Natalia Radin in a refugee camp in one of the European countries

Journalist Natalia Radin got in touch with the editors to She is in a refugee camp. The country has not yet named.

Natasha, how did you get out of "care" and leave the KGB of Belarus?

I would not want to disclose the details, it can hurt the people, who helped me. I can say that it was not a spontaneous decision, the occasion has become a challenge for questioning by the KGB, where I could not go back home. I am grateful to everyone who has helped me go from their side it was quite a feat.

Where are you now, and when you're ready to talk to the press?

So far, all is not easy, but most importantly, I can not help thinking more about wiretapping, tsiharov and interrogations. It was not the easiest day in the life. After, it was all over, I slept night, only now begin to rebound. Now I need to go through all the formalities and obtain documents. I hope all of these procedures run quickly, and I can work again, meet with friends. I will not go so far to call the country, except to say that it is a refugee camp.

Do you need some help?

Thanks to everyone who was worried and concerned about me. First of all, I went to the website and read the comments. This incredible support! I want to quickly complete all necessary procedures and time again to do their job. I am convinced — together we will win!

Editor of the website "Charter 97" Natalia Radina accused of involvement in the riots on December 19 and in their organization. On the charge of the journalist faces up to 15 years in prison. On March 31 Radin called in for questioning by the KGB investigator. On the eve of the journalist did not rule out that she made a claim to the final charge.

Natalia Radin became the second refugee abroad from those who have been charged with involvement in the riots on December 19 and in their organization. March 13 it became known that fled from Belarus ex-presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich. A few days before his escape politician told reporters about the torture that was used against him and other prisoners in the KGB detention center, "American." Natalia Radin, which is also kept in "an American" more than a month, she said this, she has a reason to trust the words of Ales Mikhalevich of torture.

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