Mysterious Maya helmets. Unsolved Mysteries.

During the search for information for articles I often find something interesting, but it so happens that such information is very small for an article, so I'm doing a bookmark, and after returning to the topic. This was the case with the mysterious artifact that is conditionally Helmets Maya. It seems that this mysterious people knew that his head should be protected from physical impact, but some of the "hats" is clearly used for other purposes. Maybe it was the energy emitters, radar with direction finder, or special devices served as an assistant in the mental connection or meditation? Be that as it may, I will introduce you to all the figures, images, murals, he could find, and you can make suggestions for what it was created by the helmet.
I assure you will not be bored.

  Figure sitting Maya. Clay. 14.8 cm height. Found in the Petén. Strange removable helmet. No typical Mayan jewelry type feathers. In general, it is very suspicious that the soldiers of the famous saga of Lucas' "Star Wars" have very similar helmets. Director can borrow something, and it can really combat helmet.

Another version of the application of this element may be to protect the uniforms player in a certain kind of football, who is fond of the Maya. The field for this game, you can already see (it is located in Copan). A rubber ball in the game weighed 3.4 kilograms. You understand that to get to the head so it would be, to put it mildly, not very nice. On the other hand, why not protected then the whole body, just a head?

  Go ahead. Sorry for such a small image, but the other is not found. This "man" is found in Tlatilko, Mexico. It is unlikely that such a helmet to play football, because the person is fully open. I guess it could be used in meditation. Or, if there was a closed glass, then do what you want: from welding, to dive under the water …

  It is believed that the image of people drawn below — it's the men who participated in the battles called "Fight with the jaguar." This posed a festive fight still exists. Well, it's possible. But I was very confused by the strange things that are "warriors" to keep in the right hand. In my opinion — it's more workers with circular saws or welding machines.

Video Fight with the jaguar

  The following helmets are also quite unusual.

The first — clearly a musician. Confuse strange "saucers", mounted on his forehead and "antenna" of the character on the right. Of course maybe it's just a priest, or a particularly notable Maya, or just an actor in the production, because his helmet so embellished.

 I think these helmets are clearly ritual character. This is evidenced by cult objects in the hands of statues

 Perhaps emitter of mental energy, because of different attributes on it enough.

 One of the sites I saw a version of the next helmet — radar and bearing. I do not know if it is, but I liked the version that is a jeweler, ie tube with optics on his head shifted to the eye for precise operations with precious stones. If anyone wants to tell me that the magnifying glass appeared much later, I will not argue. But, knowing the level of development of the civilization I would not promise.

  But this image is engraved in the stone can not remain indifferent. For me, it Cheburashka , maybe it's too big "tunnels" of the time, inserted into the ears.

  A few strange hats at last:

If someone is just helmets all workers, leaders, priests, and soccer players — I will not argue. I personally know that there were many civilizations before us, who knew how many more of us. Have a great day. 


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