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Q: First of all, who are you? Are you — an extraterrestrial species or can your origin be found on this planet?

Answer: As you can see with your own eyes, I — not people (!) Like you, and if the end to be honest I'm not a mammal — despite my partly mammal-like features of the body that are the result of a kind of evolution I — female reptile belonging to a very old reptilian race (reptilians).

We — native earthlings, and we live on the planet for millions of years. We have mentioned in your religious writings like your Christian Bible, and some of the ancient races of men knew our presence and some worshiped us, for example the Egyptians and the Inca and many other old tribes. Your Christian religion has misunderstood our role in your creation, so we are mentioned as "evil serpent" in your writings.

If you ask me, if I — an alien, I have to say no. We — native earthlings. We had and have some colonies in the solar system, but we come from this planet.

Question: Can you tell me your own name?

Answer: It's difficult, because your human language — it can not pronounce or understand. Our language is very different from yours, but my name is a bit of your will sound like "Sssshiaassshakkkasskkhhhshhh …" with a very strong emphasis on the sound of "k" and "sh".

We have no proper names like you, but only in a special procedure at a young age during a special religious initiation. Please call me "Lacerta", it is — my name, which I do use when I — among the people and talk to them.

Q: How old — are you?

Answer: We measure the time not like you in astronomical years and are replaced from the earth around the sun, because we usually live beneath the surface of the planet.

Our time measurement depends on periodically rotating cycles in the Earth's magnetic field and according to this, and to put it to your chronology I reached my adult stage, and my "age" of 16.337 cycles ago (it is — a very important day for us.) According to your human time scale me about 28 years.

Q: What is your problem? You have a "job" like us?

Answer: Yes, to use your words, I — a student of social behavior of your species.

That's why I — here and talking to you, that's why I showed my real nature of existence of your friend, and now you and that is why I give you everything, as well as secret information and why I will try to answer all questions honestly.

For myself, I will be watching how you react as other individuals of your kind react. There are so many crazy and liars of your kind on this planet, who claimed to know the truth about us, about the phenomena that you call UFOs, about aliens and so on, and some of you believe their lies. It is unpleasant even to us — it's villains, from our point of view.

I'm personally interested to personally see how your species will react if you see the truth, I'll tell you now public! I am very confident that each of you will refuse to believe my words, but I hope so … because you have to understand how you survive the next few years …

Q: You are now able to give me a short answer: UFO (UFO) really flying "objects" are controlled by aliens, or they belong to your species?

Answer: Some observed UFOs — as you so call them — belong to us, but most do not. Most of the "mysterious" flying objects in the sky — not technological devices but mainly misinterpretations of natural phenomena your scientists do not understand — like spontaneous plasma signal flares in the high atmosphere.

However, some UFO — real belonging to your own species, and especially to your military or other alien species or at last to us. For some reason, you are deceiving your … it's not fair.

The last thing you observe objects modules really belongs to us, because we are generally very careful with our movements in the atmosphere, and we have special ways to hide our aircraft.

If you read the post about the discovery of metallic bright-gray cigar-shaped cylindrical object with light lights … at a height between 20 and 260 of your meters and if this object made a very deep humming sound and if there were 5 bright red lights on a metallic (metalish) surface cigars (one upstairs, one in the middle, two at the end) then likely that someone — then you've seen one of our ships.

And this means that it was either partly defect or that someone — that we had not been careful enough. We also have a very small fleet of disc-shaped modules, but these "UFO" usually belong to a foreign species.

Triangular UFOs belong generally to your own military corps, but they use alien technology to build them. If you really want to try to see one of our facilities, you need to look to the heavens on the Arctic, Antarctic and in Asia (especially in the mountains).

Q: Do you have a special identification symbol, with which we can identify your kind?

A: We have two major symbols representing our species.

One (the more ancient) symbol — a blue serpent with four white wings on a black background (the colors have religious significance for us.)
This symbol was used from certain parts of my society, but this — now very rare — you people copied it very often in your old manuscripts …

Another symbol of the mystic being you would call a "Dragon" in the shape of a circle with seven white stars in the middle. This character is much more popular today.

