Metastases Gulf (, USA)

Metastases Gulf

The translator: Do not you think it strange that after the horrific details and predictions about the consequences of the accident at the BP offshore platform "DeepwaterHorizon"Gulf of Mexico international and Russian media somehow quickly" hushed up "about this? (And imagine what would have occured somewhere like the fault of" LUKOIL "and" Gazprom "?) So the Internet in the summer of the web-site, specializing in information about what is happening around the U.S. "oil Chernobyl." Its creator (anonymous Native South Florida) collects and posts it on the material directly, bypassing the official and governmental authorities. Paying tribute to his efforts, I cite the titles and fragments of some posts from his website last month.

Beach, Florida, August 2010

September 13, 2010 — 03:45

"On the surface there is a new oil" and BLACK crude oil "suddenly" appeared on the shore — for 16 miles of beaches and marshes of Louisiana

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September 15, 2010 — 06:04

"The worst scenario is being realized?" Upwelling brings oil to the shallows at the coast of Florida — "It's scary" (VIDEO)

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Barataria Bay, May 22, 2010

September 16, 2010 — 21:20

Independent researchers are investigating BP oil spill area with capsule to see "what's really going on"

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September 16, 2010 — 19:55

"There's something," — says a researcher from the University of South Florida — Water from the Gulf has a poisonous effect on the lives of the inhabitants of the Gulf

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[In August, a leading chemist and oceanographer David Hollander, on the instructions of the University of South Florida], together with the members of the group selected for the experiment, samples of water and added it to the container with sea plankton, on board the ship. Even in a highly diluted form, below those allowed by the Office of Environmental Protection as clearly toxic, oil in water provided toxic effects …

"Despite the low concentrations there (in the water) is something there."

Source: Much work remains on tracking spilled Gulf oil, NOAA chief says, McClatchy, September 15, 2010:

Full report.

26 September 2010 — 0:55

Opinion toxicologist: Residents of the Gulf are suffering from an unknown Lingering Scars — Repeated use of antibiotics has no therapeutic effect (VIDEO)

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From an interview toxicologist Dr. Riki Ott, broadcast Ring of Fire Radio (Mike Papanatonio, Esq.), September 25, 2010

Photo: Sheri Allen

Dr. Ott: Permanent, recurring rashes, which is diagnosed as MRSA (methicillin — resistant Staphylococcus aureus) … 3 courses of antibiotics … chemical conditioning with secondary biological infection … after this rash occurs again …

September 27, 2010 — 10:37

Expert on oil pollution claims that the genes of microbes modified so that they are "better eating oil" — A rash can be caused by infections such as MRSA (VIDEO)

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From an interview toxicologist Dr. Riki Ott, broadcast Ring of Fire Radio (Mike Papanatonio, Esq.), September 25, 2010


"The problem is that some of our scientists of high intelligence decided to check, is it possible to tweak the genes of the bacteria so that they better eat oil.

So now we've got the bacteria from bioengineers "hawala" oil.

And does anyone know what these bacteria do to people?

Some experts from the medical community found that these gram-negative bacteria, particularly Alcanivorax [borkumensis], they are also "eating oil bacteria" can cause infections such as MRSA. "

Web page Ricky Ott — Riki Ott

September 27, 2010 — 18:15

We got in plumes from a mixture of oil koreksita * Microorganisms "mutates DNA," and these mutations are inherited "- the scientist from the University of South Florida. Tomorrow, he will speak on the channel« National Geographic »

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* Corex (Corexit) — a series of solvents commonly used as a dispersant to dissolve (deposition) of oil spills — approx.


[Researchers from the University of South Florida] discovered plumes of dispersed oil in the bottom ** underwater canyon about 40 miles from the Florida Panhandle (Florida Panhandle).

**Dispersion (From Lat. Dispergo — Scattering, scattering), fine grinding of solids and liquids in the environment — approx.

It has been found that it is toxic to marine organisms and cause a mutation in their DNA …

Scientist John Paul at the University of South Florida, said: "I call them the" canaries in the coal mine "because they are the first to feel the effects of it [from the documentary on the channel« National Geographic »evening on Tuesday] …

"The problem with mutant DNA is that it can be inherited, and we do not know how it will affect fish and other marine life," he said, adding that the impact of this can continue for decades.

Source — USF research included in TV special on Gulf spill, Tampa Tribune, September 27, 2010

September 30, 2010 0:49

The researchers found at the bottom of the Gulf, "slime" thick and 10 cm, is fatal to marine flora and fauna

Source: Scientist: 'Slime Highway' at Bottom of Gulf, Fox Atlanta, September 30, 2010

October 1, 2010 17:22

BP workers: At night with no lights on the aircraft sprayed dispersant … we now have on the skin lesions, fluid in the lungs — "We need medical care" (VIDEO)

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Interview with anonymous BP workers engaged in cleaning the oil spill — Interview with anonymous BP cleanup worker, GRC Radio (South Carolina), September 30, 2010:


Those who were on board, thought that it burns … we feel the smell of burning wires … we did not realize that it is the smell of arsenic … It was the smell of chemicals that are sprayed over the water …

Our lungs fill with fluid, we can not breathe … terrible, terrible headaches, skin lesions …

We refused to give up our own incident report …

More here: Husband and wife "sprayed" while sleeping on boat … woke up SOAKING WET; Sores, BP crud — Under investigation by Feds (VIDEO)

October 3, 2010 — 14:30

"Shelf life" of toxic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons — 50 years

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A research scientist at the University of Miami Gerald Olt leads the following analogy: "We were thrown into a movie that knows what the outcome."

5 October 2010 — 0:54

Comment group leader in the aftermath of oil spills: For the last three weeks, the amount of oil washed ashore significantly increased — Images from the coastal area of Pensacola, pieces. Florida to o.Dofin, pieces. Alabama (VIDEO)

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Source: PS2 Supervisor Recounts Conversation Between BP officials at Green Acres Command Center, Jerry Cope (jerrycope1), October 5, 2010

October 8, 2010 — 13:27

Report of the Commission on oil spill: The results suggest that "dispersants and dispersed oil are generally more toxic than oil"

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"… Dispersants and dispersed oil are generally more toxic than oil, for embryos and larvae (in the water)," according to a report …

"Little or no prior research on the effectiveness and potential environmental impacts of multiple-dispersant was not fulfilled, not to mention the quantities in which they were applied."

Source: Reports Detail Confusion During Oil Disaster, Courthouse News Service, October 8, 2010

October 8, 2010 — 13:54

Office of the U.S. Environmental Protection (EPA) states that Corex "completely safe" and compares it with vanilla ice cream «Klondike Bar» (VIDEO)

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At school, coastal Gulf of Mexico BP together with officials of the Federal Government of brain washed children, arguing that Corex "completely safe" and contained even in the vanilla ice cream brand «Klondike Bar».

Comments from our readers:

Material safety for Corexit EC9527A says that it is about 30-60% of 2-butoxy-ethanol, which is a "serious risk to human health." "Irritating to eyes and skin …. harmful by inhalation, in contact with skin or swallowed. Easily absorbed by skin.


Do not use the treated surface water.

Hazard characterization RIGHTS:


Symptoms of exposure:

— Short-term:

In large amounts adversely affect the central nervous system. Cause nausea, vomiting, anesthetic and narcotic effect.

— Duration:

The defeat of the red blood cells (gematoliz), kidney and liver.

Apart Koreksita EC9527A BP applied Corex 9500, for which the material safety states: "Studies on the toxicity of this product have not been made."

About plombières «Klondike Bar». The structure includes koreksita 1-5% propylene glycol. In this brand of ice cream as a stabilizer used monoester of propylene glycol. But it is not in the chemical formula of propylene glycol, and that the toxic 2-butoxy-ethanol in the ice cream there!

Bay Area residents basking in the poisonous broth, and the government does? — Covers the BP! Corporations do not care about people.


October 13, 2010 — 14:36

Officially, the cause of the mass death of fish: "The results indicate that in the gills, and fish liver oil contains"

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Bayu scows, West Bank. Mississippi, September 2010

Director, Department of Coastal Zone Management PJ Hall: "For eight days mentioned three cases of mass death of fish, and all — in the areas of heavy pollution by oil from the spill on« Deepwater Horizon »… fish kill zone size is about 2 square miles. I took samples of water and fish, and handed them to the study. Preliminary results of independent studies indicate that the gills and fish liver oil contains. More detailed studies need to establish whether the same "fingerprint" of the oil from the oil spill from BP".

