Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The Eastern Partnership is losing its appeal for Belarus

This statement was made by the Head of Information — Foreign Ministry spokesman Andrei Savinykh, responding to a reporter learned about the prospects of the initiative.

Foreign Ministry spokesman stressed that Belarus responded positively to the idea of the "Eastern Partnership". "I believe that it could become an effective tool of the States Parties, the CIS and the EU" — said Savin.

He further stated that "after more than two years conversations we see little tangible progress. "" We have to state that the idea of the program is emasculated and loses its appeal at the political level, we will continue to attempt to send a common effort in the direction of constructive engagement … We hope that the organizers of the political will to bring the case to a logical conclusion based on the declared principles. Otherwise, our joint efforts will namarna "- said the head of the Foreign Ministry of Belarus.

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