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Officially, there are no other civilizations, no, we're alone in the universe and meeting with strangers — is idle fantasy unhealthy people. However, evidence of contact with "aliens" already so much that dismiss as witnesses against malicious mystifies fails. Most of them are serious and respected people. In my research practice there are a number of indications of positive contact with the aliens. But do not hide the fact that there are negative effects from the meetings with "strangers" …

"They were very beautiful …"

Positive nature of messages should include history, happened to residents of Volgograd Vladimir Krasnov in the summer of 1990.

"For four years I kept silent not because he was afraid of ridicule of others, — he wrote to me in the autumn of 1994. — Just happened to me led to overestimate their lives, look at it with different eyes … "

Of course, we met. Valery — a former officer of missile forces, retired Lieutenant Colonel, handsome, middle-sized, smart intelligent man with intelligent searching eyes. He told me that he had tried to write after meeting with beings from another constellation book, but the first version of the manuscript thrown in the trash: not that is not so, it is inadequate to new feelings …

That's how it was.

Summer day … he was returning from a trip to Volgograd in the Saratov region, and stopped for lunch in the forest plantation. Suddenly he seized with an inexplicable fear. He looked around — no one. He decided to go to this place, but the keys to the car in front of him … gone! And then he had an idea in my head: "Do not worry, we will not hurt you, just define a few questions." Then three feet from him began to appear like a picture on photo paper, two silhouettes.

— It was a man and a woman, are no different from us — remember Krasnov. — Dressed in overalls light silver. White skin, blond hair, blue eyes. Both high, the growth of 190-200 centimeters. They smiled affably. I could not help admiring the woman as she was incredibly beautiful and graceful. Was beautiful and a man. Both years at 20-25.

A dialogue between them, and Valery spoke aloud, and strangers broadcast thought him right in the head. The aliens told me that they came from the Constellation of Dogs, from the planet TAC — "Planet of Zion." But it is the code name, because they do not want humans to know the exact coordinates. This is their second arrival on Earth, the first one was a hundred years ago. The visit will be short because of severe environmental conditions that adversely affect the health of the crew and functionality.

Their ship plaque, the team consists of six people, a transit point on the moon. They live in a different dimension, but have learned to move from measurement to measurement. According to them, in every dimension there is a reasonable civilization, is often similar to each other. Among them are the aggressor civilization, and there are intellectuals, by which the universe is evolving and avoid accidents. Earth's civilization, in their opinion, quite backward in development. Newcomers learn the activities of mankind on the planet, without interfering with the event.

No experiments on people they do not spend, people do not steal — it is strictly prohibited by the Council, although there is a VC who practice it with people. Official recognition of human civilization, the exchange of scientific information with it, and its inclusion in the Ring of Mind is not allowed because of the aggressiveness of humanity.

In their view, humans have chosen polluting development path and kill it themselves. All the good that was given to us from the outside, we used mainly for the preparation and conduct of war. If we continue at the same pace habitat destruction, are doomed to failure. Council TAC planet supposedly knows and anticipates the possible catastrophe on Earth.

In Krasnov was another encounter with these creatures, and he is confident in their reality, however, than in the reality of human society. However convince others until he could.

Visit in the night

Another witness was an unexpected Volzhanin AT Berochkin also retired lieutenant colonel, a veteran of World War II. From 1960 to 1972 he served in Baikonur and personally knew all the first astronauts.

— It happened on the night of 9 to 10 November 2000, — says Alexey Tikhonovich details. — The stranger came into my room in the middle of the night. Growth was under two meters, a very good body — like a swimmer. And dressed in tight shiny black body suit with cuffs on his hands and under the throat. Species — like the earthly man. Short hair, expressive face, it is similar to the actor Alexander Mikhailov. Data — no more than forty. I have something at first with surprise zarugalsya on it — thought the thief entered through the balcony. But then calmed down, because of him, goodwill and no aggression.

The conversation took seven. The stranger said that the world is not their armies and they are not fighting. Violated the laws of society are sent to other planets — even master. Survive — well, no, it means, not destiny. Much attention is paid to the training of children, street children they have. Society manages a team from the Big Board. Technology in space flight is very different from Earth. The stranger said that different civilizations visiting Earth, but be wary of so-called "gray." They are short, multiply cloning. They have problems with reproduction, and they do experiments on people to learn how to play the race, as a people.

— We — technical civilization — said the stranger — in the world are studying the atmosphere, water, and how they change. Unfortunately, the changes are not for the better …

The stranger disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared. The next morning, Alex Tikhonovich found that with his age in the right eye was gone wart that has plagued him badly. He fully believed in the reality of a night visit …

Strangeness of childhood

Another witness — Victoria from Ukraine. Her thirties, Education — Higher, specialty — the physics of semiconductors. She is critical of ufology and especially to some ufologists. But in her life were the events that are a mystery to her as well as for researchers. But the best thing about her stories — drawings made by her hand …

The story … Victoria sbivchiv but entertaining. Especially when the demonstration starts figures. They — the only proof of the reality of her meetings with strangers. However, the details of transmitted information is also interesting. It is possible that one day they will acknowledge and will no longer appear fantasies.

