Mystery of the crystal skulls.

Sam was surprised today when I was searching for material on the network, but it turns out in the world there is a mystery as CRYSTAL SKULL! With that, he is not one, but such findings known to the world more than a dozen!

Here is an excerpt from the text of the article: The examination showed that the skull had been made long before the first civilizations in this part of America. It was made of solid rock crystal, and with an accuracy not available for modern technology! It is believed that the Maya civilization originated in 2600 BC, and the crystal skull, according to experts, was set up as many as 12,000 years ago!

But the most startling discovery was that the "antediluvian" skull made from a single crystal. And contrary to all known laws of physics.

If you are curious as well as I do, then join us.
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The story finds.

In 1924, an expedition of the famous British archaeologist and traveler F.Alberta Mitchell-Hedges began work on clearing the ancient Mayan city in the humid tropical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula (at the time — British Honduras, now — Belize). 33 hectares of forest, which absorbed almost guesses the ancient buildings, to facilitate excavation just burned out. When the smoke finally dispelled, the expedition saw a striking sight: the stone ruins of a pyramid, municipal walls and a huge amphitheater of thousands of visitors. Following the example of the Mitchell-Hedges for the ancient settlement established name Lubaantun, which translated from the Mayan language means — "City of fallen stones."

Three years passed, and the next his expedition Mitchell-Hedges took the young daughter Anna … In April 1927, the day of his seventeenth birthday, Anna found a fragment of an ancient altar amazing thing. It was made of transparent quartz and perfectly polished human skull in full size. His weight was 5.13 kg, with a very decent size — 124 mm wide, 147 mm high and 197 mm in length. However, he did not have the lower jaw, but after 3 months just eight meters from the place of occurrence, the skull was found, and it is. It was found that the crystal piece is hung on hinges perfectly smooth and begins to move at the slightest touch.

After some time, scientists have paid attention to the fact that in the ancient Indian tradition is mentioned as much as thirteen crystal skulls "Goddess of Death", which were kept separate from each other under the watchful supervision of priests and special warriors. Of course, began their search soon brought to fruition. These skulls were found in the vaults of some museums and private individuals. And not just in America (Mexico, Brazil, United States), but also in Europe (in France) and Asia (Mongolia, Tibet). Skulls found significantly more than thirteen. But not everyone was as immaculate as the "Mitchell-Hedges." Most of the skulls looked much clumsier. It looks like it was later and not very skillful efforts to create something similar flawless skulls, which, as if the gods had once given to people.

It was found that Midzhel-Hedges was not the first author of such finds: back in the late 80s of the last century in Mexico, one of the soldiers of the Emperor Maximilian crystal skull was found, now on display in the British Museum. This copy is very different from lubaatunskogo — despite the similarity in size, it is less clear, less detailed, and the lower jaw is fused to the skull.

Another rough "copy" Crystal Skull is in the Museum of Man in Paris. It appears under the name — "Skull Aztec god of the underworld kingdom and death."

Interest is quite another human skull ("Max"). Owner Joan Parkes had inherited it from a Tibetan monk, who used it to heal people.

And finally, one of the latest findings, which in August 1996, the Journal reported FATE. In winter 1994 the owner of a ranch near Creston Colorado (USA), going round on his horse property on the ground saw a shining object. Picked it up. It was a human skull made of clear glass or crystal. However, extremely strong material crushed and twisted, as if previously was a very malleable. Where did he come from and why it is so mutilated remains a mystery to this day.

The results of the research.

The most detailed study got to share findings daughter Midzhel-Hedges.

First took up the study of the skull art critic Frank Dordland. With painstaking examination he found in it a system of lenses, prisms, and channels, creating unusual optical effects. Thanks to the orbit began to glow when put under them, such as flame or spark (the same effect is also observed in some other more advanced, findings that are also present elaborately formed lens and prisms).

Dordland made some plaster copies of the skull and a huge number of pictures using a microscope and special nozzles. Researchers struck by the fact that a perfectly polished crystal, even under a microscope to be seen traces of processing. He decided to seek advice from a well-known company "Hewlett-Packard", specialized at the time in the production of crystal oscillators and is considered the most authoritative on the examination of quartz.

A study conducted in 1964 in a special laboratory by "Hewlett-Packard", found that the skull had been made long before the first civilizations in this part of America. The mystery was the place of manufacture skull, neither Mexico nor in all of Central America, no deposits of rock crystal, his only source could be a quartz veins in California, but the rhinestone as the highest quality in these areas does not occur.

