Mysterious interview with Reptilians LASERTOY

Q: What happened with alien species?

A: We do not know exactly. The surviving humanoids on earth obviously died in the years after the bomb and others of their kind and the reptilians never came back to Earth (as far as we know). Relatively reptilian aliens, there is a possibility that it was physically impossible for them — to return, because the issue between bubbles — sometimes in rapid motion. Current theory, it is fact that both species had ceased to exist for millions of years.

Q: You mentioned skeletons of your kind. How can this be, that human scientists have not found any trace of you and your ancestors if you really live for such a long time on this planet? We have found many skeletons of primitive dinosaurs, but none of the advanced reptilian, with a large skull and brain and a hand with your thumb as you described it before.

Answer: Yes, you have found. But your "great" scientists are not able to recover the full skeletons, because they wanted to restore the reptilian-animals, not intelligent beings. You will be very laugh if you knew how many (especially small) saurian-skeletons in your museums — fully restored and properly represent the never-existing beings. Because you used many bones which did not belong to each other, and sometimes you make artificial bones if something was missing in the need to build an "animal" saurian.

Many of your scientists know this, but they do not say it in public, because they can not explain it. And they need to pass only the "right" of bone and reconstruction so right.
Many of our bones used for Iguanodon reconstructions. For example, the hands with the visible thumb (look at the Iguanodon in a museum, and you'll see that I'm right.)

A scientist in the country you call the United States, had an almost well-formed skeleton of our species a few years ago, but the local authorities (which are partially aware of our existence) confiscated the reconstruction. Since we live today (and since thousands of years ago) is almost entirely below ground, you will not find any dead bodies or skeletons of us.

Q: You talk sometimes about underground cities and artificial sunlight. You mean something like "Hollow Earth"? Is there a second sun inside our planet?

Answer: No, the Earth is not completely the floor and there is no second sun inside. This story — bad and physically not possible (even your species should be intelligent enough not to believe it.) Do you know what should be the mass of the sun to produce energy and light for more than a long time? Do you really think that would be a small active sun inside the planet?

When I talk about our subterranean home, I'm talking about a large system of caves. Caves that you find close to the surface are tiny in comparison to real caves and huge caverns in the depths of the earth (from 2,000 to 8,000 of your feet, but involves a lot of hidden tunnels to the surface or to the surfaces in the vicinity of the caves). And we live in large and advanced cities and colonies inside such caves.

The main areas of our caves — The Antarctic, Inner Asia, North America and Australia. If I talk about artificial sunlight in our cities, I do not mean a real sun but various technological sources of light (including gravitational sources) which illuminates the caverns and tunnels.

There is a special area of caves and tunnels with a strong UV light in every city, and we use them to heat our blood. In addition, we also have some areas sunniest spots on the surface in remote areas, especially in America and Australia.

Q: Where can we find such a surface — near the entrance to your world?

Answer: Do you really think that I'll let you know the exact location? If you want to find such an entry, you have to look for it (but I would advise you not to do this.) When I came to the surface four days ago, I used the input of about 300 kilometers north of here close to a lake, but I doubt you might find it (there are only a few entries in this part of the world — more — much more to the north and east.)

As a word of advice: if you are in a narrow cave or in a tunnel or even in something that looks like an artificial mine and the deeper you go, the smoother are the walls. And if you feel unusual warm air streaming from the depth or if you hear the sound of flowing air ventilation or elevator shaft, and find a special kind of man-made things.

Even if you see a wall with a door made of gray metal, somewhere in the cave. You could try to open that door (but I doubt it.) Or, you were under the ground in the usual form the technical room with ventilation systems and elevators in depth. It is — probably the entrance to our world.

If you reached this point, you should know that we — now you have identified and are aware of your presence. You — in big trouble if you have entered into a circular room, then you should look for one of the two reptilian-characters on the walls. If there are no characters or there are other characters that you — perhaps even more trouble than you think, because not every underground facility belongs to our mind.

Some new tunnel systems used by foreign races (including hostile races). My general advice if you find yourself in for you strange underground facilities: run with the speed at which the can.

