Mi-28N «Night Hunter» — a shock Russian helicopter get dual controls

The upgraded version of an attack helicopter Mi-28N, known as the «Night Stalker» will receive dual management system, through which the operator will be able navigator drive with injury or loss of the pilot.
On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said the commander of the 344 th Torzhok Center for training and retraining of pilots of Army Aviation Colonel Andrei Popov.
According to A. Popov, the Russian Air Force as part of modernized helicopter obtain the designation Mi-28nm. Technical details about the enhanced version gunship yet unidentified.
«We attended the mock-up committee of the helicopter. Even outside it will differ from the Mi-28, the difference will be visible to the naked eye, «- said A.Popov, noting that the helicopter will face» a very different weapons and equipment. «
Development of the project of modernization of the Mi-28N began in 2009 on the basis of tactical and technical specifications for the development work, formed in 2008. In late August 2013, Deputy Director General of Concern «Radio-electronic technology» for strategic planning and implementation of the state defense order Tyulin Andrew announced that the Mi-28N, a new nadvtulochny radar, writes Lenta.ru.
Brand new radar station that can be installed over the main rotor helicopter, the Mi-28N will allow, «rising on the surface of the landscape,» to explore the place around. With all this himself helicopter with a high probability remains invisible to the enemy.
Besides radar Russian helicopters, possibly including the Mi-28N and receive control system landing in dense fog and NIGHT MODE. Delivery of the Mi-28N, developed during the second half of the 1990s, the troops carried out since 2008.
Engaged in the creation of machines factory «Rostvertol». In the current time on the Russian Air Force helicopters are about 70 such type.

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