Source: Fish Deaths, Fishy Explanations, Discover Magazine, October 12, 2010

Article about the millions of dead fish

Shandeler islands, the coast of Louisiana, April 24, 2010

October 15, 2010 — 17:31

"Infected": A scientist from the University of South Florida found that the BP oil covers the entire beach area and found dispersant in a coastal lake — I apologize to the public for what she has to hear from the officials that in this area of Florida is all right

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Oil pollution due to natural causes, and whether it is common in the beach area?

[Rip Kirby, a graduate student of the Coast Research Laboratory of South Florida found that "fingerprints" they have taken samples coincide with the oil spill from the platform «Deepwater Horizon», and that the group captures "concentrations".]

What shocked you the most?

"When our group ventured to survey effluent from Stollvortskogo Lake *, all the sand glowed bright orange, and it" — said Kirby — "indicates the dispersant contamination."

And what part of the beach is contaminated with oil?

"Oil," — he said — "is everywhere to the border of dunes, but the naked eye can not see it."

* Lake Stollvort (Stallworth) — Coastal Dune Lake. "It is a unique geographical feature, analogs are known only in Madagascar, Australia, New Zealand, Oregon, and here in Walton County" — a certificate from County's website.

Source: USF researchers: Ultraviolet tests show 'contaminated' beach, Walton Sun, October 15, 2010

See: BP-funded scientist admits oiled areas treated with DISPERSANTS HAVE STILL NOT RECOVERED AFTER 30 YEARS — Untreated areas OK in FIVE YEARS (VIDEO)

Gulf of Mexico, May 9, 2010

October 15, 2010 — 18:44

"The main part of living tissue by adding Koreksita 9500 simple solution," said researcher — "If you use only one oil, this effect is not observed"

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From the National Wildlife Federation — "Oil spills in shallow water, seasoned with dispersants, the corals will not survive — Corals Won't Survive A Shallow-Water Oil Spill Treated With Dispersants, National Wildlife Federation (Wildlife Promise), October 14, 2010

Doctoral Student School of Marine and Atmospheric Research at the University of Miami, Rachel Silverstein performed a number of experiments on the effect of koreksita in conjunction with the oil on marine organisms.

"When corals were 12 hours of exposure to sea water containing a dispersant or oil + dispersant, coral measure was not possible." Actually, I have found that in the presence of only one oil no effect there, "- said Silverstein. -" But with the dispersant and with oil plus dispersant, with 12-hour endurance bulk living coral tissue solution "…

Chance of dying coral increases as the mass of water from the depths of the Gulf disaster in the area (where the dispersant used in huge quantities not seen before) and dispersed oil are drifting toward the Florida Keys coral reefs and other areas of warm shallow waters.

October 16, 2010 — 08:46

Expert oncologist: Short-term exposure of hexane contained in the oil causes death of nerve cells — neuropathy (VIDEO)

Source: Curbside Consult, Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards, Dr. Michael Harbut, Professor of Medicine, Wayne State University, August 5, 2010

Details and video lasting 22 minutes

October 16, 2010 — 18:36

Last week was found Corex "directly on the waterfront" in Alabama

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"Immediately on our coast in the past week have been found chemicals" — said Paul Nelson of Community South Bay units. Alabama, implying dispersant Corex. "The situation is that the public does not know what it is and where it is located. And these substances, and the oil is still there."

Source: Oil still threat in Gulf of Mexico, say coalition leaders, Mississippi Press, October 15, 2010

October 16, 2010 — 19:47

"The possible collapse of the ecosystem as a result of toxic dispersant" — "terrible mistake," said board member LSA

(Original post)

Non-profit environmental law firm «Earthjustice» («The validity of the Earth") has filed a petition on behalf of the Association of Louisiana shrimp fishers, Florida Wildlife Federation, the Community to restore the Gulf (and other organizations) with a request to the Office of the U.S. Environmental Protection (EPA) to formulate rules, which will clearly state how and when dispersants may be used in the future …

"The unprecedented use of dispersants in the accident on an oil rig BP" Dipuote Horizon "without preliminary research and assessment of the impact on the marine ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico and health was a monstrous mistake, repeat, which can not be allowed," said Clint Guidry, the representative of the Association of Louisiana shrimp fishers.

Source: How Toxic are Oil Dispersants? Groups Press EPA to Find Out Before Next Spill, Earth Justice, October 13, 2010

"", USA
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Metastases Gulf. Part 2

"Is the media-corporation fraction reveal truth only after

as people begin to convulse, filling all the blood from their internal

organs and lungs?'

(J. Speer-Williams, a documentary — Gulf Oil Spill)


For the past month and a half after the publication of the previous review of the situation in the media around the Gulf of Mexico and the impact of consequences (and the operation to eliminate its consequences) on the inhabitants and fauna of coastal areas remained unusual. On the one hand, the published official reports were that everything is fine, trouble behind. On the other — the informal information resources continued to increase the number of reports of strange diseases from local residents and the massive sea and land creatures. These signals are supported by independent quantitative data on the composition of air and water in the vicinity of the Gulf. De facto, it was found that air and water are poisoned, marine biota contaminated and deadly health … and even a bit of advice to local residents is the same: go away from there until it's too late, and if the life of the road.

View of the bay from the bird's flight

I have no desire to form a kind of "virtual horror story." Here simply outline what, with what you face, wondering: what is really happening in the Gulf of Mexico and around it? And it is obvious that not so long ago lived measured life inhabitants of the southern "resort" state in a situation of isolation and frustration. Doctors ill can not help, and the government had abandoned them altogether (as they say), and BP Corporation continues to do his work, as if nothing had happened. We have a dead silence the media on this subject continues. And the occasion because serious: the global biological threat … Our Chief Medical Officer spoke about the dangers of global epidemic of cholera (carried by, by some accounts, UN). Therefore, it is better to be aware of this topic than to remain in blissful ignorance. Forewarned = forearmed.

I consider it necessary to draw the attention of the Russian scientific community and the responsible of the security, the environment and public health consequences of the disaster to the subject of the Gulf of Mexico and to obtain objective conclusions and forecasts.

A Julian Assange (founder of «WikiLeaks») for a long time manages to keep the tension of hundreds of millions of people, including government officials. Information pump, spin and scandal-mongering factor do their work, and no one wants to hear that this man and the project "WikiLeaks" are the CIA, MI6 and Mossad, as well as an even more powerful force. In the medium term, this element of the information project / war, provides for a "drift" of the current global elites, states and the formation of a new social order.

Public pre-cast bait with Guantanamo and the shooting of civilians and journalists with an American helicopter, she had her "swallowed" and now "is" to any pre-cook up and used to achieve very different goals half-truths / polulozh. Puppeteers are playing the public consciousness, like a cat with the mouse. And the promised "Wikileaks" compromising the leadership of Russia and other countries believe the majority, regardless of its degree of reliability and the creators of the persecuted 'Wikileaks' goals. Because articulated image from the screen world population taught to believe. Recall that a large part of the western viewers in August 2008, believing that Russia invaded Georgia …

Meanwhile, on the Gulf in the 2 months in the international news just heard that the dead corals, but about the lawsuits filed by U.S. citizens to BP. Anyone accountable for the deaths of oil workers, residents of the Gulf and the flora and fauna of the region are not attracted. However, it is enough to plunge into the information available in the public domain and to listen to the opinion of ordinary citizens and scientists to understand that the scale of the event and behind them the plans and forces involved are a threat to the entire planet. Look at one of the many movies — "Neftegedon / beginning of the end" in order to "feel the subject." And for those familiar with the English language — a series of clips «Deepwater Says Plague» and interviews with former lawyer "British Petroleum" Kindri Arnesen — in 6 parts — "Vanishing America."

What was left of the coral in the Gulf of Mexico.

Therefore, despite the distance from the Gulf of Russia, I consider it necessary to give a chance to the victims and witnesses of the greatest crime against Nature to be heard and we have — in Russian. If all the talk of artificial bacteria and diseased / dead people fetus sick imagination of Americans, then what is there to prevent an honest scientific community in one fell swoop all to refute and confound the alarmists, lying in hospital wards? Why this topic is more than six months hushed up, and the only source of information is the Internet (which, by the way, in the U.S., UK and France have officially trying to censor)?