Q: You mentioned earlier that you use the name "Lacerta", when you — with people and you love to be with the real sun on the surface of the earth. But how can you be with people? You do not remind us, so anyone will see that you belong to another species. Why is no one who saw and described the creatures would appear like you if your kind lives already since our "creation" together with us on the same planet. You can explain that to me?

A: First, my kind was of course seen and described (and many times) in your primitive past, for example in your religious writings like the Christian Bible. You can find descriptions and even simple drawings of us in the southern part of the American continent on various temples.

The so-called "wise" men from India and from the Asian mountains have described our species many times in his letters, together with other "wise" men from the African continent. I think that we — the most mentioned non-human species (perhaps as "Elohim") in your history. If you do not believe me, look at your history and you will see the truth in my words. Your "great" scientists called the belief in us "superstition" and "religion" and now "smart" people have forgotten our presence on the surface in the past.

In addition, our species is seen even today human evidence in our original form on the ground, or on our surface — about entries and tunnel systems. But fortunately you and your media did not take such reports seriously ka (this is good for us, and this is the reason why we allow people to see us in reality.)

Some of my species — are also in direct contact with human scientists and politicians on the surface, but it's super secret — as many would tell it — and none of your audience does not know anything serious about it (the question of the meetings — upcoming war with foreign species and our assistance in this war). But there is also another explanation, why we can be among you, and you are not able to recognize us. This mimicry.

The following may again sound unbelievable and even shocking to you, but since you asked, I was hurt by this. I told you before, that we are more advanced mental abilities than your species, and under the "more advanced", I mean that we are able to use telepathy and telekinesis from our birth (in fact, the mother and newborn child communicate generally with telepathy during the first months ) without special training. You may need in order to develop, activating dormant parts of your brain.

The structure of the brain is a little different to your, and our pituitary gland is larger and more active than yours. Especially when we are in sunlight. Our own abilities are very strong in comparison to yours, but weak compared to the forces of consciousness "0matterstring/bubble" of some of the alien species on this planet. I've never been very good at those things opinions, but we all have these primary abilities and can use them for example for our protection or even for attack.

When we are on the surface, and meet people (even a large group — it does not matter). All of your minds — like one mind) we are able to "touch" their mind and induce them via telepathy the command "See us as one of your kind" and the weak human mind will accept this order without debate, and they will see us (despite our looks reptilian) like normal people.

I've done this many times and you, poor people generally see me as an attractive brown-haired woman, because I have created this special "mimicry image" several time periods ago, and I can encourage it in your minds without problems.

I needed some time at the beginning to explore the use of mimicry correctly, but then it worked almost automatically. I can not even walk among a group of your people, and no one will know who I am.

There is a simple switch ("See us, in fact /" They see us as we want you to see us ") in your consciousness which was placed there by" Elohim "when they created your kind and we can use this switch to convince you that you will see people, when you look at us (other than you use this switch, too) more easily than you think.

When I met Ye Fa first time, he saw me as a normal human woman and I remember he was very frightened and shocked when I showed him my real appearance.

Q: Do you mean that you can really show me how you do it, making the "image" of what I'm talking now with an attractive brown-haired human woman instead of reptilian, like you?

A: Probably, but I do not think because your case is special. When someone — it expects to see a human woman instead of me, I can do it without problems with his mind (even with large groups) because nobody expects to see a female reptile. But I allowed your mind to see me in my original form to our first meeting, and I've never switched a few things in your mind, as you have already realized that I — not the human species.

If I now try to change it, it probably would have led to an absolute mess in your head or to unconsciousness and I do not want to harm you. Because, as I said, I'm not very good at these things.

Q: It's very scary. You can kill these abilities?

Answer: Yes, but it is forbidden. Although this does not mean that it has not been done before.

Q: Both sexes have these abilities?

A: Yes.

Question: What about photos? How you appear on photos?

Answer: This is — a stupid question. I appear in photos like a real creeper, because I can not have any influence on the photo or on the camera itself, but only on the view of photographers. If he or she would remove the film and showed pictures to others, they would have seen me in my original shape.

This is — the reason why our species is prohibited to be filmed or photographed and we must avoid every camera on the surface (which is a very difficult and we were filmed sometimes in the past, without our knowledge, especially some of your governments and secret services).