If you see one of these symbols on a cylindrical object-ship, I would advise you to leave it as soon as possible. Earlier I explained why.

Question: The seven stars in the second symbol that you mention — they mean the Pleiades?

Answer: the Pleiades? The seven stars — the planets and the moon, and they — the symbol of our former seven colonies in the solar system. Stars appear in front of a blue background, and the circle indicates the shape of the Earth Dragon. Seven white stars mean Moon, Mars, Venus, and four moons of Jupiter and Saturn, we had colonized them in the past. Two colonies are no longer in use and abandoned, so 5 stars would be more appropriate ….

Q: Since you do not allow me to take photos — which would be very useful to prove your real existence and the truth of the story — you can describe yourself in more detail?

Answer: I know that it would be useful to prove the authenticity of the interview, if you can take some pictures of me. You people of the greatest skeptics. Even if you had such photos, many of your kind would say that they — fraud, that I — only masked human woman or something like that … that it was, would be an insult to me.

You must understand that I can not give you permission to take photos me or my equipment

It has a variety of reasons, which I do not want to discuss with you further, but one of the reasons — keeping up the mystery of our existence, another reason to have a religious significance. However, you have permission to make drawings of my look and my equipment, I can show it to you later.

I can also try to describe myself, but I doubt that others of your kind will be able to imagine my real look just from simple words, because the automatic denial of existence of reptilian species and generally intelligent species other then your own — part of the programming of your mind.

Well, I try to describe myself …

Imagine the body of a normal human female. Like you, I have a head, two arms, two hands, two legs, two feet, and the support and the size of my body — like yours.

Since I am a female, I have also two breasts. Despite our reptile origin, we have started to give milk to our babies during the development process — it happened about 30 million years ago — because it is — the best thing.

Development made this for your species already in the dinosaur age and — later — also for ours. This does not mean that we — now real mammals, but the breasts have not as large as that of a human woman and the size of them at all is for every woman of my kind. External organs of reproduction — for both sexes, less than that of men, but they are visible, and they have the same function as yours (another gift to the development of our species.)

My skin is mainly of a green-beige color — more pale green — and we have some patterns of brown irregular dots (each point size of 1 — 2 centimeters) on our skin and in our face-samples are different for both sexes, but women are more particularly over the lower part of the body and face.

You can see them in my case as two lines over the eyebrows crossing my forehead, my cheek and my chin. My eyes are a little bit more than the human eye — for this reason, we can see better in the dark.

We have external round ears but they are smaller and not so curved as yours, but we can hear better because our ears are more sensitive to sound — we can also hear a wider range of sound frequencies.

There is a muscle or "lid" over the ears, which can fully cover them — for example under water.

Our nose is more sensitive and is bent between the nostrils, which enabled the ancestors "feel" temperature.

We have lost most of this ability, but we can still feel temperature much better with this "organ". Our lips are shaped like yours — women more than men, but a pale brown color and our teeth are very white and strong and a little bit longer and sharper then as your soft mammal teeth not.

We have no different hair colors like your individual (but there is a tradition to dye your hair at different ages) and the original color — like mine — a greenish brown. Our hair is thicker and stronger than yours, and they grow very slowly. In fact — the head — the only part of our body — the body where we have hair.

Our body, arms and legs are similar in shape and size to your opinion, but the color is different, green and beige, like the face.

Our five fingers a little longer and thinner then human fingers and our skin on the palm simple, so we have no lines like you but again a combination of similar scale structure of the skin and brown dots both sexes have a point on the hands and we do not have no fingerprints like you.

If you touch my skin, you will feel that it is smoother than your hairy skin.

There are small sharp horns on top of both middle fingers. Nails sulfur and generally longer then yours. You see that my nails — not so long and rounded …

It — is because I female. Men have sharp nails aimed lengths sometimes 5 or 6 inches.

The next feature is very different from your body and part of our reptilian origin: if you touch the back of my body, you will feel a hard bony line.

