Meduzoobraznye UFO

UFOs do not always take the form of a disc or ball, not always cigar-shaped or triangular. One of the most unusual types of UFOs is more reminiscent of ocean jellyfish but floating in the sky.

In the video, a compilation of meduzoobraznyh objects photographed in 2013

For example the famous vision of Petrozavodsk describe it as a large jellyfish, "… a bright star moving slowly, her extended curved beams of white and light cloud, like smoke.

Star of the color was like daylight lamp. Star stopped moving. Rays — perpendicular to the ground, without the noise. Star … stood in front of us for 5-7 minutes. In this form, was like a jellyfish. Some witnesses compared the rays of the rain, and the same seems. Separated from the star a shine or shimmer like a saucer, with a greenish tinge, and went down, and then disappeared behind the roofs of houses. Continued … Twinkle 30-40 seconds, but not more than a minute.

Category: UFOs and aliens

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