Question: What other commands can your kind induce into our minds? Something like "Serve You" or "obey"?

Answer: This is — again a strange question. We — we are not your enemy (most of us), so why should we do it? To answer your question: it's fear of the human mind and that reptilian hostile. There is no one who "serve us", or "serve me" switch in your mind and such a team is much more difficult to stimulate

If the human mind and Opinions weak and reptilian will have experience in these things, and to charge a few hours in the sun before he or she will try to do that, then it could probably work for some time. There's a secret training of such things, but I never knew that — something about it. I use my primary abilities for mimicry and for communication with my own kind and sometimes for other private things, but I never used it to harm people or their consciousness. I would appreciate it if we can finish our conversation the topic.

Question: The last question. You said earlier that you can hide your UFOs? You use the same abilities to do this?

Answer: Yes, but on a technical basis. There is a powerful device inside each product, which can send an artificial signal to your minds to convince you that you can see only the sky or something, or that you see normal aircraft like your planes instead of our ships. It is not used very often, because we avoid human public when we move into the atmosphere.

If you are able to see our "UFOs" it means that the product has been damaged or deactivated for some reason. Camouflage effect does not work on the photos — to answer this question your possible in advance — that is why, if someone takes a picture of the sky, he could see anything unusual there.

Incidentally, most of the surface near the entrance point to our tunnels are also hidden with such a device, and you'll see only normal cave walls instead of the door. This is — one of the reasons why I said that, I doubt that you will be able to find a secret door to our world (although it has happened several times in the past.)

Q: Back to your and our, in fact, history. You mentioned the race of "Elohim", those who have created our human race. Hence, they are, where they come and as they mention? What exactly happened when they arrived? They are our "God"?

The answer: "Illojiim" (Elohim) came from this universe, from the solar system, called you "Aldebaran" in your maps. They were very highly developed humanoid Yeti species usually blonde hair and very white skin (they avoided the sunlight, because it hurt their skin and their eyes (it was absolutely incredible to us who love the sun, variety). They seemed to were intelligent and peaceful at first, and we started a more or less friendly relationship with them.

But later they showed their real intentions and plans: they wanted to develop a "monkey" new breed, and we were dismayed by them of their plans to create their new "Planet Zoo". First, they caught 10,000 or maybe even 20,000 of your simian ancestors, and left the planet for a hundred years. When they returned, they brought with them (now more) of your ancestors back.

After that, they left Earth again for thousands of years, and the primitive ancestors of humans lived together with us without any problems (they just afraid of our aircraft and technology). "Illojiim" to have access to their consciousness and increase their brain. Changed the structure of the body, and they were now able to use tools and fire.

"Illojiim", flew for the period 23.000 years, seven times and accelerated the rate of development of some individuals of your species. You must understand that you — not the first human civilization on the planet. First advanced humans (who lived at the same time with less — developed human ancestors because "Illojiim" experimented with different speeds and stages of development) with technology and speech existed around 700,000 years ago on this planet (your scientists do not understand this because they found only the bones of ancestors of humans and some primitive cave drawings in not finding the remains of the advanced and flying people.)

This genetically advanced human species lived with us, but they avoided contact with my kind, because "Illojiim" teachers had warned them with misleading purpose that we — the evil beings and that we are subject to them.

Well, after several centuries of interest aliens to their first creation was made, and they accelerated the evolution of the second and the best test of the form and so on, and so on. It's also true that your modern human civilization — not the first on this planet Earth but already the seventh.

Building the first rock lost, but the fifth civilization was the one that built the large triangular constructions you call them "Egyptian Pyramids" about 75,000 years ago (your Egyptians just found them in the sand and tried, not very successfully, to build the like) and the sixth civilization was the one that built the city, which are considered to have destroyed you, and you can find them now below sea level in the so-called Bimini area. Their age about 16,000 years ago.

Latest creation of your civilization seventh series was initiated only 8.500 years ago, and it is the only creature that you can remember and to which your religious letters addressed. You rely on archeological and paleontological forgery that show you wrong and short past. But how do you know anything about the six civilizations before?