This — not my spine, but it is very difficult uniform external structure of the skin and tissue following exactly our spine from the head to the thigh.

There chrezyvachayno high number of nerve endings and large blood vessels in this structure and in the plates — this is the reason why we have always problems to sit on your chairs — like the fact that there is in this house.

The main task of these small plates — just regulate our body temperature, body, and if we sit in natural or artificial sunlight, these plates become more krovenosnoaktivnymi and vessels become wider. So the sun can warm our reptilian blood (which circulates through the body and through the plates) to raise the temperature of the skin, which gives us great pleasure.

What else is different from your kind?

Oh, we have no navel, because we were born a great way to your native mammal. Other exterior differences from your kind are minor, and I think that I should not mention all now, because most of them — not visible if we wear clothing.

I hope that the description of my body was detailed enough.

Q: What kind of clothes do you have, and generally worn. I guess it is — not what you wear normally?

Answer: No, I wear this dress your animals every day, wearing only when I — among people.

Frankly, this is — not very convenient for me to wear the tight-fitting things, and this — always a very unusual feeling. If we are in our own underground home or in our large artificial sun areas and if we — together — we usually do naked …

It is disgusting to you? When we are in public, and with many others of my species we wear very wide and soft clothing made of thin flammable material.

I told you that many parts of our bodies are very sensitive to contact, mostly small plates izzadi, so we can not feel fully comfortable in the clothes of hard, because it can hurt us. Different individuals Reptilians are different types of clothes by color — for the difference.

Q: You said "other close to your own name." You mean your family?

Answer: No, not really. You called it a "family," but with this word you mean only those of your kind which belong genetically (genetically) together like a father or mother and child.

As I said earlier, we have a very difficult and unique name (name). Part of this concept of "family" that name is unique and no other analog with the same name, but part of the name — middle part yavna the way, a "family" I have to use the word, because you do not have a proper equivalent in your dictionary . You belong …

This means not that all in the group — genetically connected to you, because these groups are usually very large and contain between 40 and 70 of our species.

This group includes all your genetic relations — except one of them decided to leave the group — and your relationship with her father and mother often the strongest. It would be too hard for me to explain to you now our old social system which is very complex, and we would need many hours only for the primary things. Maybe we can give a different time, and I can give you a detailed description of all these things.

Q: Have you personally tail like normal reptiles?

A: You see it? No, we have no visible tail. If you look at our skeleton, there is only a small rounded bone at the end of our spine behind the pelvis. This is — useless rudiment of the tail of our ancestors, but it is — not visible from the outside.

Oh, our embryos have tails during the first months of development, but these tails disappear before they were born. Tail makes only sense for a primitive species which tries to walk on two legs (supports) and must keep a balance tail, but our skeleton changed during development, and our spine is almost the same shape as yours, so that we do not need no in which the tail to stay on two feet, just like you ..

Q: You said that you were born different from our way. You put the eggs?

Answer: Yes, but not like your birds or primitive reptiles. In fact, the embryo grows in a protein liquid inside the mother's womb, but there are also oval, but very thin coating meloobraznoe-housing around it, that fills the entire uterus. There is also a cord like your navel cord which is connected to a point hidden behind.

When a child is going to be born, the whole egg is pressed through the vagina, closed (covered by) in the mucous substance (essence) of the protein, and the child came out of this soft egg after some minutes. These two horns on our middle fingers instinctively used from babies to break through the chalk hull to take their first breath.

Our baby — not as big as your babies when they were born — they are between 30 and 35 centimeters of your high, the egg around 40 centimeters (this — is because our vagina is smaller than that of a female human) but we grow to normal size from 1.60 up to 1, 80 meters.

Q: What about your body temperature? You said that you love to lie in the sun. What effect has this to your body?

A: We are not mammals and as reptiles our body temperature depends on the temperature of our environment. If you touch my hand, you may feel that it is colder than yours, because our normal body temperature — about 30 to 33 degrees Celsius. If we sit in the sun especially naked in the sun — our body temperature can rise up to 8 or 9 degrees within a few minutes.

