Miami Ink 1 — 2 seasons to watch online

Miami Ink 1 - 2 seasons to watch online
Each seventh person wears a tattoo. Tattoos are gaining immense popularity and have become part of public norms and culture. The program "Miami Ink"Discovery sails away in a salon in South Beach, and introduces us to a colorful, intriguing and sometimes painful world of tattoo art. Four companion opened a tattoo parlor, where they live and work. Tattoo artist Amy James, Chris Garver, Darren Brass, Chris Nunez merged and move the art of tattooing "the masses." Transfer "Miami Ink"Points of their lives in the morning to late at night, and introduces us to their nocturnal antics. You will see the creation of the tattoo artists, each of which has its own history, created for a specific reason and tightly interwoven with its future owner. Clientele is very different — 18 — Summer beginners to recognizable actors and successful entrepreneurs.

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