Mystery of UFO sightings in the bottom of the Baltic Sea revealed

Scientists have a surprising version

Baltic UFO («Baltic UFO"), or the Baltic anomaly («Baltic anomaly") — the so-called international news agencies of the round object next to it until recently vremni an expedition led by the Swedish oceanographer Peter Lindbergh and Dennis Asberg. Understand exactly what is there at the depth of 87 meters, so it was impossible. But the assumption that the experts put forward after seeing underwater, there are the most unexpected. One of the latest — discover the secret construction of the Second World War, by which the Germans fought the Soviet and British submarines. But why is it such a form — in the form of "UFO"?

Recall the "Baltic UFO" found at the end of July last year, the same Swedes that currently investigating. An object with a diameter of about 60 meters was displayed on the bottom of the image obtained by the sonar.

— For 18 years of professional experience, I have not seen anything like it — then amazed Lindberg.

In fact, the object hit the regular geometric shape, like on the ship "Millennium Falcon" from "Star Wars," and for some architectural structure like English Stonehenge. Some even thought that lies at the bottom of one of the Nazi "flying saucers", rumors of which go very hard.

Only managed to organize an expedition this year. And the very first shooting close object showed it is unlikely he ever flown. It seems that this is not a "flying saucer", but rather a kind of structure. Although from the "Baltic UFO" sideways away impressed strip and furrow length of about 300 meters. Seemed to be a trace of an emergency landing.

— The object looks like a mushroom cap, — one of the divers and researchers Stephen Hogeborn. — It rises above the bottom 4 meters. Top of the "mushroom" — oval hole around it — strange "tan": education, similar to areas covered with soot.

And now the mystery "mushroom" seems rackryli. Professor of geology at the University of Stockholm Bryuhert Volker believes that lying at the bottom of the Gulf of Bothnia — Finland and Sweden — the object is likely to have geological origin. As the expert, the Baltic Sea — the result of passage through the area of the glacier. Which later melted, initiated the formation of the sea.

Professor studied rock samples collected in the field of detection of the mysterious object. And he told the publication of Life's Little Mysteries, that sent him samples were ordinary pieces of basalt — a volcanic rock. Scientists suggest that the basalt was once brought to this place glacier, and after the ice melted away, was at the bottom of a new sea.

According to the professor, the northern part of the bottom of the Baltic Sea was affected by these processes. So that these rock samples, and the object is likely to have appeared on the bottom of the melting of glaciers. And what has become an unusual form — it is clear. Huge ice massifs contained the fragments of rock. These stones were the glaciers thousands of miles, and settled where they found the end of the Ice Age. Often as a result of these fragments formed bizarre education, even similar to "flying saucers."

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