This increase raises the production of many enzymes and hormones in our body, our heart and brain and every organ becomes more active, and we feel then a very, very good. You — people just love to be a little in the sun, but for us, it is — the greatest pleasure you can imagine (maybe like your sexual excitement.)

We also love to swim in very warm water or other liquids, to raise our body temperature. If we — for some hours in the shadow, our temperature drops back to 30 to 33 degrees.

It can not cause any harm to us, but we feel much better in the sun. We have an artificial person (space) "artificial sun" in the metro (underground), but it is — not the same self for us like the real sun.

Q: What do you eat?

Answer: Generally various things like you: flesh, fruit, vegetables, special kinds of fungus (from subterranean farms) and other things. We can also have some substance entities that are poisonous to you.

The main difference between us and you, that we have to eat flesh, because our body, the body needs protein. We can not live completely vegetarian like your mind, because our body would stop working, and we will die after a few weeks or maybe months without meat.

Many of us eat raw flesh or other things that would be an abomination to you. Personally, I prefer to cook (cooked) flesh and surface fruits like apples or oranges.

Question: Can you tell me something about the natural sciences and the development of your species? What age — your species? You evolved from primitive reptiles?

A: Oh, it is — a very long and complicated story, and it sounds certainly unbelievable to you, but it is — the truth. I'll try to explain it briefly. About 65 million years ago, many of our ancestors from unadvanced dinosaur race died in a great global cataclysm.

The reason for this destruction was not a natural disaster (asteroid impact), as your scientists believe falsely — but a war between two hostile foreign groups, which mainly took place in the orbit and high atmosphere of your planet.

According to our limited knowledge about the early days this global war was the first foreign war on planet earth, but it was not the last in the past (and future war may come soon, while the "cold war" — as you call it — between foreign party going on since the past (past) 73 years on this planet.

further — not sementichesky text (not processed) /

Opponents in the 65 millionoletnih wars were two advanced alien species, whose names — again unpronounceable for your language. I can tell them, but it will hurt your ear, when I tell you their names original way. One race was humanoid like your species (but much older) and was from this universe, from the solar system in the constellation of the stars, which you call "Procyon" today in your maps.

Another variation of which we know is not much — was reptilian species, but they have nothing to do with our own species because we have evolved from local saurians without external influence (except uspeshnyhl manipulate our own genes Implementation of us. More on that later. ) advanced reptilian species came not from this universe but from the more advanced, how can I say this to you.

Your scientists do not really understand the true nature of the universe, because your illogical mind is not able to see the easiest things and relies on wrong mathematics and numbers. It is — part of the genetic programming of your kind, as I will discuss later. Let me tell you about as far away from the understanding of the universe as you were 500 years ago.

To use other terms you might understand: another species came not from this universe but from another "bubble in the foam of the Universe." You would call it maybe another dimension, but it is — is not the right word to describe it correctly (by the way, the measurement — a term generally wrong in the direction that you understand this.

The fact that you have to remember that the more advanced species are able to move between the bubbles with — would you call it — quantum technology and sometimes in special ways only by means of their thinking (my own species also has advanced mental abilities far compared to your kind, but we — can not pereschatsya between worlds without changing technology. But other species active on this planet is capable of, and it looks to you like magic, as it should be your ancestors).

Back to our own history: the first species (humanoids) had reached Earth about 150 years before the reptilians, and they built some colonies on the former continents. There was a large colony on the continent you call "Antarctica" today and on another continent you call "Asia" today. These people lived with such an animal saurians on the planet without problems.

When advanced reptilan species arrived in this system, the humanoid colonists from "Procyon" tried to communicate with them in peace, but do not succeed and the global war started within months. You have to understand that both species were interested in this young planet not for its biology and undeveloped species, but for only one reason: raw materials, especially copper.

To understand the reason, you should know that the copper — a very important material for some advanced species (even today) because it — along with some non-permanent materials — able to produce new stable elements if you call a high electromagnetic field in the right corner with a strong nuclear beam field, then something turns at the intersection of these oscillating fields.

