Motorcycles of the flagship of the flagship

Motorcycles always taken a special way among motorists. Have not found her replacement when it comes to urban traffic. Among the different types of this technique is the most popular scooter. For that there are many factors — low price, different kinds of design. But the main reason for choosing a scooter — is its high maneuverability. For a large city such as Sochi, where the problem of traffic jams and congestion on the roads, motorists are found every day, purchasing a scooter is the most sensible solution. Company "Flagman", which works on the market of Krasnodar Region and Abkhazia since 2004, can provide a great selection of motorcycles from China, Japan, USA.

Vehicle owners often have to deal with an issue like the breakdown on the road. This may be a trivial situation when punctured tire or a more serious, such as stuck piston in the cylinder. "Flagman" thinks about its customers not only before the sale of the scooter, but even after the transaction took place. In our business there is a place for the provision of such services as roadside assistance. Specialist leaves the scene and diagnose failure. If she is a minor and can be corrected, the repair is in place — a person can continue their journey on a scooter. If damage requires serious interventions scooter will be delivered to the shop, where it will lead in order.

Urgent repairs of transport we provide because we have a good repair facility. Have spare parts for all models of scooters — this is a positive factor for the company, which sells motorcycles. On almost all the goods which we supply from Japan and China, we have a spare. Client "flagship" protected service and the availability of all necessary to service the scooter and other vehicles.

A consumer to apply for a scooter in the company "flagship", can count on a wide range of prices. For each person, we will find the best option scooter, which will hold it in "price-quality". This factor is present due to the fact that the product comes into the store from different manufacturers and from auctions USA, Korea, Japan, etc. In addition, there is available and used motorcycle in good condition. Moreover, we have developed a convenient payment system and the scheme of discounts for regular customers. You can calculate the cash and using credit cards. Motorcycles can take on credit, which is made in the store for 15 minutes. For credit customers only need a passport.

On the whole product warranty, which is valid for a specified time in it. The warranty extends not only bought in our shop scooter, but also for parts. A serious approach to business and commitment to clients the company takes "Leader" in the vanguard of the dealers Krasnodar region and Abkhazia can trust.

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