Natural Park for the Red Birds will create in Karachay-Cherkessia

OJSC "Resorts of the North Caucasus" and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) initiated the creation of the natural park "Ahmed Rock" in Karachay-Cherkessia (KCR) for the protection of middle mountain landscapes and the conservation of birds listed in the Red Book of Russia, said on Thursday the press office the head of the republic.

Ridge territory Ahmed Rock "is a key ornithological territory of Russia of international importance, the site important for the breeding of rare species of birds", — the press service quoted a senior coordinator of the regional branch of "Russian Caucasus" WWF Russia Roman Mnatsekanova.

In particular, on the ridge live griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, bearded vulture, peregrine falcon, stork and other birds listed in the Red Book of Russia.

"Of particular importance, it has to maintain the population of Griffon Vulture, because it supports the Russia's largest colony of this species," — says Mnatsekanov whose words are reported.

Initiative of environmental organizations to create a natural park was approved by the head of Karachay-Cherkessia. The first step will be the creation of the park design and survey works and preparation of materials comprehensive environmental survey of the territory of the ridge Ahmed Rock.

According to the specialist WWF, in the 1990s, the decline of agriculture in the North Caucasus has led to a deterioration in food supply and reduce the number of birds that feed on the remains of animals. Later, the growth of livestock in the vicinity of the ridge Ahmed Rock contributed to the growth of the colony griffon vultures. However, it remains difficult to use breeding rock mass as a training ground for special forces and climbing competitions, as the route led through years of bird nesting sites.

Experts believe that the creation of the Natural Park — the best solution for the conservation of flora and fauna in these areas. According to him, wrong to completely cover the area to the public tough environmental regime.

"We need a consensus on the existence of man and nature, and the mode of the natural park in these conditions — optimal. Beauty and availability of those sites — the perfect combination for the development of eco-tourism, which in turn will help improve the socio-economic situation in the region" — said Mnatsekanov, whose words are reported.

Ahmed Rock — Rocky Ridge area of the Greater Caucasus, which is a five-kilometer array, at the foot of which stretched broadleaf forest.

According to the environmental experts WWF, the whole Caucasus is one of the first places in the world of landscape and biological diversity: in 0.5% of the land represented 40% of landscape types occurring on the planet. The region is a powerful center of endemism: there are unique flora and fauna — over 30% of plant species in the region, 32 species of mammals and three species of birds.

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