An alloy of copper with other elements in such a magnetic / radiaton field bundle can produce a force field of special nature, which is very useful for various technological tasks (but the basis for this — a very complex formula that you — not able to detect because of the limitations of your primitive thinking .

Both varieties would have copper Planet Earth and for this reason, a short war was waged locally and in orbit. Humanoid species seemed to be more successful in the first, but in the last battle, reptilians decided to use a mighty experimental weapon — a bomb made of a special alloy, which was to destroy the life forms on the planet but should not harm the valuable raw materials and copper.

The bomb exploded and was released at the point of your planet you call "Middle America" today. Because it exploded in the ocean, it produced an unpredictable fusion with hydrogen, and the effect was much stronger than the reptilians had expected. Lethal radiation, overproduction of oxygen precipitation of different elements and a "nuclear winter" for nearly 200 years has been the result of this.

Most humans have been killed, but the reptilians lost interest in the world after a few years (even for us) unknown reasons — perhaps because of radiation. Planet Earth was on her own again and the animals on the surface died. Indeed, one of the results of fusion-bombs were precipitation of different elements and materials created in the burning process and one of which was material Iridium.

Your human scientists today see the Iridium concentration in some segments of the land, as evidence of the impact of an asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. This — not true, but you need to know this?

Well, most of the dinosaurs died (not all in the explosion, but the bad things that came after the war, especially in the nuclear winter and in the sediments.) Nearly all dinosaurs and reptilians were dead within the next 20 years. Some of them — especially those in the oceans — have been able to survive for the next 200 to 300 years even in this changed world, but this species also died, because the climate has changed.

The nuclear winter ended after 200 years, but it was colder on earth then before. Despite the cataclysm, some species were able to survive: fish (like sharks), birds, little creepy mammals (your ancestors), various reptiles like crocodiles … and there was a special kind of small but advanced dinosaurs that evolved along with the latest large animals reptilianskoy species. You call — tyrannosaurs.

This new reptile walked on two legs and looked a bit like your Iguanodon (it happened in this family), but smaller (about 1.50 meters high) with some humanoid features, altered bone structure, large skull and brain, a hand with the thumb who was able to grab things, a different organism and disgestion, advanced eyes in the middle of the head like your eyes and … the most important … with a new and better brain structure. This was our direct ancestor.

There are theories that the radiation from the bomb took part in the mutations of the organism of this new breed, but this is not proven. However, this small like humanoid dinosaur, evolve over the next 30 million years (as I said earlier, that the need to develop thinking skills takes much more time, but this development was forced — under the influence of mutations) from an animal to a more or meneemyslyaschemu merits.

These beings were intelligent enough not to die in the next million years, because they learned to change their behavior, they did not live in caves, and in cold climates, and they have learned to use stones and objects as the first tools. Also used fire as an aid in warming — especially warming their blood, which is very important for our species to survive.

Over the next 20 million years this species was divided by the nature of the 27 subspecies (unfortunately, former reptilian species were prone to divide themselves more or less illogical way into subspecies during the development process. You can clearly see it in the unnecessary high number of species dinosaurs in earlier times), and there were many (mainly primitive) wars between this subspecies for domination.

Well, nature was not very friendly to us, and how far we know of the 27 subspecies, 24 were killed in primitive wars and in the development, because their bodies and opinion were not developed enough to survive, and (as main reason) they have not been able to change their blood temperature in the right way if the climate is changing.

50 million years after the war and after it was the end of Dinosaurs, only three (now also technological) reptilian-type of progress and remained on the planet, along with all the other lower animals. Through natural and artificial selection, these three species were united to one reptilian-species and through gene manipulation, we were able to "eliminate" inclined to divide the genes in our genetic structure.

According to our history and faith, it was a time when our final gonkarasa reptilian — as you see me today — was created by genetic engineering. It's been about 10 million years ago, and our development almost stopped at this point (in fact there were some minor changes in the species, as in most humanoid and similar mammals appearing for generations), we do not split up again subspecies.