I used sources of information are open. The correctness of quotes can be checked driven links. Like last time, I shortened the translation and succinct form of information presentation. Great material and will therefore be published in parts with few interruptions.

Oblique pentagram Hollywood hint and popularity rating

Near-universal computerization of Americans have successfully combined with a passion to dig up the facts, analyze them in the best of their knowledge and understanding. Hence the findings are not always available to the eye Russian citizen. So, someone sleestackassassin, practicing with online simulator GoogleEarth, in December 2008, found that all the iconic terrorist attacks in the U.S. since 1985 geographically fit in a forward pentagram. Then he predicted the attacks, or similar events in Miami, Kansas, Nebraska, Alabama and the Gulf of Mexico. It is known that the polygons are favorite "form of art" Masons. For example, a number of characters, including the pentagon, was the basis of the architectural and landscape planning of Washington, DC.

Below are three pictures of a video in which an inquisitive American finds two symbols: a square and compasses slash pentagon. In the movie version of the beginning of 2008, one of the points of the pentagram fell to the south peninsula of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. After the explosion on the drilling platform 20 April 2010 (in the 111 th anniversary of the birth of Adolf Hitler) and summer outbreaks of malaria on the islands of Florida Keys, this part of the pentagram "withdrew." That is what the noted Henning Kemner. Platform "Dipuote Horizon" was just one of the "southern" of the pentagram.

Shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001 the same "trackers" have collected and uploaded to the network video showing "kinonameki" on quite precise details of the plot — in the years and months before the event. After these "finds" questions about the forces behind this turning point in the history of the world event, acquired a new dimension. "Oil Chernobyl" was seen in the disaster film "The Sign" («The Knowing»; with Nicolas Cage in the lead role). In the first frame — screen TV news about the explosion drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico from the film, on the second — a shot of a real news program. (By the way, Hollywood seems to be in the hole is another ace — the script of the film "Unthinkable» — «Unthinkable» …)

And Americans — as the insatiable consumer society — love ratings, and under them adjust their tastes and life. What did they have in 2010, hurt a soul? In the first place — the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico! In any case, the Internet search engine Yahoo in early December, gave such a result. For a nation of buyers-consumers topic completely prohibitive, "out of the field of rocketry." Vera Chan, senior editor and trend analyst, "Yahoo", said, "In 2010, consumers contemplating the unfolding catastrophe BP, like the slow horror movie." Here it is, the list of rankings in the "Houston Chronicle Globe":

1. BP oil spill / BP oil spill
2. World Cup / World Cup
3. Miley Cyrus / Miley Cyrus
4. Kim Kardashian / Kim Kardashian
5. Lady Gaga / Lady Gaga
6. iPhone / iPhone
7. Megan Fox / Megan Fox
8. Justin Bieber / Justin Beber
9. American Idol / American Idol
10. Britney Spears? / Britney Spears

In the news, we do not see the millions of protesters at the walls of the Capitol or the oil corporations. At the direction of the security BP (British company) is an American police distilled curious with beaches, which in some spill responders begin acute manifestations of the disease. A crowd of consumers are still underway for the Christmas sales. Thousands of videos and articles on the Internet they do not work. And the call "Where are your men, America? In the Gulf of children killed koreksitom! " remains unheard.

November 1, 2010 -17:07

78% of respondents are concerned about the health effects of dispersant — "It's logical," — says Professor — "Corex is 11 times more toxic than oil." 60% "do not trust" the information BP and the measures taken by the federal government (city of Mobile, pc. Alabama)

Newspaper «Vanguard», article «Oil Spill Survey: Public Trust in BP, Feds Diminished»:

In September, a group of public opinion research «USA Polling Group» conducted a survey of 412 residents of the southern states of the mobile phone regarding their relationship to the oil spill BP. The survey is part of a larger study, conducted under the direction of an American professor of sociology and director Steve Pike of Keith Nichols.

78% of respondents concerned about the impact of dispersants used in the health …

"If you do not know the chemical composition of the dispersant, which is 11 times more toxic than crude oil … it's logical," — said Pike.

Dr. Charles Brown, an American professor of psychology and understands the concerns of local residents: 60% of respondents do not believe the information disseminated BP, and 59% said they did not trust the actions of the federal government in connection with the spill.

And what about the scientists, environmentalists, doctors, and the FBI, you ask? Where is their voice heard and arguments? First, do not forget that in the world of capital is the main value of profit, not human life or the truth, for which the scientist goes on the fire. What ideology, such a science and ecology … In November the topic indicated in the subject scandal professor who publicly belittled the importance of the oil disaster. It turned out that this had been good "crunchy" arguments in the form of a government grant of 1.3 million dollars. What colleagues and dubbed it the nickname of "industrial fraerok" . There is in this review and other similar examples.

Second, not many people dare to go against the system. Insider whistleblower honestly and tell a lot about the disaster and its threats — billionaire Matthew Simmons — suddenly prematurely "drowned at home in the bathtub." Crashed aviaktastrofe former lawyer Gregory Scott Coleman and head to clean the Gulf James Patrick Black. Successful people, they themselves lived for decades, and nothing … until their life intersected with the "oil Chernobyl."

Third, in 2008, the Republicans in the U.S. have launched a frenzied public relations campaign of "Storm, baby, Storm," and S. Palin and McCain "lights" crowd, they say, to drill more, right now. That's one of the demonstration videos — «Drill Baby Drill. Spill Baby Spil ». . Domestic policy with brainwashing …

What doctors and pharmacists? They have their own interests: to sick residents can make good money. Some do ignore patients. And the fact that the diagnosis is not the same and prescribed medicines that do not help — the armistice. The main thing — the income, not the Hippocratic Oath …

It is noteworthy that on the eve of President Obama's announcement of a new five-year drilling plan, which prohibits drilling for oil in the eastern Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic coast in the north of the Gulf of Mexico was another one explosion on a drilling . Previous boomed in early September . Not too often explosions were heard in the American tropics? Not in connection with a "turn off" the oil fields of the Gulf and escalating military tensions in Asia sound alarmist forecasts, "JP Morgan" about the fact that in 2012, a barrel of oil will cost 120 dollars ? It is not worth it for this kind of big plan? Or through the "dream factory", "Satan's geography" of the attacks and staged injection of economic and social "phobias" someone pushes stumbled system in chaos and the subsequent establishment of a fascist New World Order? Time will tell.

And now let us return to the question as to whether the threat to the biosphere bacteria, "hungry for hydrocarbons" , wandering freely in the waters of the Gulf? We begin with two official sources.

December 1, 2010 — 08:09

BP acknowledges that the use of synthetic microbes in the Gulf of Mexico

Excerpt from an interview Mike Utslera (Mike Utsler), Managing Director of BP's production and technology, on the restoration of the Gulf Coast.

"… The oil plume really disappears. He biodegradable. There is a new type of microbiology that attacks this trail, and it is a source of food for her. " (Full version of the BBC-http :/ / # p2624

On this very spot communication talkative and proud of his knowledge BP officials to journalists interrupt someone behind the scenes …

November 5, 2010 — 09:14

Expert on "carnivorous" bacteria: in the (sunken) "Dipuote Horizon" found, at least six different types of vibrios (VIDEO)

The plot of "Scientists study the questions left after the oil spill" — Scientists busy studying "oil spill" questions, channel WLOX, November 4, 2010:

Dr. Darrel J. Grimes (Darrell Jay Grimes, Ph.D) from the group of marine microbiology research lab coast (Mexico) Gulf specializes in the disease-causing microorganisms, called vibrios, the most famous of which is cholera:

"We can say with certainty that at least six cholera emerged from the area" Dipuote Horizon "have dikislorodnym gene required for cleavage of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which are carcinogenic and toxic."

Major studies this laboratory focused mainly on vibrio V. parahaemolyticus and V. vulnificus [ie carnivorous bacteria] …. Genus Vibrio now includes more than 70 species, and most marine microbiologists believe that it includes the dominant bacteria capable of growing in a culture medium in the ocean.

So, after the "ITS Group" choleriform carnivorous nefteedov found and subspecialists-virologists … I must clarify that, despite the rapid development of infection and death , main threat to the Gulf of microbiological organisms pose to children and adults with a weakened immune system and the liver / kidneys.

