Ministry of Natural Resources will review the methodology for assessing the environmental damage

MEP after the adoption of the bill on experience ekouscherbe reconsider methods of monetary assessment of the damage caused to the environment, to more adequately reflect the cost of its liquidation, said on Wednesday the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Rinat Gizatulin.

"After the adoption of the bill, of course, we will review and methods (damage assessment) to the amounts were significant," — said Gizatulin, speaking at a meeting of the Public Council of the MEP.

MEP plans in February to make to the government bill on the Elimination of accumulated environmental damage, its adoption can take place before the end of the year. The bill, which regulates, among accumulated ekouscherba and reimbursement of the "new" suggests two options to resolve the situation: voluntary repair the damage by the subject, and monetary compensation for damages in the case to court.

According Gizatulina, method of calculating the amount of compensation will be revised so that proper assessment of the damage to the estimate of the financial resources needed to eliminate it.

Deputy Minister noted that, in practice, often for years Rosprirodnadzor can elicit from execution of the award of the correction of environmental damage. In the case of monetary compensation will be engaged in repairing the damage responsible authority of the federal or regional level.

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