You see, we — a very old race in comparison with your view that rode around while small creatures like monkeys living in the trees, while we invented technology, colonized other planets of this system, built large cities on this planet (which disappeared without a trace in the eyelids) and designed our own genes while your genes were still in the animal stage.

10 million years ago when a small human ancestors began to grow, and then they fell from the trees to the ground (again because of climate change) — especially the so-called African continent. But they evolved very slowly, because it is normal for a mammal and if nothing extraordinary would have happened to your views, we can not sit here and talk because I would sit in my comfortable modern house and you would be in your sidedi cave wearing fur and trying to start the fire. Or you may be sitting in one of our zoos. But things were different, and you believe now that you — "Crown of creation" and can sit in a modern home, and we must hide and live beneath the earth in its remote areas.

About 1.5 million years ago, the other extraterrestrial species has reached the Earth (it was the first species since over 60 million years old). And it would be even more surprising if you know how many different species here today. The interest of this humanoid species — you call them Elohim today — was not raw or copper. It was, to our surprise, unadvanced humanoid apes.

In spite of our presence on this planet, the aliens decided to "help" you grow a little faster, to serve them in the future as a slave race support in future wars.

The fate of your species was not really important to us, but we did not like the presence of "Elohim" on this planet, and they did not like our presence on their new "galactic zoo". And so, your sixth and seventh creation was the reason for the war between us and them. You can read about that war for example partly in the book you call "Bible", but a very strange way of description.

The real truth — a very long and difficult history. I have to continue?

Q: No, not now. I made some notes about your history, and now have some questions.

A: Please ask.

Q: First of all, you handle a very large time scale. You claim that your primitive ancestors lived with the dinosaurs and survived — as you call it that — in the artificial cataclysm. Still, began to develop more than 40 million years ago, and your evolution was completed 10 million years ago. It sounds very unlikely to me. You can say something about this?

A: I understand that this must sound absolutely unbelievable to you because you are young and genetically engineered species. Your historical horizon ends on a scale only a few thousand years, and you think it's right. But it is — netak. That's impossible …

Your opinion is obviously not programmed the ability to operate with such a large time scale. Our development time may seem incredibly long to you, but it is — in fact, the original way of nature. Remember that your early ancestors — mammals, developed together with dinosaurs, also survived the bomb like us. They evolved slowly over the next million years. They are divided into different types and forms, some more, some less.

This is — the development of the body. But what about their intelligence? They were simple animals. Mammals developed since then — do not let us talk about 150 million years, but only on the last 2 — 3 million years, during which they were able to be smart and think.

Just think, within this short period of time, creatures such as you might have been created by nature? 148 million years to you for developing such animals — mammals. And 2 million years from this time to develop (more or less) intelligent beings like you ..!?

Ask yourself: Do you really think that this is the accelerated development of natural? Then your species more ignorant than I thought. Do not we have evolved wrong but you.

Question: I understand. But I have another question. You've mentioned many facts about the ancient war between the aliens 65 million years ago. This happened a lot earlier than your kind became really intelligent (as far as I have understood you). Why do you know so many things about the "first war" and about the development of your species?

Answer: This is — a good question (much better than the previous ones) and I have not explained it properly to you. Our knowledge about the first war was full of ancient objects, which was found about 16,000 years ago by our era on the continent, in the place that you call North America today.

They found there a round plate with a diameter of about 47 centimeters in your. The plate was made of, even for us unknown magnetic material and inside the plate there was another smaller crystal plate which contained a wealth of information that is encoded in the molecular structure of the crystal.

This "memory plate" was made before the last war for 65 million years ago. But was completely intact when we found it. Our scientists were able to encode the messages and data in this way and the first time we heard about the events that occurred in the distant past and which led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

The plate contained detailed descriptions of both species (but more about the humanoids) and about the events and weapons, including bomb alloy. It contained a description of the animals and saurians on earth, including our pre-intellectual variety. The rest of our knowledge about our evolution comes from skeletons and from reading the back of the de / encoding of our DNA. You see, we know the real truth about our roots since 16.000 years. Before that time, there was a more religious idea of our creation.

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