Next, consider some everyday cases cited independent and others in chronological order, starting with the reporting of 4-month-old. (For completeness, visitors can refresh your memory and earlier events depicted in the first part of the article of the same name.)

August 20, 2010 — 16:45

The Department of Health all-clear, but concern remains

Report Jennie Hobbs

Pam Haslam ready to flee. She claims that the oil spill has made her family sick. This week, she returned to the District of Walton Beach Santa Rosa to pack, say a last goodbye and go to North Carolina.

"Brittany in one of the last weekends bathed in Destin. When she returned home, her nose was bleeding. We did not attach any importance to this." The situation changed when his son Pat, James returned home on July 4, a day after working as a lifeguard at the beach. "There it is exposed to rain, and he began to have rectal bleeding," — said Haslam. It took 22-year-old son to the doctor, and he came to the conclusion that James has been exposed to oil, and probably provoked bleeding. However, given the large volume of blood loss, Huxley did not believe such a diagnosis. At most Huxley also problems — from the respiratory system. "I'm scared," — she repeats.

According to the Walton County Health Department, these fears are not justified.

"At the moment there are no signs of any health risks to Floridians due to the oil spill in the Dipuote Horizon" — said Laura Brezell, expert local health department.

However, Josh Marsh, Director, Division of Family Health Palmetto beach of Santa Rosa, said he believes the "suspicious" that his office has increased the number of "disturbing" cases — ear infections, diseases with influenza-like symptoms, and unusual rashes, burning sensation in the lungs, pyogenic abscesses and even spontaneous bleeding. "Marsh and his sister worked as a nurse in the same hospital, because of concerns for his health had already begun to move to another region.

"In the water, we do not go and fish do not eat," — said Haslam, completing his "garage" sale. — "No subsidies for education and free education are not health."

A former BP contractor involved in cleaning [oil] tar balls on the beaches of South Walton in July shared their concerns with the newspaper "San". "I have a cough and lungs clogged with something, which I can not get away," — said Charles Jacob. — "I do not know what's causing it." "We have many of these sick" — added Bristol, a native 42-year old resident of Florida. — "And it started when we went out on the water."

The electronic early warning and tracking epidemiology ESSENCE contains data collected in resuscitation and through the center of the network to control the information on poisoning Florida FPICN. For the week from 25 to 31 July message from "oil symptoms" in 12 out of 16 callers contain the following parameters: "itching or pain, redness, rash, bleeding, swelling, nausea, drowsiness, loss of tone, headaches, respiratory irritation , shortness of breath, cough / asphyxia, and pain in the chest. "

Are there many cases in the coastal areas? Alexander Higgins, referring to the July survey Columbia University, cites the fact that 40% of the residents of the Gulf after the disaster acquired diseases of the skin and respiratory tract. About a third of parents reported symptoms of physical or mental disorders of their children, also associated with the oil spill. One in four is thinking about moving — away from the Gulf of …

So, while we note three points.

1) BP has confirmed the use of the waters of the Gulf of artificial bacteria

2) In the coastal resort areas, especially people suffering from a previously unknown disease

3) The conspiracy of silence the media continues.

Metastases Gulf. Part 3

Part One

Part two

"Everyone knows that we are lying,

but that we are a nation, chained to the couch

zasunuvshaya your head up your ass and afraid of something.

The government got away with it, and it knows

that with the next catastrophe or war

it can go even further. "

(Comment my video «Crude Awakening»)

In this and the next section of this review will consider primarily the medical aspects of the oil spill, and the impact of koreksita carnivorous bacteria. No speculation, just snippets of articles and links to videos. Read, see, I think … Let's start with the video «Kid with oil stuck on her! Destin Beach, Fl. June 23rd, 2010. " In the second half of June, the Florida beaches are filled with children and vacationers dotted extremely dangerous oil tar balls. But adults and children do not know about …

Back in 1999, MD, Ted Schettler, Gina Solomon, and two other co-authors in academic work "Generation at Risk", which considers the effects of pollution of the biosphere metals, organic solvents, pesticides and endocrine disruptors, described solvents and Corex unequivocally.

"2-butoxyethanol [contained in Corex] is a substance hazardous to human health. He [also] is toxic to the fetus, causing destruction of red blood cells and kidney function. "

Routes of entry into the body of dispersants are: breathing, ingestion [food and water], through the skin and mucous membrane contact with the eyes. The health effects include: headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, pain in the abdomen and chest, respiratory lesions, skin sensitization, hypertension, CNS depression, toxemia of nerve cells, genetic mutations, cardiac arrhythmia, and cardiovascular disease.

Director of the International Medical Association Truth (IMVA) Dr. Mark Circus in the article "Medical treatment for poisoning airborne toxic substances", deals with various aspects of health care associated with the oil disaster, said:

"The active ingredient of the toxic chemical dispersant [koreksita] is neurotoxic chemicals, highly toxic for humans and aquatic flora and fauna. It causes cancer, affects the internal organs such as the liver and kidneys, and enters the body, just absorbing into the skin. In addition, it can cause side effects on reproductive function. The main ingredient is koreksita 2-butoxyethanol, which is known to cause cancer, birth defects, and genetic mutations, and carries a somewhat extended period of chronic threat to human health and the environment. Corex also contains arsenic, cadmium, chromium, mercury and cyanide.

If you live within reach of air flow, carrying with it poisons, and concentrated in the bay, go to «Cosco» or one of the supermarket and buy 20 pounds of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), as it may be useful to you. Lesion area, eventually, will include most of the southern and south-eastern United States, in whose territory from 40 to 50 million people …

Map of the distribution of complaints of illness related to the oil spill, which gives insight into the most dangerous areas.

If you want to counteract morning sickness in the beginning, before your health will suffer irreparable harm, you should immediately begin treatment. Do not listen to any doctors or health personnel who tell you that the negative impact is temporary. If you smell [these substances], you already' are in danger. If you are poisoned by oil products, some of which are among the most horrible chemicals on earth, destroying effect gets to your very DNA

Another specialist, has tried to draw attention to the subject of the danger of dispersants and oil emulsion was microbiologist Donald Reinhart. In the June article, "Toxic effects of oil dispersants on animals and humans" — "Oil Dispersant Toxic Effects on Animals and Humans". Pointing to the lack of study of the impact of these substances on human beings and their unconditional toxicity, it is recommended that people who work with them [the liquidators] to use breathing apparatus and respirators, as well as boots, overalls, special gloves and safety glasses.

A very detailed and comprehensive many aspects of the health impact of volatile liquid and solid components of the oil and dispersants are considered in the document "Health hazards associated with the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico» — «Gulf Oil Spill Health Hazards». This highly specialized, Pestryaev links to documents, the study highlights the risk of prolonged exposure to a combination of biosphere combined crude oil and koreksita. Among the systems of the human body is directly exposed to the damaging effects of the combination of the title are:

"Respiratory system;



the cardiovascular system;

the immune system;

musculoskeletal system;

system of the integument;

nervous system, including the brain;

reproductive / urogenital system;

endocrine system;

gastro-intestinal tract;

sensing system;

hemopoietic system;

disruption of metabolism. "

Question. Really for responsible authorities think about the health of the nation, one of the list would not be enough to stop the use of such a dangerous and fraught with consequences of the combination of poisons? Obviously, the powers that be given a completely different order …. And, for a long time.

In a comprehensive scientific and popular film «The Disappearing Male» («Men disappear") examines the factors that influence the male reproductive. It is noted that over the past 12 years spermatogenesis in men of reproductive age has decreased by half, and 85% of sperm is substandard. (Studies show that the phenomenon is even more evident in the animal world). And the cause of male infertility called artificial substances produced by our technological civilization. Most of these substances produced from oil and refining (including widely used in the industry polycarbonates). These substances are chemically block the function of male hormones. Also increases the number of abortions and death of embryos and infants male. Interest "skew" the number of boys to the number of girls started in the early 90's, and from 1999 to 2003. increased significantly. That is, the magnitude of the impact of oil on man and the biosphere have the scope and history, surpassing taken separately disaster …

Articles rollers like "After the Gulf Stream — in your bloodstream» — «From The Gulf Stream To The Bloodstream», a resource shared, youtubeopublikovany and blood test results in three different laboratories and an attempt to break through the information blockade that the official authorities. Argued that the mere presence in a zone of the presence of volatile oil components and koreksita dangerous for people, because these substances enter the body and destroy it from within. The ad says that the manifestation of the primary symptoms of respiratory lesions in liquidators came after 15 minutes. For a terrible sore throat followed by hours of vomiting, diarrhea — and the list goes on.