So, as a teenager Vicky was a period with extraordinary visions. These were dreams, but on the verge of waking, and most surprising — they were very vivid and emotionally charged. That is attended by fear and curiosity, confidence, and even sympathy … It lasted about four years, from 1988 to 1992. Of course, with breaks, but still fairly regularly, and somehow she knew in advance the arrival time of "them." Then suddenly snapped. No efforts have helped produce visions again, and it plunged into depression Vick.

— What is the contact? — She said. — First, the heat from the right ear at a time when I was going to sleep. Then a whitish haze in the corner of the room and … the voice in my head. Images, or dreaming, or swam before my eyes when I close them. Nothing threatening. Picture of their life is very interesting, but … cause irritation. Well, not because people tease! Too nice. Of depression begins … Information was interspersed with images of another life.

If the alien describe in more detail, it will be so. Tall humanoids, from eighty-ninety meters and above. Athletic physique, but more elongated proportions and refined. On the fingers instead of flat nails tubular claws. Between fingers — membrane, probably as a vestige. The teeth also do not like people: six incisors instead of four. Hair color ranges from blue-black to straw, leather — brown to whitish. Eyes — from blue to orange-yellow, like a cat. And the pupil narrows the gap. Long hair to his shoulders.

— I did not understand where they are. Before my eyes appeared in the early image of the constellation Ursa Major. Then the star Mizar, and next to her tiny Alcor. Planet, as I hear, is called Nias. Il-star shiir. Confederation is called O-Nava'-il. But this is just about as it sounds. Because their language is present schelchkopodobny a velar sound. To us it is difficult to reproduce. But as they say — it sounds quite nice.

Victoria had the planet as a small celestial body that has only one continent and two major island groups. The climate is arid. Fertile soil is small, around the limestone. She explained that it is this feature was the main reason for the accelerated development of their species. Helped to survive the ocean. The struggle for existence made their civilization overdeveloped, by earthly standards.

— As I understand, they have there something like communism. No differences by class, caste, race, sex and other things, — recalled their communication Victoria. — Money is not in use. In all spheres of life, full gosobespechenie. I do not know how they do it — apparently due to fair distribution. The state apparatus purely symbolic, chosen for a while, then carefully re-elected. Basis — regional government.

Fragmentary knowledge

No preaching and call to "transmit all invaluable information," Vick in those dreams did not catch. On Earth, this group of aliens appeared only temporarily, with some its tasks. They do not wish to interfere in nobody's case nor in anyone's development. Human civilization considered sufficiently developed mentally, but very immature mentally and psychologically. Believe that it is — normal at some stage of evolution and the people nowhere on it does not go. That is not to interfere with meaning.

— In the end, explained to me, the universe — a living organism, reasonable and self-regulating. She has the ability to adjust any process and eliminate all that brings disharmony. For some time now we just watch and learn, trying not very "light". Purely scientific interest.

Humanoids from Nias have shown their ships — the typical "Belgian Triangle." Perhaps their something and timed in the early 90's in Europe. Actually, they do not really fly. Niasuantsy learned something to do with the fields so that any build a space-time model and move it almost instantly.

Initially recognized Victoria, her somewhat frightening black of their clothes and equipment. But this is not because of aggression, but simply because they have taken. On the sleeves form usually two stripes. It turns out that their planet is part of some kind of confederation of five worlds. Badge on the right hand symbolizes the involvement troops Confederation, on the left — a particular branch of service.

Victoria asked questions newcomers on their activity on the Earth. She explained that their group refers to the border guards, and at certain periods of time, they fly around your sector of the universe. Earth got their attention in the area by accident. Niasuantsy noticed that there is some kind of civilization. However, no one with humans in official contact is not going to join: too different levels. The more they have the evolutionary processes are much faster than us. They say they will have a hard wait shifts in the behavior of earthlings.

But the sector is supposed to keep under control. With regard to the humane treatment of people, the issue was decided unilaterally. That is our consent was not required. In general, the concept of "law" they have a very great importance, and the level of technological development raises questions about the possibility of a breach. Controlled territory rather tough.

— I asked, who would have to tell people about the universe in its real state? The answer — no. Now if people have a rough and very controversial idea of the noosphere in Vernadsky proposed variant, in fact information is collected only with the participation of the human mind, absorbing the knowledge of all the civilizations that existed in the world. This then determines the laws of evolution of any intelligent community.

It turns out that all the processes in the universe as if someone really thought out in advance. Everything in it is predetermined and adjusted. Very strong causal relationship, and it shows how the law of development. On Earth, these processes are fully understood yet.

One can only regret that the encounters of the third kind in Victoria is broken, but stayed her drawings.

Gennady Belimo

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