MP goes to the KGB

Every day during the summer on the site of Liberty new page book by Alexander Lukashuk "Liharev. Oswald in Minsk."

Then it all seemed like a fairy tale about a magpie, which gruel cooked on pripechke studio, scoop hurt, baby Come:

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And it failed.

Sergei Navumchyk noticed that some of the names in the records were covered with strips of paper.

— This so-prepared documents for Mailer? — I asked Veras.

— What are you, Mailer is no document did not get out of here — said the colonel. — Sergei I., in general, you are the first one who holds these folders. With the exception of our employees, of course.

The deputy explained that two factors interfere with these volumes provide the complete disposal: the names of secret agents and methods of operational work.

I'll tell you in a simple way — Lavitskaya explained to me in his office beneath a portrait of Dzerzhinsky. — Since the creation of the "organs", from 1917, we will never disclose any names of any one agent. It is a guarantee of our work. After all, if revealed — how would we today have attracted new agents?

Another reason — the materials of the American Embassy in Moscow, where, according to the KGB, they were informants. Sergei Navumchyk again went to Shirkovskogo. The interview took place in early May 1993 in the office of the chairman on the third floor of the KGB:

Edward Shirkovskogo

Shirkovskogo called Veras, "Here I Navumchyk deputy. So you showed him all Yes, he told me that you have shown, and thanked him. But you know, there's a lot of work. Let's you that's what. Should be included in the case. Well that is, the Americans are coming there, they write. Which, we do not have normal journalists do if you have questions, let's take a look, and let us look for. According Kastsyukovu. What you can not find it? Seek. forgiveness tell you that I did them all shot up when the American came. And then, you know, came to American, put him in the club Dzerzhinsky, led all there. "

From the last words Sergey Navumchyk concluded that Norman Mailer helped (at least up to a certain time) without the consent of the chairman of the KGB, and that the chairman of this aid is not welcomed. Is this possible in a paramilitary organization, or general "Vanka Valya," were really a contradiction between superiors — not so much. *

It is essential that promised to contribute Shirkovskogo, gave the name detective, who dealt with Oswald — Kostyuk, ordered to bring him to the aid of the deputy.

— We still have a lot of narrow-minded people in the office — said Shirkovskogo goodbye. — You still have to come to me in this case. And, believe me, not once.

As the water looked. Or mirror. **

The next few months were similar to nuclear disarmament negotiations, which are conducted with North Korea.

At first I was told that they would give everything — except most of these names. "This 40 percent Mailer uttered a lie, and you will have true facts" — promised me Veras. Then — you need to skip each document through a special departmental commission on rassakrechvanni, in which, among others, were veterans of the KGB. Then they said that because the veterans out there, then all the hard promptly collected.

MP, as promised, once reduced to a retired colonel Kastsyukovym, who said that he had two goals: to find out whether Oswald CIA agent and is it possible to recruit him for the benefit of the KGB. To both questions is answered in the negative — Oswald, by their nature, are not of interest to the security services.

Then pause lasted as a KGB officer in charge was in the hospital.

Gennady Lavitskaya

— The tragic story — told me Lavitskaya. — The colonel was a camp, he did not go there — there is no time off people at work. The officer in charge, a professional security officer. His wife nags and nags him that the neighbors are planting tomatoes, cucumbers, and we have one weeds. Well, he earnestly asked me, took a three-day leave at his own expense. Went to the country. Three days of digging, plowing, all plowed, planted. It turned out — not his land plowed and neighbor. He is a neighbor (also a security officer), plow, said now you are my portion and my neighbor — "I'm what you asked for my plow?" Excited, the pressure went up, and now in the hospital …

Patio drama is so beautiful that it is not excluded, even the present.

One day, a new obstacle. The KGB suddenly alarmed deputy legal interests — and not condemn the Belarusian citizen Prusakov Marina Oswald Porter, if he will publish specific episodes of her private life, overheard and peeped authorities?

MP Navumchyk, speech at the rally, 1992

At some point, Sergei Navumchyk offered ("not to be buried in the materials as well as one copy on the copier will take a few weeks"), focus on several thematic units — for example, whether Oswald was a KGB agent? May reasonably believed that if the researcher democratic state that is not, was not — it would sound more convincing than their own statements.

— But you know what to write, that Oswald was not an agent, I have to have proof. And the proof — is the case materials, — I answered.

— Yes, believe me, it was not!

— I can not believe. But why do you think others will believe me? Let's material!

Then again — promises a temporary problem, a serious reason.

One day I said, "Look, your goal is — as much as possible to hide my purpose — as much as possible you have to take. As I see nothing we do will not work." — "What are you, — assured me — we understand that sooner or later will need to take the wraps off, just to do it neatly …"

Days evolved into weeks, weeks into months, and by the middle of 1993 in Belarus on the eyes has changed the political temperature. After the defeat of the referendum on early elections Communist nomenklatura rallied around Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kebich who repented for signature in Viskuli and headed for the integration of Belarus and Russia. KGB already saw no need to play the publicity even care.

Surfing the deputy ended up that he had been given photocopies (not a take-away and rewrite) a few documents about the departure of Oswald in the United States, including the application to the Visa Office of visa Interior Minister Alexander Aksenov.

And that's how he remembers — all:

I guess I'll never know, what counted heads the KGB, when I promised to give the case file Oswald. What exactly — a few months of my time was lost in fruitless conversations with security officers.

Sergei Navumchyk believes that the main reason for the retreat KGB from its original vow change in the overall political situation. The main — but not the only one.

Of course, if in 1992 Shushkievich imposed unambiguous resolution to open the case of Oswald, was a strong possibility that the leadership of the KGB, it would have been accomplished.

Sergei Navumchyk says it all about the same, though large, but — probability.

Dala-Dala has not given …

* The position of General varied — and acquired its completion in irritable afaryzme in the press in the summer of the same year: "The KGB — not a home-reading-room."

In 1992 ** E.Shyrkovski said that he was offered 50 million dollars for a "deal Oswald" ("News", August 6, 1992). For comparison — the notebook of John F. Kennedy in 1960 with sketches of speeches sold for 20,000 dollars. In December of 2010, was put up for auction pine coffin Oswald (after the exhumation of the remains reburied in another coffin), which was bought for 87,469 dollars. According to American diplomats and publishers figure Shirkovskogo — hallucination or misinformation.

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