But the most startling discovery was that the "antediluvian" skull made from a single crystal. And contrary to all known laws of physics. Now, what about the words of one of the best experts of the company, an engineer L.Barre:

"We studied the skull at three optical axes, and found it to be composed of three or four splices … Considering splices, we found that the skull is cut from a single piece of crystal with the lower jaw. Mohs rhinestone has the highest hardness equal to seven (behind only topaz, corundum and diamond), and nothing but the diamond cut is not possible. But the ancient somehow managed to handle it. And not only the skull — they are cut from the same piece, and the lower jaw joints, in which it is suspended. With such a material hardness is more than mysterious, and here's why: in the crystals, if they consist of more than one splice, there are internal tensions. When you click on a crystal cutter head, then because of the strain it may break into pieces … But someone has produced the skull of one piece of crystal is so carefully, as if never touched him in the cutting process. When studying the surface of the skull we found evidence of the impact of three different abrasives. Finishing it done polishing. We also found a kind of prism cut in the rear of the skull at its base so that any light beam entering the eye socket is reflected in them. Look into his eye sockets, and you can see them in the room. "

Agree with the opinion of the expert and his colleagues. To make the processing of the skull is not crumbled, needed accurate analytical methods: the cuts should be targeted to the axes of the crystal growth. However, the manufacturers of the mysterious finds this problem seems to be just as excited — they worked skull, ignoring all laws and regulations. Professionals from the "Hewlett-Packard" and were left wondering: "This damn thing simply should not exist. Those who created it, do not have the slightest idea of crystallography and fiber optics. They completely ignored the axis of symmetry, and this thing was bound to fall apart during the initial processing. Why is this happening, is impossible to imagine. " But the fact is, they say, is obvious: the crystal skull — a reality that in the Museum of the American Indian can see anyone.

One of the most influential scientists of crystal skulls, Frank Joseph, was concerned, and whether the "prototype" the skull, "Mitchell-Hedges" and would look like the owner of this skull? For the purity of the experiment is the task assigned to two independent groups: the New York Police laboratory devoted to the reconstruction of the skulls of persons, and a group of psychics who are "connected" to the skull in a trance … and they both independently said that "prototype Crystal Skull was the skull of a young girl. Portraits obtained by the two groups were very similar (see Fig. On the left).

In recent years, the study of the skull engaged psychics. They found that the skull changes color and transparency, and sometimes suddenly surrounds himself 45-centimeter radiant halo. In addition, it publishes a quiet high-pitched sounds that are very similar to silver and silver jingle bells. From time to time from the mystical object starts to come out with nothing comparable odor causing people present at the sense of thirst. When psychics touch the surface in different places, they have a distinct feeling of heat, the cold, the certain vibrations within the skull as if a hidden source of energy.

A few years ago a psychic Star Johnson held a series of sessions with skull "Max", during which telepathically communicated with an extraterrestrial civilization.


Ancient legends tell of the strange rituals connected with the crystal skulls. Thirteen priests were at the same time look into "his" skull. Tradition says that the way the priests could not see any secrets — not only what is happening in other places, but also the past and the future, until the end of the world. Legends also say that the dedicated could behold in the day turtles return of the gods …

Today, some researchers suggest that the observed crystal skulls were made in Atlantis and only narrowly survived the disaster. But proponents of the space paleocontacts believe skull alien creature.

Some scientists believe that the ancients used them for medicinal purposes. So, Joan Parks, inherited the Crystal Skull "Max" from a Tibetan monk, says that last very successfully used the skull to treat people. Observation and questioning of witnesses researchers have shown that the crystal skulls really somehow affect those who are close to him. Moreover, different people — differently. Some people feel uncomfortable and weird fears. Some even pass out for a while and lose their memory. Others, however, strangely calm and even fall into a blissful state.

There is a strong opinion that crystal skulls are even mystical properties. Psychics and highly sensitive people together assure that the skull evoke them special, almost hypnotic state, accompanied by unusual smells, sounds and vivid visual hallucinations. However, not only the most sensitive, but also ordinary people would argue that at times saw the skull began to glow in the dark or filled with "white fog", and then it appeared "mysterious images of people, as well as mountains, forests, temples and darkness" .

There is also a version that the skulls were the recipients and agents of the collective unconscious, that is the legacy of feeling and knowledge, which is always circulating in the area in the form of energy.

Possible future directions of research.

There crystals have remarkable properties: they have their own memory. This is largely due to the fact that the crystals have a rigid structure. Each mineral — has its own, very individual lattice. Arrangement of the particles within this grid though quite stable but not perfect and not stable. From external influences, they can move, and this lattice acquires a unique shape, so it's a kind of chronicle of the events that took place during the formation and growth of the crystal. And if there was a tool on which you can play back the recorded, the "Chronicle" would yield to decipher.

Besides, likewise possible to use the energy transitions in the crystal. The simplest energy storage crystals we demonstrate the effect of luminescence, ie the ability to light up the crystal under the influence of the excitation of its external energy.

There are remarkable sentence in the description: "… a kind of prism cut in the back of the skull at its base, so that any ray of light entering the eye socket, is reflected in them. Look into his eye socket and you can see the whole room … ". Some of this is reminiscent of the working body of the laser device. Of course, this similarity is extremely remote, but still …

Optical properties of skulls and they contain lenses and prisms are also pushing the idea of the possible use of holographic technology. Check it out, simply irradiated with a laser beam at different angles skull with a variation of the laser frequency and analyze the output. If the skull serves as information carrier, when any direction of the laser beam, this information may occur in the output signal. Although it is not necessary that the information will be in the form of a holographic image. It is possible that the analysis of the output signal and will require additional efforts to decipher.


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