Surprising fact: in the UK, where in U.S. territorial waters came produce oil BP Corex use is prohibited. At the same time, coming to a foreign territory, the management of BP prohibits workers Liquidators use respirators. There was even sozdansayt (whose name translates as "out-of-BP-I-ill" or "out-of-BP-me-sick"), in which a petition to President Obama to compel BP to allow workers to use personal protective equipment collected about 83 thousand signatures of the liquidators. It sounds almost as an anecdote … By the way — repeated attempts to reveal the full composition koreksita is rejected on the pretext that it is "technological information, which is owned by the company."

How BP manages with American workers, and what happens in the process can be found, for example, here's the interview. Doctors and toxicologists in several articles and videos confirm these facts. And while in July, 46% of the liquidators observed abscesses and skin rash in 35% — severe headaches and other symptoms (see table on the link). In December, according to Deborah Dupre, it still was the tens of thousands of patients. Since filing BP letazapreschena foto-/videosemka and in areas near elimination. Otherwise, a genocide with the connivance of local and federal authorities can not call it. Not surprisingly, and in Congress (presentation Barbara Mikulski) comes to comparing koreksita with defoliant "Orange", which Americans persecuted Vietnamese jungle and hiding them local residents.

Fig. — Reported cases of complaints and diseases. One of the many cards and messages about the consequences of the oil spill on the resource

In other reports Deborah Dupre "Voice of the hospital Oxnard» — Voice from inside Ochsner Hospital — for sick activist Joannie Hughes, Kindri Arnesen and Vicky Perrin, indicated that the Corex destroys lipid cell walls, causing the skin is permeable to various pathogens or factors are typically inhibited integument.

Another marine toxicologist with a great experience and the director of «Marine Environmental Research Institute» Susan Shaw very clearly describes what, how and why does a human body with an aqueous suspension koreksita dispersed oil. English speakers should see her comprehensive 17-minute speech on TEDTalk in late August on this link. Susan of the experiments carried out on itself, and knows what he says. And she says the destruction of blood cells and the cell walls of almost all organs. As for the symptoms of malaise, they are listed more than once. In an article in "New York Times"Susan Shaw said:

"While the application of such amounts are dangerous all dispersants, Corex [9500] is particularly toxic. It contains petroleum solvents and chemicals that when ingested, destroy red blood cells and causes internal bleeding. "

In another video interview with CNN on youtubeSyuzen Shaw describes a typical method of chemical contamination in shrimp catchers: the etching network with their catch on their skin fell into the sea water, which at that time was injected Corex-9257A. Penetrated through the skin, the water has caused "a 3-week headache, heart palpitations, muscle cramps, and rectal bleeding. That is what makes Corex: destroys blood cells, causes internal bleeding and damage to the kidneys and liver. This stuff is very toxic — in combination — not just one oil, or Corex, and dispersed oil containing Corex. It is highly toxic and penetrates directly through the skin. "

The fact that oil mixed with koreksitom in a storm or hurricane will certainly fall into the atmosphere and are separated by a great distance from the Gulf is not in question. In "Corex kills Bay» — «Corexit Is Killing The Gulf (Part I)» (and saytehttp :/ / / corexit) also describes the chemical properties of this mixture:

"When Corex-9500 with its MAC in 2,61 ppm connected with warm water Gulf of Mexico, it goes into a gaseous state and into the clouds, and then falls back to earth in the form of toxic rain in all the eastern states of the U.S.."

Working liquidator, whose health has been destroyed in the accident «ExxonValdez» in Alaska in 1989, Merle Savage knows what he says when he calls the liquidators do not work without PPE: "15 dollars an hour is not worth your health."

No less valid and interviews with "profile" experts as renowned marine toxicologist Riki Ott Alaska. In an interview entitled "Dr. Riki Ott talks about the dispersants» — «Dr. Riki Ott Talks About Dispersant », after the transfer of the hazards associated with koreksitom, it focuses on the attitude of the authorities to this problem. "We do not want it to be in our water, air and food — and that was all over with the arrival of the first hurricane or severe storm. After all, there are things more important than profit! As we now measure the growth and development in our country? After the transition of money from hand to hand. Well, in this case, sick people — is good for the economy. People in prison — is good for the economy of private prisons. Military — good for the economy because of the profits that makes war. Whose values prevail? If you look honest look, it's the interests of corporations, and it is — a suicidal economy. "

One of its strong efforts to urge the authorities to act was an open letter to the Office of the U.S. Environmental Protection at the end of August, in which she facts, figures and photographs is happening in the Gulf states.

September 25, 2010

Interview with Dr. Riki Ott in the transfer Mike Papanatonio "Ring of Fire"
Talking about similar effects on man during a disaster in Alaska in 1989, Dr. Ott said: "We have seen such things as bone dissolution of the facial muscles, jaw and cheek."

October 25 Riki Ott to the already well-known symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome adds, clouded thinking and impaired calcium absorption, leading to non-healing bone fractures and tooth loss. By the way, in the same content online touched upon the inaction of the authorities (the meeting with the Governor to mark 6:30).

In the video from October 28, she adds: "I know the 16-year old boy, an athlete with good health, who swam in the Gulf at the end of August, and for no reason, no reason ill. The medical community in the Gulf has no training in the environmental medicine, and is the traditional way, the fact that they have been taught. Accordingly, their diagnosis and treatment do not work. "

Next Ricky tells of the events that took place with her friends in July in the same place where Obama was swimming in the Gulf. Two men faced a wave of orange sticky mucus. After that, they took a bit of alcohol and tested "the effect of dynamics." Alcohol dissolves the fatty sheath blood cells, which greatly enhances the action In the body of toxins. Characteristically, the content of hazardous substances in the air is particularly high during the evening and night hours.

Strong man after a week of work for the elimination went home and fell dead. Reporting on the autopsy dead residents of the Gulf and the liquidators, Ricky notes that some efficiency of light is reduced to 4.75%, and as a result of the heart increases and can not withstand the load. In the body, these people oil. According to the Dr. Ott 4 to 5 million people around the Gulf in a high or medium exposed to toxic substances.

Blood test results were not residents of the Gulf media sensation. September 7 mentioned earlier newspaper "Washington Post" refused to publish exclusive material with the facts listed below "because of the complex nature of the story." Such is the nature of Western freedom and concern for their fellow citizens … The article was called "Thousands of people along the Gulf coast affected by BP-ailments."

September 7, 2010 — 06:01

Blood test results Gulf residents indicate the presence of ethylbenzene, Xylon and high concentrations of hexane — "They said get a detailed scan of lungs, brain, liver and kidneys"

Clay Wilson's article "The Untold Story of the BP oil disaster consequences for human health" — «The Untold Story of Human Health Effects From BP's Oil Disaster»:

Ms. Robin Young — 47-year-old director of customer service in the property management company in Orange Beach, pieces. Alabama … In June, the first symptoms of her disease became "like a fire burning pain in the throat." It was followed by a terrible continuous cough, accompanied by pain, characteristic of influenza — and lethargy, firmly chained her to the bed for 2 weeks in a row. Memory began to play with her jokes, and even motor skills and visual motor coordination zasboili seriously.

Her new friends [of the number of cases] … found a doctor that could help them (Dr. Michael R. Harbuta, professor of internal medicine clinician and program director for Environmental Oncology at Karmanos Cancer Institute, the University of Wayne) and the laboratory [the Profile] ("Metametriks"). A blood test revealed the content in it a mixture of toxic chemicals that are directly related to oil / gas production and chemical dispersant koreksitom, including ethylbenzene, Xylon and high concentrations of hexane — hydrocarbons obtained mainly in the processing of crude oil.

Prolonged exposure to hexane per person leads to failure of the peripheral nervous system. The first symptoms are tingling and cramps in the arms and legs, followed by general muscular weakness. In severe cases, skeletal muscle atrophy, and there suffered loss of coordination and vision problems — exactly the same symptoms as reported by Ms. Young …

"We were also told that in 5-10 years — though they say they can not, it is their assumption — we can develop some form of cancer is terrible."


