Nanovaccines tests for cancer, HIV infection and tuberculosis began in Russia

"We are already doing preclinical studies on a vaccine against AIDS, we at the second phase of pre-clinical studies," — said Uiba, transfers ITAR-TASS.

"The likelihood is that this vaccine will reach clinical trials and will be effective, very high, today, this vaccine has 100% exposure to the clinical effect," — said Uiba.


"Nano vaccines against HIV infection entirely new generation, as Russian scientists took RNA pathogen," — said Uiba.

All existing vaccines now used himself alive or "killed" virus.

"In all three vaccines has very high efficiency even at the stage of pre-clinical studies," — said the head of the FMBA.

According to him, prior to the stage of clinical trials will be held for two years.

Recall that in February 2010 the FMBA signed an agreement cooperation with RUSNANO. The head of the state corporation Anatoly Chubais expressed confidence that the agreement will make a breakthrough in medical innovation.

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