Mother arrested Klaskouski asks for help to a family's son

Mother arrested after the events of December 19 Alexander Klaskouski, Lyudmila Klaskouski, asking for help. Large family of her son might lose the apartment.

"Dear friends — Cites Lyudmila Klaskouski newspaper" Narodnaya Volya. "- Seek you forced me very serious situation that has developed around my son and his family. Almost 12 years, my son and his children to live with me in a two-room apartment in Minsk . total on a tiny area of 46 square meters of living 8 people. In Last year, Sasha, how many children's father, was finally able to build for his family's own home. Sasha has already managed to make a number of contributions for the construction of apartments, home construction is already underway. But in connection with the arrest of Sasha, it can no longer be the primary tenants (because being in the KGB detention center, he was financially crippled …). That is, he, his wife and three children are deprived of their own in the long term the corner!

The bank requires Natalia, Sasha's wife, two guarantors. Then there remains a chance to finish the accommodation that Sasha's family has been waiting for so many years … I beg for your help! Necessary to quickly find two guarantors. This is purely formal and does not require any financial or other obligation. While in Minsk, I myself have repeatedly acted as guarantors for their friends. And no problem no I never created. At the moment my daughter and Olga are in Sweden and the legal perspective not able to perform in this role.

My dear friends! I beg you, help me! When my Sasha gets out of prison, he must be his corner, where he will meet his wife and children. I beg you to respond to all of those who are prepared to become sureties.

Telephone wife Natalya in Minsk: 029604 53 09. "

Alexander Klaskouski — a former police officer. After the events of December 19 was arrested on the night of Dec. 21 at his home and taken into custody in the KGB detention center. He is charged under the article on the riots, as he was accused of insulting a government official (art.369 of the Criminal Code) and in self-imposed assignment of rank or authority official (art.382 of the Criminal Code). He faces up to 15 years in prison.

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