Of interviews and speeches of Dr. Riki Ott, available on the Internet looms large-scale and multi-faceted disaster. Ricky emphasizes some faceless groups, promptly dispose of all dead birds, fish and animals from the surf zone at any time of day. In her opinion this is due not so much to care about health safety as an attempt to prevent the disclosure of the reasons for their demise.

One of the articles Rica is called "Biological recovery or biological threat? Dispersants, bacteria and disease in the Gulf. " A month before the article by Michael Edwards says she is almost the same. Considering the problem of unusual skin rashes and sores that do not pass in months, she came to the conclusion that they provoke the chemicals that are added to seawater BP, but the infection is maintained and renewed some gram-negative bacteria that cause inflammation of the skin and include protective functions of the body .

Genetically engineered bacteria nefteyadnye including Alcanivorax borkumensis andPseudomonas, produced during the metabolism of the biofilm [thin layer of organisms] that quickly colonize other Gram-negative bacteria, including dangerous to humans. Foreseeing the danger posed by the transfer of bacteria colonies, along with oil and koreksitom on the heads of Americans, Riki Ott called on Congress, the health service and the media "to add up all the tiles." She also accused the U.S. administration of the deposit of all the positions multinationals and endangering all life on Earth.

As far as we can judge, Michael Edwards, quite successfully laid mosaic and develops this theme on your website. In a post recently featured topic mycoplasma izmenenieinformatsionnoy water structure.

In November, the situation remained the same. Here is the accompanying text for the movie, depicting what happened to the masseuse, who worked in the Gulf after it sat at the end of September and a breath of sea air.

"Lisa Nelson of Orange Beach, pieces. Alabama — one of a growing number of people who become ill or died as a result of the disaster BP. Local doctors have no idea what the diagnosis put them and how to treat patients who had the combined effect of toxic crude oil and koreksita. Local, regional and state levels continue to conceal what is happening and do not have any help. "

September 23, 2010

7-year-old child, "covered in blood," the mother rash "all over his body" — Analyses revealed elevated hexane, Xylon, octaves — from a gas well near

The article "Escape from death" — «Flight for survival: Toxic emissions force family to leave home», in "Wise County Messenger" — Fragments:

"[Rash] covered all my body — from the top and down to the heels," — says [Lisa] Parr. — "I repeatedly fell into the emergency room. 6 physicians engaged me, and they did not understand what it was."

Medical tests confirmed that the toxins in the body of Lisa were the same as that found in the atmosphere in the study of air quality in a nearby gas well. It was found an increased content of hexane, octane, nonane and Xylon, and they are potentially dangerous chemicals. After 4 days, these substances have been found in Lisa.

"I almost lost her memory," — she said. — "I could not walk in a straight line, all the while falling. Began uncontrollable seizures. Person involved. And I stuttered badly. My 7-year-old daughter began bleeding from the nose. She woke me up at 6 o'clock in the morning, in tears and blood …" . Before she never had any problems with the respiratory system. Emma also developed rashes and digestive problems.

The article notes that "on Saturday, August 28 Parr family said goodbye to his once-idyllic home and moved to Bob's office in Denton." After the oil disaster hexane found in blood [and other] people of the Gulf.

Also see the article "The result of the survey a Florida: Blood found in 6 of 9 volatile organic compounds — hexane content of" rolls "- Florida man gets tested: Six of nine VOCs in blood — Hexane" off the charts "(VIDEO & LAB RESULTS)

September 24, 2010 — 14:22

All sorts of sea birds paralyzed or dead — Sarasota area, pieces. Florida — Doctors removed a dispersant in the sand … found 173 parts per million of oil (VIDEO)

Fox 13 TV report fragment Tampa Bay "From what sick swans?" — What is making swans sick? with the participation of the famous Lakeland swan expert, Jeffrey Gardner:

Swans and everything sea birds, gulls, terns and others began to get sick and die within 2 months after the accident. Birds become weak, they paralyze and they just drop dead … Observed symptoms and timing of the disease are unusual.

Here we should mention the mysterious disappearance of Jeffrey Gardner, 49-year-old "Dr. Swan" at the beginning of November — just after he announced his readiness to publish a report on research into the causes of bird death from May to October. Moreover, laboratory researcher was immediately closed and all property sold in 2 days. Meanwhile, incoming previously reported to have been well aware of the strong chemical contamination of the area. In September, in an interview with Fox News Channel Gardner mentions the unusual symptoms and themes of plague, a growing number of dead birds and the assumption of its connection dispersants.

Metastases Gulf. Part 4

And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea;

And became as the blood of a dead man

And every living soul died in the sea.

(Revelation 16:3)

This part of the start with a classic story about the grants lured scientists who still allow the possibility of a negative impact of oil in the Gulf on the environment and human health.

September 28, 2010 — 14:16

Flesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf — 12-year-old boy dies after getting your feet wet (VIDEO)

The communication channel KHOU warn people that the risk of infection by bacteria carnivorous Vibriovulnificus increases if the human liver weakened the influence of alcohol — and the time elapsed since the disaster drinking in the states adjacent to the Gulf has increased dramatically:

The National Science Foundation has established a grant to study the changes that the disaster could "endure" Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio vulnificus. This is to give an understanding of abilities vibrios "absorb" oil …

"Adaptation to the spilled oil may lead to a quantitative increase in some types of vibrios", suggested Crystal Johnson of Louisiana State University … "Vibrio … may even help break down the components of oil."

Through this grant, researchers will be able to study the effect of the oil spill on the marine fauna of the Gulf and, of course, the possible threat it poses to human health. "

Link to the video on youtube

Link to

The fact that the blue bacteria — a great scientific discovery and genomics offspring BP, many do not even know at the end of September. The participants of the narrative of a natural looking guilty of human deaths and illnesses that can be seen from the next message.

September 28, 2010 — 11:04

Government funding for research on the impact of the oil spill on carnivorous bacteria, which many blame for the deaths after contact with water and seafood in the Gulf (VIDEOS)

A fragment of an article in «New York Times» (Greenwire) of 17 June 2010 "is whether for oil spill along the Gulf coast bacterial plague?" — «Will Bacterial Plague Follow Crude Oil Spill Along Gulf Coast?»:

Some bacteria like to eat Gulf oil not less than infecting people … One of the pressing issues for Vibrio vulnificus… Scientists say this year it is likely that breeding vibrio — directly or indirectly — to accelerate in response to the oil and floating organic matter remaining after her. "

That is Vibrio vulnificus — Report 11-hour news channel TV-11, Houston's "Death of a resident of Houston is related to carnivorous bacteria" from September 22, 2010 — Report: Houston man's death linked to flesh-eating bacteria

Link to the video on


Link to the map on the website Guglmaps

The message "The Ministry of Health: Six died of the deadly marine bacterium" — DOH: Six Die from Deadly Saltwater Bacteria, on the radio station AM-1380, Fort Wayne, pieces. Indiana September 14, 2010:

"… At least two [died] in the consumption of raw oysters. A bacterium known as Vibrio vulnificus infects the body in two possible ways: either as a result of receiving contaminated seafood or through an open wound, which gets contaminated seawater.

The Ministry of Health warns Florida residents about the dangers of eating raw oysters in and hit the marine and estuarine water on open wounds. "

Excerpts of interviews conducted «New York Times»:

"Jay Grimes, a marine microbiologist at the University of Southern Mississippi found bacteria that have settled on a drop of oil. Glowing blue, they eagerly "trapeznichat." At least one of them was a species Vibrio

Jim Oliver, an expert on vibrio the University of North Carolina: "I believe that the combination of existing factors can lead to very serious health problem."

Doug Bartlett, a microbiologist Skrippskogo Institute of Oceanography, "Damn, I do not like where all this is coming … We have learned that in a rich medium of vibrios grow."