And if you find evidence of their existence, you deny and distort the facts. This is — in part programming of your mind and partly pure ignorance. I'll tell you more about your only seventh creatures because mankind lost the previous six, and so they do not have to worry about you.

There was a long war between us and "Illojiim", as well as among some groups "Illojiim" inside, because many of them were of the opinion that the again-and-again creation of human species on this planet have no real meaning.

The last battle of the war took place about 5,000 years ago in orbit and on the surface. The aliens used powerful sonic weapons to destroy our underground cities, but on the other hand, we were able to destroy many of their surface installations and bases in their place. Your kind of people were very frightened when they observed these battles, and they recorded it in the form of religious myths (their mind was not able to understand what is really happening.)

"Illojiim" — which appeared as "gods" for the sixth and seventh of your race — told them that this is a war between good and evil and that they are good, and we — the evil race. It depends of course on the way.

It was our planet before they arrived and before they started their project development with your kind. In my opinion, it was our right to fight for our planet. It was exactly 4.943 years ago — according to your time frame, when the Elohim left the planet again for unknown reasons (it is — a very important day for us because many of our historians called it a victory.)

The fact that we do not know what really happened. Why "Illojiim" once gone, they disappeared without a trace together with their ships and we found most of their surface installations destroyed by them. People and your civilization are submitted by them in their own development.

Many of us have been in contact with certain (more southern) tribes of your species for centuries, and we were able to convince some of them that we — not "evil", but the aliens wanted them did not believe it.

During the time of 4.900 years ago to today, many other alien species arrived on the planet (some of them used the old teaching and programming of your mind and then "played" God for you) but "Illojiim", as such, will never come back.

They left the planet in the course of several thousand years, as well as before, so we expect them to return sometime in the future to complete their project, or maybe they also have cooled and the seventh mind you, but we do not really know about what happens to them (your answer to this question in advance.)

Your current civilization does not know anything about your real origin and about your real past, about your real world and universe. And you know very little about us and our past. And you do not know anything about the things that will happen in the near future. While you will not understand and believe my words.

I tell you the truth, because we — not your enemy — but for a long time, there is another danger for your species. Your enemies — is here, and you do not understand this. Open your eyes, or you'll be in big trouble soon. If you do not believe anything of the things that I said to you before, then you have to believe and remember it.

Q: Why do you think that I do not believe you?

A: I have a feeling that you do not believe me, despite the fact that I'm sitting here in front of you. Everything I've told you in the last two hours — the absolute truth about our world.

Q: How many alien races are active in the world today?

A: As far as we know 14 species. 11 from this universe, 2 from another "bubble" and 1 very advanced from a very different universe. Do not ask me names, because almost everything — Unspeakable for you, eight of them — unpronounceable even for us.

Most species — especially the more advanced — only studying you as animals and they — are not very dangerous for you and for us, and we work with some of them. But three species are hostile, including the one that was in contact with some of your governments and exchanged their technology for copper and other important things, and who betrayed your kind.

Was a "cold war" between the two hostile races during the last 73 years, and the third species seemed to be the "winner" in this useless struggle. We expect a more "hot" war between them, and you will soon be in it (I would say in the next 10 or 20 years) and we are excited about its development.

Last time, there were some rumors about a new, fifteenth species which had arrived on Earth just 3 or 4 years ago, but we do not know — anything about their intentions, and we were not in contact with them to this day. Maybe the rumors are wrong.

Q: What foreign hostile race they want?

Answer: Various raw materials, including copper for their technology, your water (or better the hydrogen in your water, which is a source of energy to the process connection) and certain chemical elements in your air.

In addition, two of the species are also interested in your body, your human tissue and blood, because their own genetic structure is defective through bad evolution and radiation (as far as we know), and they need intact strands of DNA from your kind and animals to recover their own genetic system again and again, but they really are not able to repair the defects completely because their DNA and your DNA — not fully compatible (my own species is absolutely incompatible with them, so that they are not very interested in us) and they try to do more compatible cross between you and them with artificial fertizilations and artificial wombs.

We assume that in the coming war between the three races, or between you and one of them will be competing for raw materials, hydrogen, air and DNA.

Q: The reason for this "kidnapping"?

