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Among the African tribes Howick Falls is notorious, not only locals but also some Europeans bypassed his storonoy.Pravda it does not concern tourists, sinister place attracts like a magnet, as according to an ancient legend, a picturesque waterfall in a large pond inhabited by terrifying serpent Inkaniyamba.

Legend of creepy snake

Africa is still full of unsolved mysteries, here cryptozoologists hoping to find a large animal still unknown to science, perhaps even surviving dinosaurs. From different points of the Black continent still reports of meetings with a variety of monsters, not the exception, and South Africa, where for hundreds of years, local residents say about the horrible monster that lives in Howick Falls.

According to legend, a thousand years, transmitted from generation to generation among the Zulu tribe, in a pond near the waterfall lives Inkaniyamba huge snake. Zulus believe Howick Falls sacred, because snakes live here together with the spirits of their ancestors, thanks to the monster spirits gain more strength to help their living descendents.

It is interesting that the serpent Inkaniyamba, according to legend, is not a disembodied entity, on the contrary, it is made of flesh and blood, and in need of food. And many Africans claim to have seen the giant snake with my own eyes. Once upon a time, before the arrival of whites, Zulus regularly fed ancestral spirits and gives them the energy of the snake, casting into the lake of chickens and even sheep.

However, this tradition was interrupted in 1956, when the shore mysteriously disappeared immediately twelve women Some said that zulusok dragged amathongo (ancestral spirits), while others saw it as a terrible accident machinations of the snake-like creature that dwells in the pond.

Since then, the simple Africans did not dare to come close to shore near the lake are only sangomamestnye shamans, healers and diviners. Communication with Inkaniyamboy supposedly increases their magical and healing powers. However, the sangoma and go to the shore of the lake only in cases of extreme need, when you need to ask the spirits of ancestors and the snake Inkaniyambu about something very important — the termination of the drought, epidemics and deaths of livestock.

Even these representatives of the African elite is not a magical feel to the lake in complete safety. To avoid an unwanted meeting with the monster, they go to the bank early in the morning, when, in their opinion, the serpent is still asleep. In addition, before the campaign they daubed his body specially prepared sacred clay, it might not only discourage human scent, but also conceals them from monsters.

During his stay on the shore sangoma tirelessly read burglar prayer, fulfilling its mission, they will immediately leave a dangerous place.

Monster hypnotizes people?

The fact that this place is really sinister and dangerous, evidenced not only a legend, but the real facts. At Howick Falls on a variety of reasons, a lot of people were killed. There was a lot of suicides, about fifty people simply disappeared without a trace in the Lake District.

In 1888, on the shore of the lake there was a duel between two local Europeans, they have managed to mortally wound each other, and in 1920 at the Falls fought two workers, one of them wanted to take on another stolen diamond mine, both collapsed into the lake and drowned.

It never happened any sweet salvation, death took away everyone who risked find yourself in the waters of the lake, for whatever reason. It is worth noting another strange fact: the bodies of the dead did not pop up out of the depths of the lake for several days, and when they finally did find looked gnawed. However, it did not surprise local Africans, they said, they were traces of feasting Inkaniyamby.

Rumors of a monster Howick in the late XX century decided to use for the development of business visitor Irishman Robert Thiney. He first visited the waterfall, hiring for a large amount of local guide. Thiney said that during this campaign, he was able to observe in the raging waters of the lake, almost under the waterfall for a moment a large snake head Inkaniyamby.

The Irishman knew how much revenue they bring the Scots' raspiarennaya "Nessie, so I decided to try to make a lot of money on the African monster. The decision was very simple — to organize excursions to the lake and the waterfall and build right on the shore of a small restaurant.

Local shamans discouraged Irish up this idea, but he is showing natural stubbornness, decided to realize his venture in life. For a start, he has built over a waterfall viewing platform, and then began an advertising campaign, offering tourists a glimpse of the eyes of the waterfall and lake in which lives a legendary monster.

Those who want to take a look at the monster have been found, but the tourists who wish to accompany the locals even for a large reward was not, had Tineyu attract labor from Durban. At first all went well. Robert announced a reward of 1,000 rand for a picture Inkaniyamby and as a result got hold two shots, which can be discerned some snake-like creature.

These pictures were fakes or real photos, is still unknown. However, a successful business on the monster did not last long, it ended with one of the rich tourists unexpectedly in front of his wife and children jumped over the railing and rushed to the observation deck at the waterfall …

Act tourist was quite inexplicable, he was a wealthy and successful man, did not suffer from depression, and in his personal life he was all right. Africans explained suicide wealthy that he saw the eyes Inkaniyamby and hypnotized snake eyes, threw himself into the water to become food monster.

This story was widely covered in the African press, and willing to look at Howick and his monster as the wind blew. Thiney upset by the collapse of his business, possibly in 1996, he committed suicide or hypnosis monster rushed to the falls with his body gnawed person found in the waters under the falls a few days after the disappearance of the Irish businessman.

Is there any real evidence?

Much can be said that the whole tribe of the Zulus could not be frightened by them imaginary creatures and creepy at the heart of the legend was obviously a real creation, skeptics still say: where is the real proof of the existence Inkaniyamby?

Of course, the evidence of Robert Tine, who assured him that with his own eyes the legendary serpent, it is difficult to consider the real, because he could dream up, hoping to capitalize on the sensation of seeing a monster. However, this is the testimony of the person concerned is not entirely — working camping Johannes Hlongvane.

In 1981, he said that he saw a giant snake-like creature whose neck stood just above the water at 10 meters! It may be added that the Bushmen rock paintings that have lived in the area before the Zulus also depict snake-like monster, it hardly can be considered a coincidence.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence can be regarded as a mysterious impressive claw found on the shore of Howick, long he at least 9 inches and belongs clearly not the little creature. Scientists have not been able to identify the animal, which could belong to the claw. It is assumed that in the lake at the Howick Falls, which, by the way, has a diameter of not less than a kilometer and a greater depth lived or still lives still unknown to scientists animal.

Vitaly Golubev

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