Here is a case report "meetings with Vibriovulnificus"From his victim, Lee Clymer, who wrote this story in a hospital room, and publish it in the online edition of"FloridaMarineTimes"-" The story of vibro Vulnifikus "- The Tale of Vibrio Vulnificus:

«Vibrio vulnificus … caused infection in the lower part of my left leg … In other cases, it may develop into a serious infection of the gastrointestinal tract, with symptoms ranging from nausea and diarrhea to more dangerous …

"In my inflatable boat was water, and when I turned it to drain the water, I slightly scratched wound was two inches in length, and maybe a millimeter in width. It happened at 8 am. By 4 pm the area around the wound began to ache and inflamed. Plot size softball ball was colored red corvette and throbbed like a marching band, playing rap. I washed the wound with hydrogen peroxide and grease it with Neosporin.  I think this will be enough to deal with it …

An infection in the wound began typical. Swelling, redness, pain is very intense … more pain. Next, the "blisters", very similar to blisters from the burns, but more red, and, believe it or not, it is much more painful. Even more terrifying feature of these bubbles is that they are the first step process evolving as gangrene. Even worse (or rather worse) that half of the patients required necrosectomy  (Deep tissue scraping … and you can imagine scraping the area, which is also terribly hurt?) But more often — amputation … Center for Disease Control and Prevention reassured me: "Be thankful that you have at least left leg. '"

More one woman was infected close to the Gulf after the cleaned clams, flounder and ate lobster on September 7. According to the "Galveston Daily News'Officials could not confirm whether the death was caused by the woman's flesh-eating bacteria strain of saltwater Vibriovulnificus.

However, as reported in the county medical examiner's office in Galveston, 57-year-old Ginger Ling from Port Bolivar died of flesh-eating disease (necrotizing fasciitis).

Link to a profile on Facebook

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Interview with the hero of television coverage, shrimp fisherman nicknamed Catfish Miller right in the ward took in November Denis Rednur.

Typical is reducible description helplessness of medical personnel who have to force through scandals prescribe blood tests for volatile components of oil. The analysis of the patient did not report three days, "lose" them, do not make the diagnosis. Catfish Miller for the second time nomeschen to the clinic, but the improvements are not experiencing. To the long list of typical symptoms of poisoning Coast residents at Miller added loss of consciousness, from which its output in intensive care.

October 4, 2010 — 06:30

The father of 3-year-old child from Louisiana: He has come out of the kidney stones — Doctors can not figure out how he got such a "massive" infection (VIDEO)

"It gets worse: The yaselnika" severe viral infection, and upper respiratory tract infection, sinus — Experts believe that this is due to the catastrophe in the Gulf "- Getting worse: Toddler with" severe upper respiratory, sinus, and viral infections "- Experts believe linked to oil disaster

September 29, 2010

News channel CNN: "BP 128 workers employed in oil spill illness; demand of them not to go to public hospitals"-

CNN: 128 BP oil cleanup workers sickened in Louisiana; Told not to go to public hospitals (VIDEO)

Links: Link to

Link to

Partial American named Pensacola Greg (real name Gregg Hall) set out to warn and educate residents of the Gulf coasts of the risks they face, though it threatens his own life. In late September, his blood was found six of eight volatile components of the oil that is running the analysis. Around the same time, in full and with typical symptoms of "laid up" in the hospital and the whole moviePICKUPSpeedlight care group community project «Project Gulf Impact».

October 11, 2010 — 09:23

Working with the cleaning, "Water started bear body parts" … hands, arms, legs — we were told "not to tell" (VIDEO)

Report of October 8, 2010 — "The contractor BP announced they dig trenches for disposal of oil on the beaches» — BP Contract Worker "Trenches Dug To Bury Oil On Beaches", pcolagregg:

"The person who I interview, contacted me because he needed to ease emotional stress. Some of the things they told them I was impressed … (more quotes the former contractor who worked for BP on the line Panama City — Florida — Alabama.")

Fragment of the interview, from 0:50 mark

"An hour after we got to change, on the shore of Destin, pieces. Florida, the water began to nail fragments of human bodies. Brushes, hands, feet, with one foot … we were then ordered not to tell anyone."

October 19, 2010 — 06:37

Another worker from the spill tells submitted to Coast "body parts" (VIDEO)

Interview of October 12, a working-liquidator Ashley Elizabeth Richards — Interview with P2S cleanup worker Ashley Elizabeth Richards, hccreekkeeper.

Also see the video Gregg Hall October 8: Cleanup worker: "Body parts started washing up" … hands, arms, leg — Told "don't say anything" (VIDEO)

Link to

October 26, 2010 — 09:58

"Rain of bacteria": Carnivorous germs can be spread through the rain "bio-aerosols" — "Also apply a skin rash with allergies"

According to Indian «Daily News & Analysis» in "Caution: rain of bacteria" — Watch out, it's raining bacteria:

[According to] the results of studies conducted by a team of scientists from the Department of Ecology Bangalore University, the rain does not get better. [In the sediments] revealed the presence of pathogenic bacteria … which can lead to various health problems … These bacteria can cause diseases such as meningitis, bacterial pneumonia, endocarditis, and necrotizing fasciitis [a flesh-eating infection] especially in children and adults with weakened immune systems. They also trigger skin allergies and rashes.

"Studies have found that the E Coli, Pseudomonas spp, and fungal species such as Fusarium spp, and Alternaria spp live in the breathing zone of a thickness of 1.2-2 meters. Above this zone the number of organisms is reduced by 68% … In the summer rain intensified spread dangerous to human biozagryazneniya from soil or other sources, "said Dr Nandini.

"When the primary rain poured on the soil fungal mold into the air in the form of bio-aerosols. Bioaerosols These are very dangerous, and when people breathe them, they cause serious respiratory problems."

Link to

October 27, 2010 — 16:44

Women are more at risk — "Vaginal and rectal bleeding. Young children bleeding from the ears. This stuff destroys red blood cells"

Chemist Bob Naman described the brownish, firm to the touch tar balls resulting from an oil spill from BP, which continues to make the beaches along the coast of the Gulf:

"They will harm anyone who Sundering them in your hand or otherwise, will contact them. You can have an open wound, and [contents ball] hit straight [in the body]. "

"Women mucosa is much more developed than that of men, and they get sick more severe. They begin vaginal and rectal bleeding. Young children — bleeding from the ears. This stuff destroys red blood cells."

Link to

I note that many of these symptoms are not transient and lasts for several months — if the health condition in their endure and overcome.

October 27, 2010 — 12:36

In the studied blood samples of five Gulf Coast residents indicate contamination by hydrocarbons

Pensacola, pcs. Florida

(The author, Casey DeMoss Roberts is the assistant chief of the department of water resources network to restore the Gulf of Mexico.)

Comparing … [taken] a blood sample to blood normal, unaffected by oil Americans, BP employees and residents of the settlements, their bodies showed shockingly high levels of toxic chemicals. As previously found in such large quantities, these compounds have a devastating effect on health.

Inhalation of ethylbenzene in large quantities can cause dizziness and irritation of the throat and eyes. In animal studies it was found that its effects even at relatively low levels for a few days or weeks to cause irreversible damage to the inner ear and hearing loss, and if the exposure time of months — kidney damage. Newborn animals whose mothers were subjected to intoxication during pregnancy, had some birth defects and low birth weight. Subsequently, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has determined ethylbenzene may cause people to cancer.

People exposed to the action of m, p-Xylon may experience headaches, poor muscle coordination, dizziness, or confusion. As a result, short-term exposure may have suffered "irritation to skin, eyes, nose, and throat, difficulty breathing, lung problems, delayed responses, impaired memory, digestion, and changes in the liver and kidneys. Children susceptible to inhalation of Xylon is higher than in adults because their narrower airways are more prone to swelling. The study of unborn animals found that at high concentrations Xylon increasing number of deaths and slow growth and development. In many instances, these same concentrations also cause the disease in mothers. "

Workers inhaled compound hexane, reported that they had numb hands and feet, and then in the bottom of the foot there is a weakness. Prolonged exposure to this [connection] led to a paralysis of the arms and legs. Recovery occurred in the period from six months to a year. Animals exposed to high concentrations of n-hexane in the laboratory, showed signs of neurotoxicity. Some animals recorded lung. Other studies in rats have experienced the impact of n-hexane in very high concentrations, there is a destruction spermoobrazuyuschih cells.

We know that all these chemicals are present in the BP oil spill, and they were found in the blood of eight of the surveyed residents of the Gulf. Short-term and long-term health of these people as a result of large amounts of oil in their blood are unknown. Remains unknown and the number of those whose blood circulating toxins. But we do know that Petrochemical BP experiment in Gulf of Mexico continues.

Link to

Link to article on

The last two sentences of the fragment should be highlighted. And in this regard, significant is frequently encountered in the course of an interview with the liquidators claim that they were not allowed (under the threat of immediate dismissal) use respirators.

October 29, 2010 — 16:01

Article Dispersants BP "cause of disease"

Denise Rednur (Long Beach, MS) suffers from the time of chemical poisoning in July.

