Natalia Radin summoned to the KGB

Today, the site editor "Hartyya97" Natalia Radin called the KGB in Minsk to participate in the investigation of her case. The journalist does not rule out that she made a claim to the final charge.

Investigative action involving Radina preliminary information to commence on 11-hours. But it would be — an interrogation, the confrontation Have the final charge and begin to acquaint with the criminal case — the investigator who called Natalia, not explained. Natalia Radin believes that soon she be charged with

"Since not say that questioning will clearly be the final charge, and I start to get acquainted with the case. Cases hurry, the judicial pipeline runs faster with the affairs introduces the presidential candidates are likely to decide to switch to journalists and to get even with them."

Natalia Radin 2 months living in Kobrin (Brest region), in the family home, under house arrest. During this time, the local police several times warned the journalist after her appearances in the media. Like, for "extra words" it can return to where she has already served nearly six weeks — in the KGB detention center. In this case, any examination or other investigative activities involving Radina after his release from prison was not.

"That's why I think that, most likely, now they have already prepared the case. As there may be — I can not imagine. Indeed, something to show me, to accuse me of the organization — is the height of absurdity. To come I have to myself. Guided by 11 morning. But this is not the final time. possible before lunch or after. agreed with the inspector that in the morning I'll call and say the exact time and place. least, the place is already known — it's the KGB. "

March 30 the six accused in the case of the events of December 19 put a new charge. Former presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva, activists of his staff Andrey Dmitriev, Alexander Fyaduta and Sergei Wozniak, as well as another former presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski activist and his staff, the deputy head of the "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka now charged under Article 342 — is the organization and preparation of activities that breach public order or active participation in them. The maximum sentence — 3 years in prison and a minimum — a fine.

However, the ex-presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, Nikolai Statkevich and Dmitry Usu finally exhibited the most serious charges — organizing mass riots. The maximum sentence — 15 years in prison. The site editor "Charter'97" Natalia Radin was part of the campaign headquarters of Sannikov. Affect the "weakening" the journalist, will be known today, March 31.


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