A: In part, especially when the aliens took egg and sperm samples from you. Sometimes the researcher belongs to another more advanced race and they just want to explore your body and your mind (which is more interesting for some of them than your gross body).

As I pointed out three alien species are hostile — it means that they do not care for your fate or your life and the people who have been "abducted" by them, very rarely come back alive. If someone can tell the abduction, it means in my opinion that he or she has not met one of the aggressive species or that he or she is a very lucky man to survive.

Advanced and "friendly" races also took sometimes egg and sperm samples, but for other reasons.

Q: You said that there are only 14 species active on earth. But why are the people who saw alien beings so many different ways, and describe them?

A: I think I have already answered this question. As I said, the majority of alien races have much more advanced mind abilities than you, or even me (there is only one alien race completely lacking such abilities). They are able to appear in your mind and memory, regardless of what you want, and this forced the image has nothing to do with their real appearance.

You remember them as normal humans or gray dwarfs or even bizarre animals because they want you to remember it is, or you to completely forget about the meeting with them.

Another example: you can for example remember that you were the only one of your human hospitals and that conventional doctors were examining you and you think so much about what happened to you (perhaps up to that time until it finds that there is no hospital on the street where you assumed they were), but in fact you were examined by them in one of their laboratories.

Believe me, there are only 14 alien species on this planet and only eight of them abduct humans at the moment (again, as far as we know.) In addition, not all of your communications media alien in reality it is only imagination, or true.

Q: How can we protect ourselves against this influence on our mind?

A: I do not know. I doubt you can, because your consciousness — like an open book, which is open to read and write, almost every species I know. This is partially to blame and "Illojiim" just because they are built, or rather mis-constructed (partly intentionally) your mind and thinking apparatus without real protection mechanisms.

If you know that someone is trying to manipulate your mind, you can only concentrate on that suspicion and try to analyze each of your thoughts and memories. Very important: do not close your eyes (this leads to a different shape brain waves, which are more easy to access) and do not sit or lie down to rest.

If you stay awake during the first minutes, you can probably filter, different thoughts and waves in your brain and manipulators give up after some minutes of effort, because it will start to hurt his or her own brain.

Q: What do you mean by that "one species, come from very different fields"?

Answer: Before I can explain what is right for you, you need to understand the universe, and it would be possible and useless teaching of your mind (including the removal of some barriers) for weeks and combined training, not only in words. I said this with your word "field" or "level", because, again, there is no better word in your vocabulary. A dimension would be in this case absolutely wrong (it's rather wrong even for another "bubble") because a dimension can not exist without borders.

If you were a species living in another field or level, and if you were also able to enter into this field without technology so that your body would be transformed into one of the types of matter, you know, then you would be the most powerful of living . This is a very advanced race I've mentioned, is not here, and they actually evolved over billions of years.

They could destroy all of you and us only one thought. We have been in contact with them only three times in our whole history, because their interest in your planet is different from that of all other races. They do not represent any danger to you or us.

Q: What happens when the war begins?

Answer: it is difficult to answer. It depends on the enemy race by race and their tactics. "War" — not always, that primitive thing that you represent, in "War" can be fought on various levels.

One possibility is that they have — the "destruction" of your social system by influence on political leaders, the other — the use of advanced weapon systems which can cause earthquakes or volcanic eruptions or other disasters (including weather disasters) which may seem natural to you.

Special fields of copper alloy, which I mentioned earlier, can have an influence on your global weather. I think that they will not attack the planet directly before the human civilization is weakened, because even you have possibilities to destroy their technology (but not many.) I do not suggest that we are sure will be really such a war already in following years. I do not want to talk further about this.

Q: This is — the end of the interview. You want to say something at last?

A: Open your eyes and look. Do not believe only your wrong history or your scientists or your politicians. Some of them know the truth about things, but they do not report them to the public to avoid confusion and panic. I think your species — not as bad as thought some of my kind, and it would be a pity to observe your end. This is — all I can say. Go through your world with open eyes and you will see — or maybe not. Your view quite ignorant.

Question: Do you think that many will believe that this interview — is not it?

Answer: No, but it is — an interesting experiment for my social studies. We will meet again in a few months, and then you tell me what happened after the publication of my message. Maybe there is hope for your kind.


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