Two-year Gavin Tillman of Pass Christian, pieces. Mississippi, was diagnosed with "acute viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, sinuses." On September 15, the temperature reached 39 ° C, and the state continues to deteriorate. Parents, some doctors, and environmental consultants believe the child's disease is associated with exposure to chemicals, poured during BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

Father, mother and cousin Shiloh also complain of health. Symptoms similar to those observed in them, and many others experienced in the Gulf …

Matsler, a Vietnam War veteran, who lives on the island of Dauphin, says: "I started brown vomit and urine was also brown. Vomiting continued all day. Then there was the night sweating and continuous diarrhea — which I have in my life never happened. "

Other symptoms observed in skin rashes, nausea and sore throat.

Around the same time, like Matslera the first symptoms, the local TV station «WKRG News 5" took samples of water in his area to test for the presence of dispersant. This sample was almost exploded when it added an organic solvent separating the oil from the water.

"I still feel terrible. Now going back to the doctor. Experience shortness of breath, diarrhea terribly lacking, still abnormal urine color, and the day before yesterday I coughed white foam with brown spots. "

Hugh Kaufman, a chemist and a debunker of the Environmental Protection Agency said the impact of toxic dispersants: "We have seen bleeding dolphins. The people who worked close [of water] internal bleeding. And so they should act … dispersants. "

Marine biologist and toxicologist Dr. Riki Ott: "spill responders have told me that the hard rubber impeller motor and soft rubber pads rotors outboard pump is falling apart and need frequent replacement. Given this, it is not surprising that the dispersants are toxic for humans — what the medical community has long known. "

Denis Rednur from Long Beach, pieces. Mississippi, almost daily walking in the Long Beach and now suffers from constant ailments. "Since mid-July, I have problems with health," she said. "At the end of August, I came home from a walk on the beach, and I went for 4 days bloody, with mucus, diarrhea, and vomiting were cramping, and was bleeding from the ear."

Karen Hopkins from Grand Isla, ill since mid-May. "I've got a weakness, confusion, dizziness, nausea, burning sensation in the chest and difficulty in breathing periodically," she said. Karen Head, Dean Blanchard, manages the business of distribution of seafood on the Grand Aile. It has similar symptoms. "They [BP] are using us like lab rats," he said. "I'm thinking of moving to Costa Rica. As [only] I'm leaving here, I feel better. Whenever I come back here again, is bad — chronic fatigue, cough, sore throat, burning eyes, headache — in general, as all here".

Laurie Williams of Ocean Springs says that her son's asthma "increased many times after throwing BP in the Gulf of its oil and dispersants." "Recently, over our house and sprayed the plane flew at us, I think, dispersants. All were covered with small drops of a mist, and the air smelled of chemicals for cleaning pools. Noah woke up and could not breathe, and my husband started headaches, chest congestion and burning eyes, "told Ms. Vilyams. Like the others, after the departure of the family on vacation Laurie they all got better, however, with the return home, all the symptoms returned.

Wilma SUBR, a chemist from New Iberia pc. Louisiana, recently made a blood test eight working liquidators and residents of Alabama and Florida. "In BP's crude oil contains volatile organic compounds as ethylbenzene, m, p-Xylon and hexane. The blood of all three females and five males were found chemical compounds that are typical of crude oil BP. Acute poisoning by these chemicals in irritation of the nose and throat, coughing, breathing with wheezing, lung irritation, dizziness, confusion, nausea and vomiting, "said SUBR.

She explained that the exposure of intoxication they had long enough to create the chronic effects, including "damage to the liver and kidneys, and nervous system. So the presence of these chemicals in the blood indicates that. " Completed SUBR study also revealed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons [PAHs] in "coastal waters, wetlands, and tissues of crabs, oysters and mussels."

Registered nurse, lives and works in Brooksville, pieces. Florida, says, "I see people with toxemia, obtained by chemical poisoning. They have respiratory problems, sore throat, neurology, cancer, ulcers and abscesses. These people are poisoned and die. Medications will not save them. They need detoxification "…

Link to the article in "AlDzhazire"

Dr. Rodney Soto, a specialist in vascular neurology became a sincere assistant ailing population of the coastal zone. In late November, he was twice interviewed Jeff Rense. The first is called "The residents of the Gulf area are sick and dying» — Gulf Region Residents Ill And Dying. Dr. Soto said continuously growing number of people were poisoned and killed as a result. In their blood of toxins typically found 7.5 — volatile organic compounds.

In the second interview — "The disaster in the Gulf continues» — Ongoing Gulf Health CatastropheSoto reported high levels of benzene and hydrogen sulfide in the air in some regions. In terms of the high susceptibility of children to such dangerous substances, he was inclined to believe that BP and the government destroyed the U.S. population "of negligence." And, evidence of the magnitude of the genocide is to promote the consumption of seafood from the Gulf, recovered after the disaster. Programming of the duration of the damaging effects on the health of the property is laid through the accumulation of toxins in the fat tissues (including the brain, which is 70% from fat), provoking the development of these cancers.

In his New Year's interview with the social activist, "the voice of the inhabitants of the Gulf" A Kindrirnesen once again urges Americans to break away from the TV, go on the internet and find out what is happening in the Gulf. Enumerating observed in the coastal states of the symptoms of disease, it draws attention to the fact that all liquidators of the skin is the protrusion of brown spots. Many friends (men, women, children), she sees krovopodteKey in the chest and abdomen, which are not like normal bruises, because in this case there is a destruction of blood vessels and blood emerges out.

From this it is concluded that the risk are not only local residents, but also visitors, and especially underunderlininga danger that chemicals used by BP are in reproductive organs of children, as it is chemical sterilization of the population.And in the local ecosystem and killed nereletns birds, mammals, and other marine life. Kindri encourages citizens to wake up and come to the rescue. And focus on what is happening in the Gulf stagnateXia planet. She has written hundreds of letters to the government, their local media, although her that the government did not care about what is happening in the south …

In the context of the ongoing scandal with the publication of compromising the website "Wikileaks" can not fail to notice that he completely ignores the subject. Apparently, the owners of this project, information warfare is not interested in disclosing any information about the causes of the disaster and her consequences for man and nature. Astonishing that the once combative "Greenpeace" do not appear on the horizon. Presumably, the fact there is no order and funding …

Mass bird deaths in Arkansas (at least 5000) New Year's Eve and then near New Orleans in early January (about 500) and fish (100, 000) in the 30-km zone in the northern part of Louisiana in stories associated with an unknown toxin . It was also reported that "the birds were signs of trauma breast tissue in the body cavity were blood clots and extensive internal bleeding" — that is, the destruction of blood vessels with bleeding under the influence koreksita? Of course, there are other global factors acting on the biosphere (high methane content in the water of the Gulf, ocean-atmospheric phenomenon La Niña, weakening the earth's magnetic field, etc.), but for the U.S. the dominant, most likely, is the Gulf of Mexico.

Map mass deaths of birds and fish in the United States.

Given that Corex easily falls into rain clouds and spread over large distances, and that similar events in the summer in the south and southeastern United States have already occurred, the hypothesis that these "plagues" are caused by hitting birds and fish in the clouds by sediments containing neftekoreksitovuyu emulsion looks quite reasonable. The more so because of the disease and symptoms of the coastal zone, were observed in the continental U.S. — for example, people who are caught in the rain from the clouds, etcinesenns from the Gulf of Mexico. Curiously, the map of animal deaths coincides well with the map proposed evacuation due to the disaster in the Gulf, published at the end of June 2010.

About "oil rain" in the U.S. in the summer was a lot of videos and messages. The waters, "due to" known to "Memory" transmitt Poisons Information contained / contains are their "customers", including people. And that Corex in the Gulf and the bay regularly sprayed with aircraft and ships and boats (official — 40-70 thousand gallons per day), — in the summer of last year, and to this day, according to many reports. In addition to the plague of birds and fish was also observed in the death of various plants and / crops, threatening to turn into a food problem in America, but this — in the course of the review. And judging by the fact that for the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico and corporations in Russia are the same people, rely on to Remotearista States of us do not have to.

As a dot to this part — appeared in December video for Leonard Cohen — "Aliluyya." The main text is not in the song, and on the screen. Photos, given at the end, were made in mid-December.

Comments, compilation, transfer


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Comments, compilation, transfer

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