize the trip and follow-up of the object of unknown origin, which was discovered near Vyborg. Size of the object is 14 meters long and 4 meters wide with a height of 2.5 meters. Totally deaf case. Attempts to open the case was not successful, the material from which was used in the body, did not yield to external influences. At the end of September 1987 the studied object disappeared from a closed hangar.

Materials for modern researchers "Blue Folder" — an invaluable material that will help make significant progress in research related to the visit of UFOs. The well-known ufologist Azhazha, all materials indicate that an unidentified object control sentient beings, and the risk to people on Earth do not represent. Evidence of an attack on the people of unidentified objects in the materials "Blue Folder" no.

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